Glock 23 Gen 4 Accidental Discharge??!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 00Glazz, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. rajbcpa made a funny. :rofl:

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  2. I think it's way to dangerous NOT to carry one in the pipe.

  3. Did you buy it used or new? There is no way a stock, new, Glock should be 4.5 lbs, AFAIK. Unless Glock's parts tolerances are getting worse and worse. It wouldn't surprise me at this point.
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  4. Right, that's why I said I don't use it as a "gun" lube.
    When the Glock copper XXXX wears off that's it.

    But in itself it is a lube, on Mercedes & other cars that
    use small brake shoes on the inside of the rear brake
    rotors for the E brake we use the copper lube on the backing
    plate friction points as it stays put and won't wash out.
    In this application pressure in minimal so it is a lube &
    not an anti sieze. It's also good on front caliper sliding bolts.

    But enough off topic, suffice to say the Glock copper
    substance must have enough lubricative properties
    as most shooters take their guns out of the box &
    shoot then with only that on the friction points.
    Otherwise they wouldn't use it for the last 20 years.
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  5. They said "lubricant"..............uh oh. .:whistling:

    And long term lubrication, That's twice in one paragraph
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  6. Sorry, yeah, it was new. Full disclosure, due to the shape of the trigger, and having to depress the trigger safety, I have been measuring from the tip of the trigger. That may be giving me a false reading. Maybe I'd better tape the safety down and try again...
  7. You betcha. That's Glock's old way of measuring when they called their minus (-) connector '3.5lb'. Now, that same connector (when the trigger pull is measured in the right spot) achieves 4.5lb actual. Using tha same formula, your 26 likely measures 5.5lb - which it should with the dot (.) connector.
  8. New is New, Used is Used. Good as New is USED. What a horrible thing to do.
  9. Alcoy

    don't carry a gun.... too dangerous.

    i kid, i kid. don't flame me.
  10. What are we talking here, PVC, copper, PEX?
  11. That's funny, I was telling you about that
    when I checked my 23's pull.
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  12. Why would a gun shop even consider selling a used gun as new!? The serial number of the gun is written on the original handgun permit at point of sale. That handgun serial number is traceable back to the original permit. If there is ever a safety issue with that handgun and the serial number is traced back to reveal that a used gun was sold as new, the gun shop who sold it as new would be liable for any damages/deaths caused by that handgun. The liability assumed far outweighs the few extra dollars earned by selling a used gun as new. I guess "Stupid is as stupid does".
  13. Yep, I thought of you when I read that post. :cool:
  14. Most any safety engineer or safety manager at a large company will tell you that it is almost always a series of failures that leads to an incident.

    The heavy metal object was tilted on it's side and not secured. The guy walking by bumped into it. Heavy metal object falls onto guy's foot. Guy is not wearing safety shoes and gets toes crushed.

    Break any link in the chain of failures and the accident doesn't happen. Also known as the swiss cheese model.
  15. On Glocks...

    I've had plenty of well broken-in holsters for M1911s and they would not cause an AD/ND... Hell, some of the holsters didn't even cover the trigger and they never had an AD/ND... Must be that superior, more advanced, safety system of the M1911s...

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  16. RM686

    I bought a new Gen 4 19 and didn't like the ribbed trigger. So i ordered a new Gen 4 17 smooth trigger. When I installed this trigger I noticed that as I pulled the trigger without a magazine in the gun it pulled the slide down toward the frame. It was like the end plate was pulling down on the striker lug as it pushed it back. It did not do this with the stock trigger. I polished the new trigger and the part that rubs against the striker pin lug. This help a lot. I also bought the orange inspection plate and noticed that the new trigger bar was about 1/3 below the lug where the stock trigger was flush with the lug.
    After reading this thread I put the new trigger in the parts bin and put the stock one back in. The new trigger did not work right from the get go. I have ordered an aftermarket smooth faced trigger. I will check the engagement before I ever fire this gun. I do not want to see anything but full engagement.
    This thread has been an eye opener to me and thank you guys for all the info.
    I would still would like to know what the hell stacking is after reading 12 pages of posts.
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  17. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    Stacking= A card move in Vegas that gets you killed. :whistling:
  18. RM686

    lol, good reply
  19. Murphys law... that's why I don't ever carry one in the pipe...
  20. I promise if you ever meet up with a bad guy and he has a gun, you can bet money he's carrying with one in the pipe.

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