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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by LA_Native, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hey All,

    New to this forum and the world of Glock. My timing couldn't have been worse for purchasing my first handgun, as you all know.

    Well, I was dead set on getting a Glock in 9mm for all of th reasons you already know about these guns. G19 seems to the best "all-arounder," but nearly impossible to find now. So did a lot of research, including renting at the range, and I decided that a G26 would be an acceptable option if I found one. Well I found a USA made Gen3, and I love this gun.

    I live in Los Angeles, so CCW is nearly impossible from what I've gathered. So why "settle" for G26 instead of waiting, when CCW is pretty much what this gun is designed for? I weighed the pros and cons of a G26 vs a G19, and these are the only real Cons I found:

    1. No Accessory Rail

    Well, I'm working on hack for this, but for now it's my trusty Mag Lite to the rescue

    2. Shorter Barrel Length / Sight Radius

    My primary point of use is home defense (specifically apartment defense), so these issues are a non-factor for me.

    3. More Recoil?

    I honestly can't really tell a drastic enough difference to care at all.

    4. Smaller Grip

    Well, for one thing I have small hands. And for another, two words: Pearce Grip Extensions and GAP Floor Plates

    And Pros:

    1. Equal stopping power to it's bigger siblings in this caliber.

    2. Even though I can't CCW, I really dig the small footprint, even if I don't "need" it. I always dug my dad's snubnose .38, and this reminds me of that concept.

    3. This gun is fun to shoot! I can't explain why really. For some reason:

    Small package + Big Bang = Fun

    4. Feels great in my hand

    5. I can shoot this gun just as accurately as the G19 at short range.

    About 300-400 rounds through her so far, and she's been flawless.

    When Gunmaggedon ends (and it will), I still might get a G19 as well just becasue, well, why not?. But for now, I'm loving my "baby."


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  3. Congrats on your find!

    It's hard to beat a G26 for CCW, where/when allowed. I carry one about 98% of the time off duty. Even when you find your G19, I've got a hunch that your G26 will still be your go-to carry piece.


  4. Congrats of the new baby glock! This is what i am in search of at the moment and its driving me crazy lol...I have read many reviews on the g26 and alot of people enjoy shooting the g26 over the 19 and 17 for some reason and say they shoot it just as accurate if not more.

    Enjoy the baby!
  5. Congrats on your G26 you will love it. Bought mine about six months ago along with a couple of extra magazines. It’s a great companion to my G19. I also like that my G19 magazines fit and work great in my G26. Glock 26 with (4) 10 round magazines plus Glock 19 with (3) 15 round and (1) 17 round magazine. All purchased when Glock’s and ammunition were plentiful. Something to think about, if you can find one get yourself a Glock 17, 17 round magazine, they work great in a G26 and makes for a great back up magazine.
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  6. cadillacguns

    Millennium Member

    Congrats, I understand (correct me if I am wrong) after your purchase, you can carry your firearm, in your home or business if authorized, and take it to a shooting area or range for practice?!?

    It well known that the same applies here in Indiana, until you get a License to carry a handgun (LTCH) whereupon you can carry concealed on your purson or in your mode of transportation about anywhere (for now). The difference I assume is our states liberal carry laws, ands your states liberal anti carry laws.
    I carry my G-27 or G-23 just about everywhere, all the time. I would hate to not be able to do so.
  7. Totally agree. I've carried various guns in several states for well over twenty years and the G26 is by far my favorite gun.
  8. Welcome and congrats
  9. If you can conceal a G26 you can conceal a G19.
  10. And if you can conceal a G19, you can conceal a what?
    The G26 is one of Glocks best efforts....I love mine.
  11. Enjoy your Glock 26. I continue to beleve that it is about Glock's best effort. More than a few here have reported shooting the G26 better than larger 9mm Glocks they also have.
  12. Love my 26 too.... wanna add a 19 just because when they're easier available.
  13. opaul

    You always hear that you will eventually regret selling a gun. Well it happened to me. A couple of years ago I purchased a nice Gen3 26 with night sites, it was used but shot very little. Kept it about six months and sold it. Well I had the urge to buy another one but under the current market these things are like hens teeth and are going for high dollar. Finally found another one after much searching for a decent price.
  14. Thanks for the comments and tips.

    Unfortunately, yet another drag about CA is that we are limited to a 10 round capacity on magazines. This was another factor I forgot to mention in my decision. The G19/17 do not offer me any additional round capacity due to our crappy restrictions here.
  15. Ha, yeah, that's about all I CAN do.

    The laws are confusing and I think intentionally misleading here in CA. Basically, if I transport my handgun anywhere, it must be in a locked container. No CCW. No open carry either :(
  16. Thanks all for comments and suggestions. Great forum.
  17. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    Hello LA_Native, welcome to Glock Talk.

    The Glock 26 is a great 9mm pistol. It's good to read that your careful research uncovered this little gem.

    Don't be too disappointed that it lacks an accessory rail. If you've had some training in techniques and tactics of home defense for civilian gunowners, most experts will stress the necessity and advantages of a hand-held tac light with a pistol, moreso than a weapon-mounted light. The mounted pistol light is more of a factor for the point man in an entry team to keep a hand free to open doors, grab suspects, etc. For a homeowner, the rail-mounted light is mainly a source of last-second emergency light to verify the target after making the decision to shoot and shouldn't be used as a flashlight.

    Enjoy your Glock 26!
  18. Dave Nowlin

    Dave Nowlin Fisher of Men

    It's not cool to point a gun at somebody to see who they are. What if it is a family member who has a key to your place? If it is a bad guy and your light is weapon mounted you give him an aiming point.

  19. So what I also conceal a G17.
    I like all 3 9's. So what?
  20. I have a 19 and a 26, both are excellent choices. I went with the GAP floor plates on the 26, they really help get a solid grip on the little thing.
  21. Great weapon! I love my G26 gen 4. My new best friend. Enjoy.

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