Glock 27 Converting to 9MM

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by frankr, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. I thinking of purchasing a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel along with a couple of Glock 26 magazines for my Glock 27. Have you converted any of your Glock’s and if so how did it work out for you.

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  3. Polak

    Polak (pō'lāk')

    I shoot 9mm out of my 22 and I've never had an FTE to FTF. It's possible you may or may not have to change the extractor.

  4. I was told that Lone Wolf addressed this issue. Something to do with a thinner chamber wall on the inward side so as to align the 9mm casing with the straight 40 S&W extractor.
    The extractor in a standard Glock 26 has a slight bend to it where as the extractor in the Glock 27 is straight.
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  5. That setup has worked just fine for me using G26 magazines.
  6. SGT278ACR

    SGT278ACR Retired Veteran

    I did with my G22 also. No extractor change and just use G17 mags. I think you can probably do the same with your G27, just check for extractor compatability. Good luck.
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  7. Been using a Storm Lake 9mm barrel in my G32 for three plus years now. No malfunctions though the brass doesn't eject in the same trajectory. Now and then one hits me instead of going to the side.
  8. barth

    barth six barrels

    Storm Lake G27 40-9mm barrel and G26 mags.
    1000+ flawless GDHP 124 gr +P / Ranger T 127 gr +P+ rounds.
    2000+ rounds total.
    Never, ever, FTF/FTE.
    That's with the 40 ejector/extractor.
    No erratic ejection.
    No hot brass to face.
    Just, in my hands, improved accuracy over OEM.
    I carry this configuration with total confidence.

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  9. No issues running my Lone Wolf barrel in my G23 and G27, in fact my 40 cal mags work just fine running 9mm.
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  10. I have been alternating between a LWD conversion and stock barrel for 2 years now- ZERO issues or malfunctions... Saving cash on ammo... Thinking about a .357 next....

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  11. janice6

    Platinum Member

    I shoot the LW 9mm barrel and the .357 Sig in my G27. Flawless with 9mm mags. Great way to add versatility to your pistol. I have NEVER had an issue, ever, with 9 or .357 Sig. Good approach.
  12. As other have said 9 times out of ten you won't have any issues just using a conversion barrel, and 9mm magazines. However, you should change the EJECTOR (not the extractor) to ensure that the casing ejects properly given the 9mms smaller diameter.

    I have a KKM conversion that I use in my G27, and I haven't had any issues other than irrational ejection using the stock .40 ejector, but its not something that I would be my life on.
  13. Just placed my order for the Lone Wolf Conversion 40-9 barrel and two Glock 26 magazines. I’ll let you know how it works out.
  14. janice6

    Platinum Member


    You will not be disappointed. Great way to shoot more calibers. :wavey:
  15. I have a LWD black oxided, blind marked, 9mm conversion barrel for my G27. I wouldn't use it for carry/SD, but it makes range and IDPA practice a bit more economical. IMHO not QUITE as reliable as OEM .40 barrel.

    Last time I used the LWD for IDPA I broke 210 which WOULD have classified as Marksman if had been a G26 (SSP, but not ESP) in spite of 1 FTE out of 90 rounds. (Reliability may also be a function of using weak 9mm ammo for range and IDPA)
  16. I practice with my 26 and carry my 27. Will admit I hold tighter patterns with the 26 at 50'. At 21' not to much difference so haven't yet figured why
  17. I have converted my G-27, 23, 22, and 35 to 9mm with LWD barrels just by changing the barrels and mags only! No hiccups at all. I also have a 357Sig barrel for the 22 and 23.
  18. onalandline

    onalandline Me Got Gun!

    I did exactly that, and it works great. Very versatile platform for minimal expenditure.
  19. Any issues with conversion barrels in gen 4 Glocks?
  20. I have a Gen4 G23, and a Gen3 G27. I use the same LW 9mm conversion barrel in both of them with no issues.
  21. I'm currently using G17 mags for my G27, extended and regular capacity after converting to the Lone Wolf 9mm barrel. I also converted my G22 to 9mm and I use the same G17 mags with absolutely no problems at all.

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