Glock 22 Gen 4 or 3??

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by chilnbloc, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I struggled with the same decision when I bought my G23. I chose the Gen 4 because the slightly smaller grip is a better fit for me. I also really like the grip texture of the Gen 4, but in all fairness I can see why some may not like it. It is rough.

    My Gen 4 G23 has been flawless. However, the round count on it is very low, less than 1,000 rounds. It flings brass into the next zip code if using properly loaded ammo. Mild ammo still ejects well, it just doesn't fly as far. My RSA is the 0-3, which is pre-replacement.

    I say go with the Gen 4 if your hands are smaller like mine or so large that the Gen 3 grip is too small. If not, either will work well.

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  2. I have fairly large hands. I think I am just going to go to a gun shop here in town that has both and try them out. I still have a little time to decide but its hard because 1 day Im getting the gen 3 then the next its the gen 4.

  3. You really can't go wrong either way. I wouldn't let a measly $50 determine which pistol you get. I owned a Gen4 22 and was a superb shooter.

    Edit: BTW. I even shot it with the 31 barrel and wow felt great. Ejections are strong with either caliber and you won't or at least shouldn't find problems with BTF like some of the 9mm's do. Even then that doesn't bother me. my Gen4 19 sometimes spits brass at my forehead with strong loads, but I never had a failure of any kind. Good luck with your purchase.
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  4. Thanks for the input. If it is a measly $50 dollar difference or so i think i will end up with the gen 4 and deal with any issues IF they arise. Although I havent been able to find any with the 22.
  5. I just went thru this Gen 3 vs Gen 4 thing, and after holding both, I decided the texture of the grip in the Gen 4 was too rough for my hands. If it bothered me in the store, it’s sure going to be uncomfortable shooting it, so I went with another Gen 3. If you can handle both, do so. The texture of the grip is a very personal thing. Some love it, some hate it. No one but you can know what works for you. As far as reliability, either will work.

    Here at the LGS, the difference in price between the Gen 3 and Gen 4 was $40.
  6. I used to hate the .40 S&W until I fired my Gen 4 G35. the new RSA tamed this high pressure sharp recoiling round
  7. I will admit that I have no experience with the Gen 3 .40's, however I carry a department issued a Gen 4 G22 everyday. I've had it 4 months now and have around 1000 rounds trough it. Really fine pistol! Recoil, while not a mouse fart, is quite controllable and I shoot it very well.

    While I'm sure you'd be satisfied with a Gen 3 I can definitely say you won't be unhappy with a Gen 4.

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    Gen3 ! All of my Glock have been gen3 and I just bought a Leo trade in g22 3rd gen. Great gun and as far as Glocks go its just
    Classic Glock goodness.
    No guns are perfect but the older gen 3 's have a better reputation than the gen4's do right now
  9. Not when it comes to the .40 models.

    History of gen3 40's kaboom phenomenon < great rep? No.

    Gen 4 rep so far? A lot better than gen3.
  10. Gen 3 no brainer!! Goes bang everytime!
  11. Don't own any Gen 4s as I haven't bought any new Glock 40s in awhile but I do sell a lot of them. If it were me I would go with the Gen 4 as the price differential includes a third magazine (which you're going to need anyway) and has a better magazine release (IMO). It also gives you the option to increase the grip size if you prefer.
  12. I sure do like my gen4s. Worth the $50 extra dollars.
  13. Well just got back from the range!! With my glock 22 gen 3!! Perfection indeed!! And ejected like it should! Go gen 3 buddy!
  14. I already have ordered my gen 4. It fit way better in my hands. (They are quite large) the grip felt good and that I could actually keep ahold of it without having to readjust my grip like on the gen 3.
  15. I've got a Gen4 G22 I purchased about 6 months ago, have put 1000 rds thru with no malfunctions. It shoots great and handles like a dream. I am really pleased with it...
  16. I truly enjoy the Gen 4 grip texture, the dual RSA, and that big 'ol mag release.

    I can't BELIEVE how good the trigger is on 'em, either!

    All my new Glocks will be Gen 4 (or 5?).
  17. RUT


  18. Congrats on the Gen 4! Look at it this way if you feel weird at all about the slight increase in cost:

    1. Extra mag!
    2. The mag release rules!
    3. I love the grip texture.
    4. Large backstrap for someone like you with large hands.
  19. Glock 22, Gen 3 ALL THE WAY! Of course, this is MY opinion. The Gen 3 naturally fits better in the hand (I am able to achieve a GREAT purchase on the Gen 3 as opposed to the Gen 4), the Gen 3 FEELS like a better made weapon, and also has a proven track record considering it has been available for the last 12 or so years. The Gen 3 is also capable of accepting Gen 2, 3, and 4 mags where the Gen 4 can only accept Gen 4. Again, MY opinion is that ANY 3rd Generation Glock is a winner compared to the newer Gen 4's. Not to say the Gen 4's are terrible after all, they are GLOCKS but given an option, I'm Gen 3, all day!
  20. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    I'm only familiar with Gen 3 and it works for me. Only complain that I have is that when my hands are sweating (and they sweating a lot) I need to re-adjust my grip more often than I really want. I bought Brooks Tactical wrap around grip and it's much better now. Yet, I'm planning (possibly) a small experiment with the newer generation soon, but it's not going to be Gen 4 actually. Gen 3.5 with RTF2 frame and fish gills :)
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