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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by LA_Native, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Starting to carry my new Gen 4 G26 quite a bit now days. Congrats!

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  2. Since I bought the 26 I haven't shot the 19!!!! Since I bought the 30SF I haven't shot the 26!!!!!! The 26 being REALLY concealble in my right front pocket. And the 30SF......well, it's a .45!!! Also, more comfortable than my 3 1911's.

  3. Hey welcome. :) I recently got a G27 and a 9mm barrel for it. Fun :)
  4. Welcome! You will discover a universe of information, and opinion on this site. And not limited to Glocks. Cheers.
  5. The G26 is my primary CCW. I have the G19 and I rarely use it.

    IMHO the sub compact is the best looking of the three sizes.
  6. LA,

    Congrats on the new pistol. Fine little critters, they are.

    I know you have Commiefornia mag capacity limitations, but if you want a new reason to like your baby Glock, buy the longer mag for the G19 and a Xgrip sleeve to fill the grip.

    This combo offers a full sized grip that is not common to the full sized Glocks. Love mine set up like this for the range or nightstand.
  7. I'm a minimalist. No mag extension and I'm about ready to pull the sights off for a cleaner draw from the pocket. My G26 is my favorite EDC.
  8. Congrats! It's my favorite.
  9. Seriously?

    Seriously? U.S.A.F. Ret.

    The 26 is Glock's best.

    I have a 19 and a 26 and I've got an order filled out for two 26's direct from Glock.

    Yes, I do shoot the 26 more accurately than the 19, and yes, the 26 is FAR more comfortable to carry than the longer 19 (I carry IWB or pocket).

    Carrying the 19 outside the waistband is fine if you're a cop. :)

    Enjoy'll be getting another one because they look great in pairs.

  10. I'd like to give a G26 some love....can't seem to find one anywhere. Very popular little things .
  11. I think they're much easier to find here in L.A. County since CCW is so hard to acquire. Good luck in the hunt.
  12. I am glad that I am not the only one who decided to get a new glock now instead of last spring. I have a 19, but I decided that a 26 would be easier to carry. I was concerned about the small size and shorter mags. I rented one at the range and loved it. I paid the price for waiting big time, however, I love this gun. I have no problem at all with the smaller size and shorter grip. It seems to be much more accurate than my 19. This may be due the lighter weight of the 26. It is just an easier gun for me to handle. Despite having to pay a very inflated price, I am glad I bought it.
  13. G19 or G26 can't go wrong with either so I got both. G19 Gen 4 FDE is by bed with tactical light and my G26 Gen 3 USA made is one of my carry guns. Love them both and planning on keeping them both!
  14. I also love my 26 & 27, but I also like having my 19 & 23. I know that I could have just bought Barrels and only need to have bought two vs four but some time my wife dose not like to share!
  15. Welcome to GT and congrats on the Glock 26! Lots of folks here carry and shoot the baby Glocks better than the compact and full-size guns. As others have said, when you get your 19, you may find yourself shooting the 26 more.
  16. My LGS/range got a decent shipment yesterday. I got there less than 2 hours after they unpacked them and put them out and the 2 26s that came in were already sold. They are very popular for sure.
  17. Let me add my congrats and reinforce all those who say their G26 is their favorite concealed carry weapon. My Gen 4 model is now my ONLY gun after many years of hunting upland game and big game and owning countless handguns (inc. about 12-15 Glocks).

    As I enter my retirement years, I want to be TOTALLY familiar with the one gun that I find totally reliable.

    I am now shooing my G26 in IDPA matches and if/when I shave 12 seconds off my Classifier match time, I'll be ranked Expert in the SSP division ... an accomplishment I would have once felt impossible. But, the inherent accuracy and rapid recovery from recoil with my G26 enables me to shoot very well from all ranges, even the 20-yard barricade in the third stage. Never discount the accuracy of your G26. Many people shoot their 26s more accurately than larger Glock 9mms and I'm one of them. Often the G26 wins the Matchmeister award at GSSF matches, against G19s, 17s and even 34s. That's telling you a lot about the gun's ability and those who learn how to master their baby Glocks.

    Now go shoot the crap out of that little darlin'.
  18. Congratulations on your purchase. If the 10 round limit bothers you, just buy some more 10 round magazines and practice rapid reloading.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion (that goes for all of you).

    Magazines seem to be in short supply, but I have seen some on eBay. Seems to be a reputable seller but I need to confirm they will ship to Kalifornia (L.A. specifically). I think it's kosher, but only worried because of how har dit is to get most things here.

    I'm already plotting my next handgun purchase, and now I'm starting to lean towards a G23. I can always get a barrel conversion if I want to go 9mm, and will also have the advantages of .40 S&W.

  20. Individuals around here in Utah are selling ( or attempting to sell ) their Glock 26's at retail or even above retail in alot of cases.

    Anybody elsewhere seeing this?

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