Glock 27 or Springfield XDs?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by sabrownfl, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. I know they are different calibers, but they are the two pistols I've narrowed my search down to...

    I currently have a G23, and I'm looking for something smaller to carry. LGS has both a G27 Gen 3, and a black XDs in stock. Price is only $30 different, in favor of the Springfield.

    I love my Glock, but I'm really attracted to the slimness of the XDs...

    Any recommendations?

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  3. Mags from the 23 fit and function in the 27......... That and trigger pull is the same on both Glocks so muscle memory is the same.

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  4. BuckyP

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    I have both. Being you have a G23, get the XDs. The XDs is a great deep carry gun, and buys you more conceal ability than a G27.
  5. BuckyP

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    The trigger pull of the XDs is almost identical to the Glock, and much different than the traditional XD.
  6. Good points on both counts.
  7. I've put about 50 rounds through a rental XDs at the local range. I had no problem with the trigger pull. It is different than my G23, but certainly not different enough to be a challenge. I'm seriously enamored with the slimness too.

    That said, I love the reliability of my G23 which eats EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I feed it.

    Decisions, decisions.
  8. We have 3 different Xd models and 2 Glocks. Really, the difference between the triggers of all of them is one of the most insignificant differences in the whole of handgunning triggers.

    You are not dealing with the difference between a Rossi .38 and a Springfield Trophy Match here.
  9. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    I own both the G27 and the XDs. Both are snappy. Both are lightweight. The XDs has better sights unless the G27 is equipped with night sights. 11 rounds of .40 is better than 6 rounds of .45 IMO. I haven't weighed my G27 against my XDs, but my G23 loaded with 13+1 155gr Gold Dots weighs 4 oz. more than my XDs loaded with 5+1 230gr Gold Dots. I shoot my G27 as well or better than my XDs. In my personal experience with both, the G27 has a better trigger than the XDs. The mag release on the XDs is alot stiffer than the mag release on any Glock I own, and I have a few. The slide stop on the Glocks are better than the XDs as well. The XDs is thinner, by about an 1/8", but IMO, that's not enough to mean squat. I CC my Glocks in a CRST and have a CBMT on order for the XDs, which should be here in the next week or two. Once I have that, I'll be able to give a bit better comparison on concealed carry of both guns, based on the same holster.
  10. glock2740- Thanks for the info, you've provided real-world experience that is pushing me more towards the G27. I have five G23 mags I can use interchangeably with it, I know how it shoots (my dad owns one I regularly spend time with at the range), and it was my originally intended purchase to begin with.
  11. r3dot

    Have both. Hate the 27's ergonomics. Add an extension and it's just as big as a 23.

    I'll take my XDs over the 27 any day.

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  12. For me the g27 is too short. Heck I don't even like how short the midsize glocks are, the 30/23/19/etc. The xds is bordering on too short, but want to try one with either a 7 rounder or a pearce extended floor plate.

  13. I'm not sure where you got the idea that the G27 has poor ergonomics, ergonomically its perfect as there is absolutely nothing to clutter up the interface with the human hand. Likely what you meant, was you don't like the grip angle!

    One other thing, as the image of my Glocks clearly demonstrates, the G26/27 with plus two extension is nowhere near the same size as the two G19's pictured with the collection.
  14. r3dot

    That is purely subjective. Don't come in here and try and tell me I can't have an opinion. I think the ergos absolutely suck. It's a short and fat gun. It's horrible compared to a single stack, and I'd rather carry my 23 than the 27.

    And as far as size, they are, like I said, very close in grip length after an extension. You can't argue measurements.

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  15. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Try sending it off to Cold Bore Custom. Makes a world of difference. And adding the GAP floor plates to your mags makes it even better. :cool:

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  16. "Ahh" you can tone back the emo there tiger, ergonomics encompass the interface between human & machine, your hand not interfacing with that of the G27 puts you squarely in the minority. You are now also backpeddling on your "ahh" size comment, where you were both subjectively, and factually incorrect as to the comparative difference in sizes, as my posted image clearly demonstrates...
  17. r3dot

    And as this picture clearly demonstrates, they are indeed very close in grip length.

    106mm vs 127mm. Why would you argue about how that is incorrect in being close to the same length?

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  18. I carry an XDs mainly because of the concealability. I have to wear a lot of suits/slacks and for pocket carry it is perfect. I can slip it in my pocket with a nemesis holster and it melts away or looks like I have a big wallet. I used to carry a P238 for this same reason. I am not a huge fan of IWB holsters for daily carry because of my attire and with as much as I have to move around it seems that my shirt always come up where my pistol is. Plus the added step of clearing the shirt then drawing the pistol is something I am still working on and am not comfortable with it.

    For the weekends I carry IWB/OWB with either my Glock 23 or M&Pc because I can wear my shirt untucked or a cover jacket. If I wasn't constrained by workwear I would not carry anything smaller in proportion than the 19/23. That's about the perfect carry/self defense size.

    So you really have to decide why you want this gun. I wouldn't recommend either except for deep conceal.

    Don't get me wrong the XDs shoots like a champ and a 230 grain bullet is nice to have in case of emergency and when I was looking the XDs was just better for concealing IMHO. Above all just remember to get a pistol you are comfortable carrying all the time.
  19. Concealment is my primary concern. I live in FL, so an extra layer of clothing over pants (or shorts) and a shirt is not usually an option. For that purpose, the XDs seems like a clear winner, but when I actually hold them I'm not so sure as they are very close.

    Thanks all for your input. I'll post up once I decide.
  20. r3dot

    The thin grip on the XDs is why it is my new EDC. I've used a lot of guns for concealed carry, and love the XD. A 23 isn't hard to carry, but in the summer months here, it can be a hassle.

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  21. Well, with me being a huge GLOCK fan for pure ease of use and simplicity of design, a firearm that you can count on that just plain works, I have to say, the XDS is actually a fine pistol, fit and finish is great ergo's are good, even though the firearms design is targeted to slimness for conceal carry. The XDS has a couple of nice features a GLOCK doesn't. Price wise I believe they are about the same.

    With that being said Ive owned multiple GLOCKs and pretty much adapted to them. I can shoot them all acuratley, no matter the size or caliber. Considering they pretty much are all the same pistol with different dimensions.

    Unless your debating between a G36 and XDS the only real arguing factors would be compairing a XDS to any other GLOCK would be a discussion over ammunition capacity.

    How many rounds do YOU feel comfortable in carrying? Off topic but I remember one time I was in a situation where I almost had to pull and possibly use my G19 and as odd as it may sound the thought cross my mind of, is this 9mm going to stop this quick enough? Meaning in a split second it crossed my mind that it was highly possible he could have squeezed off a few rounds into me as I was doing the same to him with my 9mm.

    That event led me to purchasing a G27 even though I really wanted something chambered in .45 (should have gotten a G36) My experiences with the G27 wasn't so great (you can include the G26 into this as well because I have owned both). I loved to shoot them, because I was able to do it accurately and GLOCKs just felt good in my hand. The G27 recoil was pleasant as well. The only problem I had was the bulkiness of the pistol. I actually remember a few years ago asking GLOCK why arent you guys redesigning the G26 and G27 with single stack mags and slimming them down a bit!? You know if they were to do that now (come out with a slim line G27 and G26) there sales would jump up again, and would find themselves in the whole CCW slimline craze. Conceal carry hot topic right now and most are looking for something that's effective and keyword "concealable and comfortable" not to say the G26/27 cannot be conceal easily.

    From my experiences though the G26/27 was not a suitable conceal carry option for me even though I loved them both "equally" :supergrin:

    Ok let me stop rambling and get to the key points here. The G26/27 have very short barrels and very short grips. Perfect right? that's what we need to meet our conceal carry or backup needs a small gun. Well I noticed that the thickness of the firearm did not complement these features, what I found was a pistol that was clunky on the hip didnt tuck away nicely and was hard to get a positive, proper hold on the grip when carrying IWB. (Which is a conceal carry option that is used more commonly) I personally feel the G23/19 are far better options for CCW over the G27/26. The slightly longer barrel is a plus for both accuracy and "tuckabaility". The just so slightly longer not larger grip allows a more positive hold or purchase, not to mention the added capacity you get going with the G23/19 over the G27/26.

    Now if your a LEO and your primary is a G22 and your back up is a G27 in this case this is a ideal CC option, and GLOCK is targeted for LE and MIL use. So in these two category's GLOCK is the way to go. As far as the civilian CC population goes, small, slim, lightweight and effective is what everyone is looking for nowadays and ammo capacity is not much of a make it or break it kind of mentality considering study's have shown in most self defense scenarios the defendant usually only uses a few rounds I think the ball park lies somewhere in between 2-5 shots to end a engagement.

    Now we all know it always breaks down to personal preference and everyone has their own view points, and want and needs. I found in my case the XDS was the way to go for now, and I hope it serves me well.

    The G30S was my initial choice but when I put the XDS in my hand I bought it. Dont get me wrong I will still be purchasing a G30S :supergrin:

    I dont know if it is in the works or not with GLOCK being more focused on LE and MIL sales, but if they were to release a G27/26S I think we all know where the sales would go.

    To name off a few decent CC options I would recommend..
    SF XDS, G36/G30S, SigP938/P238, KC PF9/P3AT, Ruger LC9/LCP, S&W442, S&W BG, KAHR PM9/P380, S&W Shield 9/40, Baretta Nano, NAA Guardian.

    These are just a few but keep in mind study's have shown firearms chambered in calibers .45 and .357 are most effective in SD situations. Which is funny because a lot of people carry a .32 and are just fine with that and that's to include myself. Some days a .45 is just not, I wont say practical but reasonable. Like i said before its all personal preference and the Who, What, When, and Where really are the decision factors when carrying conceal carry pistols. If your a daily CC personnel than I think its important to have variety in your CC options.

    Hope this was of some help.

    -No expert, just a average joe throwing in my 2 cents.
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