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Glock 23 Accuracy

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by WVShooer, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Jun 14, 2002
    Your 1911 doesn't "shoot more accurate", nor does it shoot less accurate. Both guns are more accurate than you are. Glocks are lighter, and as such, are less tolerant of shooter error than the average 1911. That said, practice (with proper instruction) will give you all the skill you need. Good luck.
  2. My first experience shooting pistols was in a class more than 10 years ago. We got to shoot several different types. One type was a 1911 Colt .45 owned by the instructor who was also a gunsmith. I shot the Glock (G17) better than any of the others including the instructor/gunsmith's 1911.

  3. BasherXt


    Mar 5, 2011
    East Tn
    Both my 23 and 1911 are accurate.
    I'm more accurate with my 19 and 23 (approx 2500 rounds down range between the two) and trigger for both works the same.
    The 1911, only about 150 rounds down range

    I'm just more use to the 19 and 23's trigger and I shoot them more so my groups are tighter. I'm sure the same will be said once I have more rounds down range with the 1911.
  4. Hawker Man

    Hawker Man

    Nov 8, 2006
    Yea, the 40 S&W just will not shoot accurately!!!!![​IMG]
  5. I wish I could shoot like you Hawker. My 10 yard group is about 5 inches. Practice, practice, practice I guess.
  6. MajorD


    Aug 16, 2010
    There is simply no comparison between a stock glock and a fitted 1911 it is an apples to oranges comparison. I can shoot a glock pretty well 4 inch or less groups at speed at 25 yards with my glock, but with a tuned 1911 can cut that by half and especially when you extend the range to say 50 yards the difference between a tuned 1911 and a glock is extreme. I can hold under 5 inch groups at 50 with a 1911 or revolver but can barely do 10 inches with a glock.
    I still do carry a glock often and have complete confidence in it getting the job done given the extreme close ranges at which a ccw fight would occur.
    They are different guns for different jobs is all
  7. SargeMO


    Jun 30, 2007
    Since the thread was titled 'Glock 23 Accuracy' and immediately compared it with a 1911, I'll offer an observation regarding the mechanical accuracy of the two. Assuming good ammunition, practically any 1911 can be easily made to keep 5 shots under 4" at 50 yards, shooting from a rest. Good 1911's, like the Colts, better-grade Springfields etc. will do it right out of the box.

    I've benched a number of Glocks at that distance, including several 23's, and they would almost universally shoot to the standard mentioned above. So unless you're talking about a hard-fit match 1911--meaning 10 shots in under 2" at 50 yards--then I consider a good rack-grade 1911 and typical Glock to be equally accurate, in the mechanical sense.

    The 1911's trigger is usually conductive to better shooting and it's more natural grip angle gives it an edge as well. If you doubt this, stand off at 50 yards and shoot a ten shot group with each, one handed. The target will tell you which one has the 'shootability' advantage.
  8. bwvan


    Dec 30, 2011
    Hawker Man's groups are not atypical of the type of accuracy to expect from a .40 S&W once you learn the proper trigger control. You do not give up accuracy with a .40. Very nice shooting Hawk.
  9. DannyB


    Sep 9, 2007
    I just think it is an individual thing. I have been handgunning for about forty years and have owned at least one or more of every name brand including a handful of 1911's. I shoot a Glock better than anything else I have ever owned in a larger caliber that 22.

    In theory one should shoot a quality single action better. But like I said, it is an individual thing.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2013
  10. davsco


    Feb 27, 2011
    consider lightening your glock's trigger a little - check out a "-" connector and the glockworx 3 spring trigger lightening kit. don't worry, it's nowhere a 'hair' trigger but will be lighter and easier to pull. for me, trigger is everything. vs a full size 1911, the glock 23 has a shorter sight radius also.
  11. Glock Junkie

    Glock Junkie

    May 24, 2012
    Just practice and you will shoot your 23 better. I started shooting Glocks a year ago and had not shot a pistol in over 20 years. I have come along way in the year and can do well with any caliber Glock in my hands, especially a 40 cal.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  12. Steel Head

    Steel Head Tactical Cat

    Jan 1, 2010
    A cat box in WA
    I bought my first Glock in the early 90's.
    A barn door at 25 feet was safe from me with it.:faint:

    Sold it but bought another about 5 year ago and read up on shooting Glocks here and other sources.

    Helped tremendously:wow:

    With some frequent practice I can hit my 100yrd plate pretty regularly (G23) but I have to stay practiced with Glocks,with my 1911 or .22 pistol hitting that plate is a slam dunk.
  13. great saying...wait that is tag line :supergrin:
  14. Cwlongshot


    May 31, 2011
    IMHO, Bren Nailed this!!

    The Glock CAN be a excellent shooter... JUST AS GOOD as a 1911 in proper hands.



    Both of these where fired at 15 yards offhand.

    Just as a comparison, here is two mags full, fired as fast as sites came back on target. Again at 15 yards Glock 23 with Federal 165 XTP ammo.


    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  15. Hamrhed

    Hamrhed AKs & Glocks

    Feb 9, 2008
    CW- is your G23 stock?
  16. MrLawless1


    Apr 13, 2012
    Like most have said, the difference in weight seems to help improve accuracy, but practice is the best policy.

    I will run through 75 shots with my Glock 23, getting some decent groups, the. Switch over to my Kimber 1911 and be all over the place. So, for me, shooting them is NOT the same discipline: perhaps like knowing/practicing two similar martial arts or two languages. Similar, but decidedly NOT the same.

    All the best!!! Enjoy your time at the range.
  17. Cwlongshot


    May 31, 2011
    I have Wollfe recoil spring, STS captured guide rod and grip tape. Otherwise yes stock...

    Stock barrel and trigger. I bought the standard array of add on's dis-connector, heavier trigger spring etc. But after trying them removed them. AS this is a carry gun, I wanted to keep as stock as is defendable. ;)

  18. Surprise break.

    That's what you need to look up and understand. A stock Glock will shoot just as well as the typical 1911 :)

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  19. Gallium

    Gallium CLM

    Mar 26, 2003
    When shooting fundamentals are understood, these questions of "gun accuracy" become almost academic.

    Yes, a 1911 is inherently more accurate than a Glock - by design, due to it's tighter tolerances, and a Glock is inherently more reliable than a 1911, also by design.

    A SIG P210 beats a generic 1911 in both the accuracy and reliability departments, and beats most 1911s in the reliability dept.

    Bren et al have already pointed out some of the things that make a 1911 more fun to shoot, easier to grip, and easier to press the trigger, compared to a Glock.