glock 22 jamming with lw barrel

Discussion in 'General how-To Help Forum' started by pheonix22, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I have recently purchased a new glock 22 gen. 4. After shooting a few hundred rounds of various ammo through it I decided to “upgrade” and purchased a threaded barrel and compensator from Lone Wolf. I shot 50 rounds of Federal fmj 180 grain with no issues. I took the girlfriend out the next day and tried to shoot some Remington “green box” fmj 180 grain, it jammed about every 3<SUP>rd</SUP> round. I noticed the girlfriend was limpwristing and addressed the issue; it helped but still experienced 2-3 jams per clip (15 rounds). To be more specific the edge of the cartridge was catching on the lip of the guide ramp going into the barrel. Is there a fix for this or should I return the pistol to its factory setting and just be happy with it?

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    You may want to put the factory barrel back in just to be sure it's the LW barrel causing the problem. If you shoot jacketed ammo and don't use the gun for competition, the factory barrel will feed better and be more than accurate for combat/self-defense use. Personally, I don't consider a LW barrel an "upgrade". If it’s the LW barrel causing the problem and you still insist on using it, contact LW and maybe they can “open” it up for you to make it feed reliably.<o:p></o:p>
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  4. Thanks for the input G1ock. I was back at the range today with 15 rounds of winchester 180 grain hollw points and 50 rounds of federal. 2 jams with the winchester and none with the federal. Looks like the next trip to the range will involve a few different brands and load types. Hopefully a pattern will emerge, if not its back to the stock setup.
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    If that were my carry gun it would have to shoot whatever.

    I'd say really get with took them a day or two to call but they did call me to solve a problem a couple weeks ago
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  6. Just what does ANY after/third party barrel do that the factory barrel doesn't? Most of you can't outshoot the stock ability of the pistol and are not going to be better shots with those barrels. Spend the money on ammo and improve your shooting skills. I worked at USA Marksmanship Unit in the early 1960's do know a thing or two about shooting abilities. Long retired, I now work a small range and almost no one can out shoot the guns they bring!!!
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  7. I like to shoot cast bullets in my G20. Can you do that with a factory barrel?
  8. Using aftermarket barrels in a Glock is a fix without a problem. Glock's barrels are 2nd to none. Don't waste your money.
  9. Yes. Clean it once in a while and you are good to go.
  10. Yes, but as Single Stack said "clean it once in a while".

    The main thing that a lot of folks seem to forget is that using ANY third party parts in a Glock pretty much invalidates the "Lifetime Warranty". Unfortunately, when things do go wrong with third party parts, they usually are catastrophic and one just can't put the stock parts back in a pretend the problem happen with factory parts. The same thing goes for shooting ANY reloads (jacketed, copper washed or cast lead) in ANY Glock, it voids the warranty. I have had at least a half dozen Glocks that had the LaserLyte Recoil Spring device go south and have played h&LL getting things apart and putting them back in operating condition, at a cost, of course. One person sent theirs back to Glock because the didn't like/believe my response and got the "so sorry" letter. Not sure what happened with them since I refused to touch it after he told me I was full of $#!t and that Glock would cover it under warranty.

    I don't disagree that some after market/third party part give us an alternative for certain solutions not available with stock parts, but the idea that just swapping a stock barrel with a third party barrel under the premise that you are suddenly going to shoot better is BS.

    I have a KKM .357Sig BBL for my G35. I shoot factory ammo as I just don't do much reloading any more.

    Just for the record, as I stated in a previous post on a similar situation, I had a k-boom on my G35 with factory Federal 135gr Hyra-Shocks from the early 1990's. Total head separation, blew the mag out of the gun as well as forcibly disassembled the extractor. Didn't break anything, found all the parts, put them back together and runs great ever since.
  11. I thought, that, because of the unusual rifling Glock uses, lead bullets would tend to skid through the bore, leading to inaccuracy.
    Also... Doesn't Glock chamber their pistols a bit on the large side of SAMMI specs? Doesn't this lead to shortened brass life ?
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