glock 24 slide ?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by legalsten, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I bought a 22 last night and want to get a 24 slide so I have both. My intention was to do the 24 a piece at a time untill I have another complete slide.

    What is the best maker of the 24 slide ? Is it possible to get an actual Glock slide as an aftermaket part from Glock ? I don't want to break the bank but don't want to waste money on a part that is just going to be a headache .


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  3. SDGlock23

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    It is possible to get a Glock G24 slide, but exactly how I'm not sure. Glockmeister from time to time has complete slides, but I don't see any currently for the G24. Keep your eyes peeled and check the classified section because sometimes they do pop up. Glock 22 complete slides are easier to come by, so a G24 first then a G22 slide would have been a little easier.

    I've had a Lone Wolf long slide before, and while it wasn't bad, to be honest by the time I bought the slide, barrel, sights and the internals I wasn't too far off price wise from the cost of another Glock altogether. I know I had over $500 invested in the slide alone, so take that into consideration. Piecing it out is going to cost more.

  4. On E-Bay there is a complete G-24 slide for sale, right now, but I think they want as much as a new gun, I'm in the market for a G-22 slide, for my G-35.
  5. After looking at buying parts I came to the conclusion it made more sense just to buy a new gun.

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  6. The one on eBay looks very old and very used. And the seller wants $440. I would consider that price if it were new, otherwise, I'd spend the extra $200 just buy a whole new Glock 24.

    I'm in the market for a 24 slide as well, but I'm holding out for a killer deal (which might never come around).
  7. ls

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    I looked up the one on ebay. It has .40 SW, instead of just .40, it has the 15° extractor cut and what looks like three letter prefix. Probably made in the early to mid 1990s. Hard to tell about the condition because of the quality of the pics.
  8. ls

    Millennium Member

    I once saw one on GB that sold for $225 on a buy-it-now. IIRC, it was in excellent condition and I missed it by about an hour.
  9. I have bought several new glock slides over the last few weeks. You will have to watch ebay and gunbroker. I got a brand new Gen 3 19 on ebay and a brand new Gen 4 22 on gunbroker.
  10. I swapped for a 26 and a 30 last night so I am in no hurry to find a 24 . It is one that I would like to have and thought IF you bought an aftermarket slide you could build a better long slide than a factory Glock. But from what I am reading , I thick the quality of the Glock slide might be better than what I could afford in an aftermarket.

    I am seeing some decent deals still out there but you have to keep looking and wait for the right one.
  11. Man, I'd be all over one for that price!
  12. About what does a new 24 with 15 round mags go for ?
  13. Current price? Around $700-750. Up $100-150 from a couple months ago.
  14. good eye......that is very old for sure.
  15. Well I wasn't in a hurry but I sold some more rifles so I just ordered a new one. I know prices are up but at the same time prices are up on what I am selling. I didn't get the best deal but within the range I was seeing them sell for on Gun Brokers.

    I have a friend with an FFL who receives and does the paperwork for free so all I have to do is pay for the background check. No tax , so I saved some there.

    I am going from rifles to mainly pistols and decided to put my money in the Glocks . They seem to hold their value pretty well from what I see.

    Now what do I need next ?

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