Glock 23 Gen 4 Accidental Discharge??!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by 00Glazz, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Had an extremely dangerous and scary experience today.. I cant even describe how upset I am over this. Do not know how to completely explain how this just happened but here goes.

    I came home from my daily errands today. I have my CCW and carry on a daily basis. Well after I walk into the house and put groceries etc down, I take my NEW G23 gen 4 in the holster off of my belt, and set it down on my kitchen I sent it down THE PISTOL FIRES!! Right into my living room wall!!! I truly do not know how it was even able to?! MY finger was no where near the trigger...It was in a Serpa Holster so I was totally unable to pull the trigger even if I wanted too!! I did not throw the $@%$ pistol down hard onto the table or anything....I literally set it down like I always do... Thank God the GF wasnt home, the bullet did not go through the outer wall of my home, and myself nor neighbors were injured or worse....

    I am just completely in shock over this..I have never in my life had this happen, I wouldnt think it was remotely possible... especially with a Glock(and I have owned many glocks as well as other pistols over the past 10 years now with no AD/ND or anything ever) I have since put the now unloaded pistol in its case and I am going to be calling Glock tomorrow morning....

    Does anyone know how this is possible?! Or have they had this happen before?! I truly am just shocked and amazed over this. I checked the Glocks function and it seemed normal, the ejected casing had a normal firing pin strike on the primer (obviously since the pistol fired, but I wanted to make sure the round somehow didnt fire of its own accord)

    I just truly do not trust this weapon at all now and am just very upset and didnt know where else to put this.

    UPDATE 12/12/2012
    Ok, talked to a Glock rep today. Glock replaced multiple parts. They informed me that it looked as if their was a trigger job done to it at some point in time. No other info from them on the issue though. I definitely did not do it is for sure used. They said I should have my pistol back in 2 days though! So that is a plus.

    So at this point in time I think I need to begin dealing with Fin Feather Fur in Ashland about selling me a used weapon as new.

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  3. What did the bullet go through/hit?

    I would be more weary of the holster than the gun. Anyone have pictures of how the retention system works and where it engages the gun? The gun can't fire without the trigger being pulled. The firing pin safety would keep the firing pin from moving forward. So unless something is wrong with your firing pin safety and something crazy happened, something had to pull the trigger.

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  4. DrMaxit

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    Yeah man you had something in your holster against that trigger or something is going on with that holster. Photograph everything and thoroughly investigate this. If there is a problem with these holster the manufacturer needs to know ASAP.

    I'm glad no one was injured and that there wasn't any serious damage done.

  5. Yes PLEASE contact Blackhawk about it.
  6. I looked and couldnt find anything out of the ordinary in the holster, it is a blackhawk cqc holster with the finger button. I will have to check again. That was my second suspect.
  7. Will contact them asap tomorrow as well and let you all know the results!
  8. Cool deal. Yeah, I would definitely play around with the gun and the holster a little bit and see what, if anything, could have touched the trigger.

    And if they offer you something, make sure they throw in some spackle.

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  9. Went through the ONLY bare part of my living room wall, plaster, and wood mainly, didnt make it to through the siding on the outside. The pistol was approx 15 feet from table to wall.
  10. Scary! Glad everything was OK.
  11. Hawaiiglock

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    Got pics of holster?
  12. Lol yea the worst part is we had just RE-Painted the entire living room....GF was just a little pissed off to Lowes I go tomorrow as well.
  13. At least it happened when you sat it down on the table, instead of bumping it against a wall or something while it was still on your hip.
  14. Guns dont go off by themselves. Really need to take a good look at this!!
  15. I would suspect a holster problem. I just see no way the gun could discharge on its own short of pulling the trigger, which the holster could have done somehow. The Blackhawk serpa holsters don't have a good track record. They've even been banned in some circles for various reasons, all safety related. I don't like them. And they are a poor conceal-carry holster. Much better options out there. I know some will disagree, but the number of negligent discharges caused directly or indirectly as a result of these holsters is undeniable.
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  16. DannyR

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    This is not the first AD incident with a Blackhawk Serpa holster. I know the name "Blackhawk" sounds cool, but the design is questionable. Get a Blade-tech. Even an inexpensive Glock factory holster is better.
  17. Or get a leather holster. Leather being softer would never be able to engage a glock trigger. Just my two cents.
  18. This kinda reminds me of that AD/ND thread that happened not too long ago but in that case it was an M&P 9. Most of the Serpa AD I've heard about happen when taking the weapon out of the holster and the finger going into the trigger when depressing the holster release button. Taking a look at the holster the only way I see this happening is if something was stuck inside maybe. Glad no one was hurt OP and keep us updated if you can.

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  19. AK47Man

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    Holy S**T...! Glad nobody got hurt or killed..!! Sounds like the holster has some type of defect...
  20. Did you buy the gun new, or used? If used, have you ever detail stripped both the frame and slide? I ask this because, in order for a Glock to fire by itself, there would need to be at least two simultaneous major mechanical failures. Now, if some kitchen table gunsmith monkeyed with or removed some key components, that could be a problem. Otherwise, it's the holster or something in the holster.

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