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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by waxik, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Curious, do you attribute the extra comfiness to the compensated barrel/ slide, the spring, or both? Have you tried it with a stock spring?

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    The G23 recoil is nothing like a 45cal 1911. The barrel flip is what I notice, one because its short and light and two, because its a 40.

  3. recoil on my g23 is not bad at all imo. i have the 9mm conversion barrel and its not that big of diff in recoil imo. my 165gr critical defense ammo is a lot more snappier than my 180gr fed hst tho
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    My first G23 was a gen 2 and it had a sharp, nasty recoil. I don't know if I'm getting older and/or better or if it's older and less sensitivity in my hands but I sold that one and bought a G23 3rd gen and WOW, what a difference. I can barely tell it from a G19. I'm shooting 165gr reloads and 180gr factory and they're both great.

    For me the gen 3 is so much better than the gen 2 that I'm starting to wonder why I still own a G19 !
  5. I must have the best of both worlds. My 3rd Gen Glock 23 has a Gen 2 grip. I recently ground off the finger humps and stippled the frontstrap because my middle finger sat on top of the hump instead of in between. I love it now.
  6. My G23 may be my snappiest defensive pistol. But remember, you (at least I) will rarely (never?) shoot "hundreds of rounds" through that gun at a single outing. I would give it a try, as I consider the G23 to be one of Glock's best products. A near-perfect blend of firepower, mag capacity, and compactness. Cheers.
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    I agree with what he said about what he said. :cool:

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    Getting a G22 soon!
  9. :goodpost:

    I would explain it very close to above. More of an upward kick opposed to a rearward in a 1911 platform. Much like others have said, the 1911 is generally heavier as well, with widely regarded better ergonomics. The big thing is practice. I put my Kimber away since I just got a glock 23, just so I can focus specifically on getting things right in a different platform. Just shoot, shoot, and shoot some more!
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    because the bullets weigh more. 135-200gr.
  11. I have both the G19 and G23. Yes the 23 is a little more "snappy" but not at all uncontrollable. I shoot them both well. My son had never shot a Glock before. When we went to range I took the G19, G23, and G21SF (45ACP). He fell in love with the 23. Shot it better than the other two. I don't know why. But he was scary accurate all day long with it.
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  12. I think everyone should stop buying Glocks...once you've got 2 of each model.
  13. I'm not a "gun guy". I tool an introductory pistol class several years ago, shot several different types, liked the Glock (Model 17 in that class) best, and bought a new Gen 3 23. Took some more lessons with it, never had any problem with the recoil and still don't. I'm no expert shooter, but that has nothing to do with recoil.
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    Agreed. I'll add $.02 to that. No matter the weapon or cartridge...practice when u can. It's FUN practice!
  15. Recoil; It doesn't really matter if you practice like you should do with either caliber. You will get used to it. With that said both are great calibers for self defense, and either will serve you well if you do your part and put in the time to master the weapon/caliber combination. The 9mm is easier to shoot for many, and if you are a new shooter this may be a better choice while you focus on getting the fundamentals down such as trigger control, no flinching, and body position down. I personally own the G23 because I like the extra oomph it has over the 9mm, ammo cost is a non issue since I load my own rounds, and I like to practice often. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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  16. I still don't know what all the whining is about .40 recoil and "snappiness". My Gen 4 G23 is the first gun I've ever owned and there is nothing "uncontrollable" about it. Follow up shots are easy, the recoil feels stout to me, and it's just fun to shoot. I've shot 9mms before and the recoil is boring to me, I don't know.

    I guess my point is if I can purchase this gun to learn on and control it fine, I don't know what others are doing.
  17. I agree with you completely. My experience was the same as I indicated above.

  18. And in a self-defense situation - you will never even notice that snappiness. Cheers.
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    I agree on the type of felt recoil
  20. I am buying a 23 gen4 Saturday to go with my 22 and 27. Just buy it, shoot it, and enjoy it. The hype is just that, hype. You will learn the recoil and get used to it just as you did with your 1911 and would with a 19 or other 9mm.

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