Glock 23 Gen 4 Accidental Discharge??!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 00Glazz, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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  2. He only has ran about 150 rounds through it with no problems. I asked the same question earlier.

  3. Obviously not there, obviously no first hand knowledge.

    If you tell me a Glock left Gaston's place with so little engagement of the trigger bar and firing pin tang, it tingles my BS meter.

    If the drop safety shelf doesn't keep the trigger bar from dropping off the tang, you double my BS meter tingle.

    Now you add in that since #1 and #2 failed and the striker was released. AND the gun fired because #3 the firing pin safety spring was bent and not functioning the firing pin safety designed to prevent precise that exact such accidental firing.

    On calm reflection, not giving a rats shinny axx either way, you have just asked me to believe too many items in a chain. To believe that story runs counter to the usual wisdom that the simplest answer is almost always the true one. All three mechanical systems were misfitted or failed or damaged in assembly at the factory???

    I think not. I don't know what did happen, but I think that the chain of #1, #2, #3 did not happen.
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  4. Yeah, it's called "operator error"
  5. That is fine, either way you can believe what you want. I am not saying anything against that... I am just saying I do not think insinuating that I am lying or BS-ing for the fun of it is very beneficial to this thread.

    I too agree that it is a very remote and one in a billion chance thing to happen, but the fact of the matter is, SOMETHING that was not my finger pulling the trigger, or a foreign object (AFAIK) pulling the trigger, caused my weapon to fire, into my living room wall. When I am being told that #1 and #2 are defect and that it is a high chance that it is what caused this, I am going to hope/believe that it is indeed the case.

    Either way, it is defect. Whether it caused the AD or not it still needs replaced and it is ridiculous that it came through the line to me.
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  6. That doesn't need to happen. If there is minimal engagement the trigger bar can be rock solid but the firing pin lug can travel upwards, freeing itself. On a pistol with proper sear engagement there is not enough freedom of movement for the lug to disconnect and the drop safety works properly. Why do you think there is a factory spec minimum engagement percentage for the lug to the cruciform?

    One reason is to not have a runaway gun. The other is to make sure the drop safety is operational.
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  7. What is the speculation on the affect of the bent firing pin safety spring?

    Did the bent spring cause the firing pin safety to get jammed in the "off position"?

    Or was the pressure so weak on the firing pin safety that the safety moved as a result of dropping the glock, or the pressure on the firing pin safety was so weak that the striker just pushed it up and away?

    If you want to add another potential factor into the equation, was the plating on the firing pin safety flaking off? I have replaced a couple of firing pin safeties because of flaking and fear that the flakes could cause the firing pin safety to jam in the off position. Even grease could cause the firing pin safety to jam in the off position and it could still jump down under recoil.

    When I clean my glock and prior to loading I check to assure the firing pin safety is operating and in the on position. In short I can envision a lot of reasons for the firing pin safety to not be engaged.
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  8. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    cglaspel, remind me again please:

    1. Did you remove the anti-seize compound when you clean the gun for first time and what you used to lube it after this.

    2. Did you have any contact with the holster when the discharge happened ?

    Don't take it personally, the reason they are looking at your actions is because 99% of the time it's the human element, not the machine... :supergrin:
  9. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    ...I will speculate that it didn't came this way from the factory.
  10. Quite possible the firing pin safety spring was bent after it left the factory. Still I would like to know what are the affects of a bent firing pin safety spring.

    I check my firing pin safety every cleaning and if there is something I should be looking for other then pressure and movement, I would like to know.
  11. Sorry .38 super, must have lost your questions in the mix.

    1. The store I bought it from had already removed 90% of it, there was very little for me to remove after I purchased it (Fin, Feather, Fur in Ashland was where I purchased btw)

    I personally cleaned and lubricated it with Hoppes #9 gun cleaner, and Hoppes Oil.

    2. The discharge happend as I was setting the holster/weapon down, I was about to take my hand off the weapon completely and turn to walk into my kitchen and it fired.

    Had to edit this because after thinking about it, i still had contact with the grip frame slightly when it fired.
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  12. Why would the gun shop clean the copper lube off a new Glock? Did you ever get the pictures of the holster after the AD? im wanting to see what damage it caused.
  13. Every shop I have ever purchased from around here has cleaned and wiped down their pistols before putting them in the case? I didn't realize that wasnt normal tbh? I have watched some of them wiping them down as soon as they get their order in and log all of them.

    No I did not, havent had time to get a camera since I worked most of the day. The scratches arent significant damage. It is near the bottom of the holster where the front sight looks like it came up and scraped the holster slightly is all.

    The push button is just a little more loose than normal, nothing you can see. You would have to push on it to tell the difference.

    If I can get my hands on a camera that will show the scratches though I will post the pics!
  14. The Glock owners manual says to leave the copper lube in the gun for as long as you can.
  15. This is all pretty unbelievable. I doubt Glock would have shipped the gun in that state considering it would take a combination of poorly manufactured parts AND a mis-installed part for this to occur.

    I'm guessing either the OP took the gun apart and did not reassemble it properly, or someone at the gun store where he bought it tried a little tinkering one day because he was bored.
  16. Question for OP. How many rounds had you fired thru the glock before this incident?

    I ask because I would guess, if you fired several hundred rounds, that at some point the striker would not have engaged given the weak engagement point.
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  17. I think he said ~150 somewhere earlier in this thread.
  18. That's pretty quick, thank you for your service.

    Not supposed to remove the copper lube.
    They also had your slide off to do that.

    Exactly, the plot thickens

    Wiping the guns down is OK, removing the copper lube
    should be left to the purchaser. Some want it on there.

    Right, that's what I mean in my post above.
  19. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    I didn't know you were supposed to leave the copper lube on as long as possible. I haven't looked at my owners manual in years.

    I'm one of those guys that buys a gun and takes it to the range immediately and tries (not always successful) to put 500 rounds through it. Then I go home and thoroughly clean it.

    My wife doesn't mind, she knows I'll be out of the house for a while, so I won't interrupt her craft time.
  20. Good, now I can take the tin foil off my head and dig my Serpa out of the garbage.

    On a serious note, thanks for the update and your calm demeanor through all these remarks. It can be tough to bring up things like this because all the r#t*rds come out of the closet to point fingers.
    Thanks for the eye opener.

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