Glock 23 KKM Conversion experience

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Midas001, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I have a Glock 23 and am considering purchasing a conversion barel. Can anyone share experiences with either a KKM vs. Storm Lake

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  3. Can;t say about the KKM, but I have had two Storm Lakes, one went back due to repeated FTF, and I have MANY Lone Wolf barrels and have no problems with the Lone Wolf.

  4. I hope they are good, I just got one for my G22 and plan to go to the range to test it out, if I can find some 9mm. The research I did seemed to claim the KKM was the best out there - more expensive than Lone Wolf, but at least you can get them.
  5. Mine have all worked well and shot very accurate. You should be fine.
  6. I have a KKM 6" tube for my G20.It noticeably improved the accuracy. I haven't chrono'd any loads out of it yet, but I would bet I get at least 100fps better across the board than with the OEM 4.6" barrel.

    Oh, it has been almost perfectly reliable, shooting mostly Underwood ammo.
  7. BTW don't forget to get yourself a G19 or G17 9mm magazine, you really don't want to feed 9mm through your .40cal mag. I hear it can be done, but is not that reliable.
  8. I still need to get a 6" barrel for my G20...
  9. All my KKM barrels have been accurate and reliable.
  10. I have a KKM G32 barrel in my G23 and it works perfectly.
  11. This has been my experience as well. I've never had a SL run without having to be sent back.
  12. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    KKM makes great barrels. I have a 4 Port for my Gen4 G21 and a 6" G24 barrel and I can't say enough good things about them. You shouldn't have any issues.

    While my conversion barrel isn't a KKM, I use 9mm mags and a 9mm extractor.
  13. Well I just came back from the range after trying the KKM in my G22 gen4. In fifty rounds I had four failure to feeds, three failures to eject and two failure to lock back. I am thinking it was the range ammo (I hope). The only ammo they had was PMC Bronze 115grn FMJ. I fired off 25 rounds of .40cal in the regular barrel and the gun worked without a hitch. IF not the ammo I am thinking maybe the stock recoil spring is too strong and I need to get a G17 spring (???)
  14. Have had several Storm Lake barrels and have not had any issues at all.
  15. Have a KKM conversion to 9mm in a g23 and I have had no FTF even with cheap Blazer.
  16. Yep. The 22 has a heavier slide than the 17 and a stiffer recoil spring in the gen4s. So with 115gr range ammo, it is too weak to cycle the slide reliably. Try dropping down to a 14# recoil spring and I bet it will run like a champ!
  17. I shoot lead to put the issue behind me I put a KKM in my 34, totally pleased.

    115gr thru 147gr under 2" at 25yds and moving back to 35 tomorrow if the weather hold.

    No regrets or second thoughts. Thinking about having magna port do it to it.

    +++ On NailShooters comment the brass damage to the brass is history. So much better.
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  18. I'm a little confused because on some sites they show the same part number for the G22 and G17 recoil spring :(
    #17 kirbinster, Feb 26, 2013
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  19. I put the same bbl into my G20. I did not notice any diff in accuracy but the brass sure was in better shape when ejected from the gun. No more bulged brass and it fed 100% also!

  20. They are the same for the gen3. For the gen4 there are different versions I believe.. someone correct me if I am wrong. I know Glock had to issue different RSAs for the gen4 9mms... did they change the 40s also?

    Either way... you need to go lighter. Get a gen4 adaptor to use a gen3 aftermarket guide rod and a 14# spring.
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  21. Well I got the G17 Gen4 recoil spring and tried it today with my KKM 9mm conversion barrel in my G22 and it worked great. Fired 50 115gr 9mm rounds and not a single failure. So much better than what was going on with the G22 spring.

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