Glock 22 vs 23 - is the cost worth it?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Eaz8, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Eaz8

    im looking at getting a gen 4 in .40 (or getting a beretta but lets narrow this down to the glock option first...ill still end up with a beretta in a few months anyway...)

    so heres where im stuck..
    i have a oppurtunity to get a glock 23 gen 4 new with a LW 107mm barrel (canadian min length) for $825+tax and +30 shipping..these usually go for $1000 plus shipping and tax here
    where the glock 22 is $700 locally and there is glock day coming up on oct 28th so they usually go on sale for $650-675.
    so there is a big price jump for the 22 vs it worth it??

    what do you guys think?

    i currently have a 17 gen 4, really like it. as of today ive got 1100 rounds through her without any issues. brass doesnt throw in the same spot but it all comes out and throws so that isnt a issue to me.
    my sig p226 will put 9/10 casings into the same spot, today i put a box that was 4"x8" opening next to me and almost all the casings landed in it...much easier than picking up the empties lol

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  3. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member

    Had to see what 107mm is (4.25").

    Only you can make the decision of what the G23 is worth.
    Here, I can get the G23 for $398.20 + 6% sales tax (USD).

    The G23 is very easily concealed, for me in a Bianchi "Remedy" leather holster, or the Don Hume "JIT Slide".

    My daughter's b/f is a police officer, and he is required to carry his issued G22 on/off duty.
    He's physically fit and does conceal that G22 rather well, in a DeSantis leather holster - at the 4:00 position.

  4. If you're going to carry it, get the 23. If not, then the 22.
  5. Eaz8

    Well I'm in canada, so only police can carry (which I am not)
    So concielment or carry size is not a issue.
    Isn't the 23 only a slightly shorter barrel and shorter grip?

    Ill probably wait till glock day in 2 weeks to decide, I would love to try out a 23 and if I like the grip better it would probably be worth it (kinda)

    Other option is the beretta 92 or 96. I want to get a .40 but if I get the beretta I want the inox which I believe only comes as the 92 in 9mm (I have 2 - 9mm pistols already and nothing in .40)
    What do you guys think about the beretta? They start at 750 in black and $835 for the inox finish.
  6. Since you are in Canada and can't carry there is zero advantage to the g23, except if you have small hands the finger grooves may line up better for you.

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  7. .40 has a slight advantage over 9mm for carrying based on a (theoretical) need to penetrate auto doors and glass. If that's not a factor, I don't see any reason to shoot that over 9mm as it has snappier recoil and doesn't offer any significant advantage in stopping power compared to modern 9mm loads, unless you need a "power" caliber for shooting competitions.

    The Inox Beretta is a sexy gun.
  8. 12131

    12131 Monkeyboy

    The man already has the G17 and P226 (assuming in 9mm).
    He's asking G22 v G23.
  9. Eaz8

    correct, im looking for a .40

    i have:
    Glock 17 gen 4 9mm
    Sig P226 W.German 9mm
    Sig P220 Frame made in Germany .45acp

    im trying to get a few pistols in different calibers. im going to be looking at revolvers next summer. i dont know how much shooting ill do over the winter (my range is a bit of a drive to get to) the the saved $ on ammo can fund another couple guns.

    ive heard that some shooting competitions you need to use .40, i havent got into any of them yet, but hopefully next year once ive got another few thousand practice rounds down the pipe.
    im still a new shooter...less than a year licensed, but have been shootings friends stuff at ranges for a few years.

    EDIT - just checked beretta's website and the Inox is only in 9mm... so for beretta i either go with a 9mm Inox or get the .40sw in black.
    #8 Eaz8, Oct 9, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  10. No, he's asking G22 v G23 and G22 v G23 v Beretta. I gave my opinion on both scenarios.
  11. from what i've seen, the prices, at least in and around Virginia, are roughly the same for the various 9, 40 and 357sig glocs of the three sizes. looks like the g23 you're looking at may have an aftermarket barrel resulting in a higher price?

    if you're not going to carry, i'd get a larger gun, so if you want .40, either the g22 or even the g35. i believe the grip circumferences are identical between all their .40 offerings, and at least for me, the grip on the g23 is long enough so that both my hands are fully engaged. but the longer sight radius of the g22 or 35 along with a little extra weight should make them a little easier to shoot for you.
  12. Rooster Rugburn

    Rooster Rugburn Got Pignose?

    Easy solution: Get the G23 and an X-Grip or one of the others. It's two guns in one. The G23 can use G22 mags, and with a grip extension, it's basically the same. With that setup, EVERY argument that can be made for the full size G22 can be made for the G23 with the grip extension. You have the G22 size and capacity, and the G23 reduced size.

    You can make the G23 into a G22, but you cannot make a G22 into a G23.
  13. Eaz8

    i dont really have big hands. i wear a medium glove.
    the 17 fits.

    ive decided to go to glock demo day before i buy anything, hopefylly they have the 19 and 23 out for demos and a few of the other models with the canadian barrels. (i hate our barrel length laws.... we have to be 105 or 106mm or longer to be non restricted...otherwise its prohibited, and no one can get those licenses anymore...)
    the canadian barrel also drives the prices, up. they have to have the canadian barrel on before crossing the border....which means you guys can get cheaper glock barrels in the states..because we already aid for them lol
  14. This is a thread for General Glocking.
  15. Since you can't carry it I'd recommend the 22. Seems like an easy choice given that one thing.
  16. 23C is still my favorite Glock. Truth is their is a difference though. The 22 will have a longer sight radius. It's not huge but it is a difference. A 23 with a grip extension is not really a 22 other than the mag.
  17. Eaz8

    i actually meant to put it in there..but clicked this section.
    ph well
    i dont think i need a grip extension.also...10 round max in our mags... the grip looking at gen 3 19 and 22 look like its a different thickness and yes the 23 is shorter.
    the barrels that are going on are lone wolf silver stainless. i couldnt get them to put on threaded...i figured it sticks out why cant it be if i get it ill take it somewhere and have that done.
    but the 23 is basically going to cost me what..$300 more than the 22.llseems tough to stomach that 300 for it
    #16 Eaz8, Oct 9, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  18. A LWD barrel is not worth even 1/3rd that IMO. I understand you have to have a longer barrel because of Canadian law but no way it is worth that much. If it were a Bar Sto custom fit I could stomach it.
  19. Eaz8

    What would you guys think if I add the s&w MP40 range and carry kit.
    Its $650 new here comes with case, 3 mags, speed loader, holster and mag holder.
    It seems to be the best deal, but is it a comparable pistol to the glock 22?

    I may have a line on the beretta 96 .40 new in box for $600+tax, was to be issued to a officer but it didn't. So its been sitting a few years untouched.
  20. I like the M&P better than the Glock.
  21. Except the longer sight radius and the more generous spacing of the finger grooves on the 22. Carry is not an option for him. There is no reason or rationale to choose the 23 over the 22.

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