Glock 27 Converting to 9MM

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  1. Update. I am having problems with both LW barrels. They are failing to feed and eject on a routine basis. I tried to post something on this forum about the 40-9 conversion barrel problems, but it didn't make it's way into the forum. Hmmmm. Anyway, the issues disappear completely when I revert back to the stock factory barrels. There is something about the tighter tolerances (about 5/1000 in.) of the LW barrels that is apparently causing these feed and eject problems. I am using ALL factory 124 grain ammo(9mm Luger metal jacket) I have investigated this problem and it seems that it is not an isolated event.

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  2. Could it be an out of spec chamber? Never had an issue with mine.

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    Excellent . . . you won't be disapointed. I picked up an LW 9mm and a 357 sig barrel for my G27 and have had absolutely no problems with either. I got a great deal at $99,00 each.
  4. No. Both chambers have been checked and no such issues are present when using the .40 cal barrels. The calipers do indicate a 5/1000 difference in the tolerances between the factory barrel and the LW barrel.

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  5. Yes. I have a Gen4 G-27 and the 40-9 conversion barrel from LW has had routine failures to eject and feed both manually and automatically. Again, there is a 5/1000 difference in the barrels and the milled feed port fits much more snug.

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  6. I have had similar experience with my G27.

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  7. i have done the same with the same 2 guns, going on 4 yrs now and no probs at all, had to do same due to hand injury OTJ...
  8. My G-22 .40 cal also has issues accepting and rejecting factory ammo through the LW 40-9 conversion barrel. Jams, FTF,FTE, everything. Very disappointed in the barrels and the responses from LW

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  9. Are you using a Glock 17 9mm magazine? And in some cases you may need to change the extractor.
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  10. I am using Glock factory 9mm magazines for both guns. With respect to the extractors, I would think Glock would endorse removing and replacing extractors if that was a consistent problem when converting. Instead, the people that sell their stuff tell everyone it is a direct conversion with nothing else needed other than the conversion barrels and the magazines.

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  11. I did get a very good response from JR concerning both barrels. He indicated that LW would open both chambers up and check them. He also indicated that the 9mm Luger factory ammo has seen some issues with the barrel because of its length. I'm not sure I understand that part though.

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    Sorry to hear of your issues. My LWD 40-9 conversion barrel has ran flawless in my G22 RTF2(((. My barrel is a G35 model (sticks out of the slide on the muzzle end).
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  13. You are correct about the extractor. Before I ordered my LW 40-9 conversion barrel for my Glock 27 I did some searching on GT and found a few post talking about FTE with the 40-9 conversion barrels there remedy to the problem was to change the extractor. My thinking was onerously I would change the barrel and get a few 9mm magazines but If I had to change the extractor for 9mm then back again to my 40 S&W I would just get the Glock 26 and be done with it. I contacted LW and they assured me I would not have to change the extractor, well after 300 WWB rounds I have had five FTE, the spent casing did not extract completely out of the chamber. OK for the range but I would never trust it for a carry set up.
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    The LWD 40-9 conversion barrel for the G27 does not need an extractor change.
  15. I agree. I will never use these barrels again until the chambers are opened to the proper tolerances. I will contact them and they will make the mods, free of charge.

    I am now told that both chambers must be opened to remedy the problem. LW and Glock both insist that extractor changes are not necessary on either the G-27 or the G-22.

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  16. I only have ~100 rounds through my 4th gen G27 with the 40-9 barrel, but haven't had any problems. Don't recall getting hit with brass either. Used a 26 and 18 mag.
  17. I have 2500+ rounds through my LWD 40--> 9mm barrel with ZERO failures... And double that amount with the stock glock .40 barrel... Hooray conversions!!!!
  18. no problems with my lw 40-9 barrel here for my g23.
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    I have not had problems with mine either.

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