Glock 26 Magazine extension

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by robbins, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. So i just purchased some Glock factory magazine extensions (not pearce) for my G26 and installed them last night on two of my 10 round magazines. I like the way they feel and The extra two rounds is a bonus.
    The QUESTION i have for any of you Guys/Girls is does this affect the reliability of the magazine to feed ammo since the spring now has a little more distance to travel?
    Has anyone ever had any problems with this extension?

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  3. I have the Glock 2 rd extension on one of mine and a Pierce +2 on another and have no reliability issues whatsoever.

  4. RPVG

    Never tried it. Having said that, I can't imagine that +2 rounds will be affected by a stock Glock magazine spring. There's plenty of over-engineering.
  5. Dont worry about it. The subcompacts have, in most cases, the same springs as the compacts (G19), so there is plenty of extra spring length for a +2.
  6. 25pd

    I use the 2-round extensions on all my Glock 26 Mags and qualify every year w/o any type of hangup or problems at all.jmop:wavey:
  7. I ordered 3 lone wolf brand extensions for my Gen4 26. Should see them next week.
  8. Glock 7151+, the best xtension for the G26, 100% reliable!

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