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Glock 26 vs. Ruger SR9c vs. S&W M&P9c

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by chpullen, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. I am looking to buy a sub-compact (for lack of a better term) 9mm for IWB carry and have so far narrowed my choice down to these three pistols. I own a full size version of each, so I'm familiar with and like each platform. Each has its pros. Here is how I size them up so far:

    Glock 26-smallest of the three in every dimension. Glock reliability. Accessories abound. Not the best-looking of the bunch, but I like the way Glocks look. Again, there's that Glock reliability.

    Ruger SR9c-largest in every dimension. Questions about barrel peening and lousy trigger due to full size SR9 issues on some guns. My full size has been fine but the trigger does need work. The biggest positives are a great-feeling grip and this, in my opinion, is the best looking of the three.

    S&W M&P9c-this one splits the difference between the Glock and the Ruger size-wise in virtually every dimension. Plus, it's a Smith and I've always had VERY good luck with all my Smith and Wessons. Plus their customer service is second to none. The changeable backstraps are a plus. This is the capacity champ, w/ 12 rounds standard. Pretty cool looking too.

    The prices on these here are pretty equal. I like them all, but I'm really interested in everyone else's experiences with any of these or just your thoughts. Let me know what you think.
  2. Cole125

    Cole125 Silver Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Far West, USA
    You really cannot go wrong with either of the three. If it were my money I would get the Glock 26. Easy to find parts, holsters, mags, ect. Just a no BS gun. As you said Glock reliability. Reliability is the most important thing in a life saving carry gun.

    The SR9c is about the size of a G19. Very thin grip, probably the most comfortable of the three.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010

  3. btolliverjr


    Oct 21, 2009
    I have an M&P9c and absolutely love it. I chose it over the G26 by a slight margin. Very equal in terms of reliability, quality, etc. I also have a G30SF and love it as well, but it is a .45 not a 9mm and you seem to be looking for a 9mm.
  4. MarccraM


    Aug 29, 2009
    South Florida
    I have the mp9c and I can tell you that I would recommend the glock. I think the sw is amazing and yes the capacty is great.. I'm just so weight/size sensitive personally that the slightly lighter smaller platform of the glock clinches it for me..

    Bottom line.. I bought a g27 for edc, but I'm keeping the mp9c cause its just great all around for the range or if the 27 is for some reason unavailable.
  5. garageman


    Feb 24, 2008
    A friend and I went to the range a while back and rented a S&W9c and brought her XD9c and my G26. We both found the XD and G26 equally accurate and easy to shoot and we also both did NOT like the trigger pull of the Smith at all.

    I went another time (same range and I think same rental S&W9c) with another friend from work who was looking for her first gun. I brought my Glocks and we rented the S&W again. We had numerous jamming issues with the Smith but none with the Glocks. That being said, I do not know the history of the rental and would think it had many thousands of rounds through it so it could be this gun's issues. I have heard of many with the Smith having no issues at all.

    I would recommend shooting all of these if possible as you would find the one that fits you best. I have no experience at all with the Ruger.
  6. Good info here. Please keep it coming.
  7. mlk18


    Feb 2, 2000
    I have never touched an SR9C, but I am aware that their trigger system is different from the SR9. Reportedly it's better. But the peening issue has scared me away from the Ruger SR-series as well.

    I owned a Glock 26 for awhile, just could not fall in love with it. Too fat and chunky for a concealed carry gun (IMO). I much prefer the Glock 19 and feel that the G19 conceals better and gives you 5 more rounds of ammo. Lots of people love their G26's and I suppose it always comes down to how it feels in your hand and rides on your hip.

    I fired a friends M&P9C this past fall and really like it. Smaller than the G19 but bigger than the G26. While it supposedly as wide as the Glock it feels much slimmer. I have added the M&P9C to my short list of future gun purchases.

    I suppose you post here and people will steer you toward the Glock, while your identical post on the S&W Forum will result in everyone voting for the Smith. I always recommend in the end that you put each one in your hand as ergonomics are a major factor and is very subjective.

    Good luck.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2010
  8. den888


    Sep 4, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    This is a Glock forum and I own a G26 and love it...
  9. The only one I have is the G26. I have to say that I really like it.

    It shoots like a full size, conceals with ease (not to mention extremely comfortable), allows me to use 10rnd, 15rnd, or 17rnd as a backup (you can always go +2 extension or a 33rnd but I am talking standard), accurate, and reliable.

    I don't have any experiance with the others, so I cannot comment. I do like my G26 thought and I am sure you will enjoy it also. I would head to a gun shop and handle all 3.


  10. dnuggett

    dnuggett PRO 2A

    Feb 28, 2005
    DFW TX
    I was looking for another carry gun to rotate with my Sig 229 when the weather gets warmer so I ranked these three as well as 6 others in the "9mm carry class" against each other based in my criteria for a carry gun. The M&P9c ranked just ahead of the G26 which ranked just ahead of the SR9c. My M&P9c will rotate as a carry gun with my Sig 229 as clothing/weather dictates.

    The Glock holds 12 as well. The SR9c will hold 15 with the 15 round mag that comes with it. And the grip is adjustable to match.

    I believe the M&P is the lighter of the bunch.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  11. Glock should be reliable but is thick and has a thick grip some people dont also cant normally get your pinky on it some care some dont. i cant use Glocks they dont fit my hand right. but they may yours..I pass on all Glocks except the Glock 36 which fits my hands but I cant afford at the time.

    Ruger SR9c the peening...well I have no idea ive not seen it on mine..the trigger is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the fact its closer to Glock like in its "weight" and almost 2 pounds lighter than the SR9's trigger and thats out of the box not broken in at all...I have heard that the new SR9's will be coming out with this new improved trigger all the SR9c's have its slimmer in grip and slide than the actually fits in my hand just fine even without the grip extension I can get my pinky(barley) on the grip. I like the 17 round reload that was a pretty cool idea so while the regular mag is a 10 rounder you get a nice 17 rounder that fits too and fits flush with the grip extension.

    S&W M&P Compact..again very nice and a bit more miles on it than the Ruger..for me it would go M&P/Rugersr9c, Glock...and the Ruger drops to #2 only because of its "newness" as its not got the miles and "proven reliability" like Glock and even M&P now that its been out a few years.

    If the prices are honestly equal you have poor shops(price wise) because the Ruger should be at least $100 less.
    and actually as far as prices go Ruger should easily beat the other 2 and by at least $100 the Ruger is around $400-415 out the door the others are at least(at least where I am) $100+ more.

  12. yup id chalk it up to not cleaning because I have near 400 rounds through the Ruger so far and never had a single jam. it does not like WWB ammo...thats the only thing ive found out but since I can get American Eagle CHEAPER than WWB thats a moot issue. From the writeups on other forums ive not seen much of a jamming issue either..only thing I saw was when new they have a very stiff slide thats hard to get to lock back(by hand) even though it locks back fine after every mag is empty...also one biggie to remember the slide stop is just that a slide stop its NOT a slide new at least its near impossible to use it as a release..thats fine with me and they tell you that in the manual and say its a slide STOP and recommend sling shot method and thats what they taught in the Police academy anyways so in no way bothers me.
  13. actually its a 17 round mag so you get a bonus 2 :)
  14. but make sure you handle one first and shoot it ..I thought I was gonna be a Glock fan also and was strongly disapointed in their big fat wide much so that I ended up trading it in on the SR9c..that said its a great gun, reliable, will go bang every time(as will the M&P and Ruger) but check out the grips first and dont think you will get "used to them" if they dont feel right..thats what I thought..4 years later I had a hell of a time selling or trading that Glock at $375.
  15. Billet


    Mar 17, 2009
    I chose the M&P 9c over the G26 and HKP2000SK, mostly because it was more ergonomic. The 9c comes standard with both flat and extended baseplates, and I found it just as easy to conceal as the G26 when the flat baseplate was used. Mine has only 1,000 rounds through it, but its been flawless. Its a great shooter, and I was shocked by how accurate it is.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2010
  16. I would opt for the G26 in a New York minute. I like Ruger's revolvers but the auto you speak of has had many problems from what I've read. Regarding S&W, I know over the years their quality control has been spotty, and in recent years they have changed manufacturing processes on their revolvers to reduce cost. I fear they may be making similar moves with their autos.
  17. Thanks for the responses. I went ahead, after handling all three, and got the Glock 26. Happy so far. Any recommendations for a thin, affordable Kydex holster ?
  18. M-Tac? Affordable? Well, that may be another matter.
  19. Cole125

    Cole125 Silver Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Far West, USA
    Congrats! :supergrin: The tradition around here when someone claims to get a new gun... :needspics:
  20. gunreviewonmyspace

    gunreviewonmyspace havegunwillgo

    I can not speak to the other two with great detail, but I love the G26. I own an assortment of pistols including several glocks, and previously owned a 26. I am now scheming my way back into a 26 because nothing I have seems to fit that nitch of small summer carry gun, easy to shoot, ultra reliable, and good capacity. I like the 26 of all compact 9s because it is so comfortable to shoot well. I regret trading my 26 for a XD9 sub.