Glock 22 Gen 4 or 3??

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by chilnbloc, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I am torn between the gen 4 and gen 3. I have read a lot of both positive and negative. As a first time gun buyer its hard for me to make this decision on my own. Any of you have an input? is the RSA and back straps worth the extra money? I am forced to buy because I am getting a job as a correctional deputy and need a duty weapon.

    Any input would be helpful thanks!!

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  3. Go with the Gen 4 the grip texture alone is worth it.

  4. 1. They won't provide you a duty weapon?
    2. The following is my opinion of the two. Others will vary. Either would suite me for duty use but I do have a preference.

    I hate RTF of gen4. In an open duty holster being occasionally banged against a wall, door frame, ect. those little dots do get easily damaged. The same kind of use I never saw the kind of finish damage to the gen3. Also I don't understand who exactly had a hard time holding on to their gen3 guns in the past. I've held and shot mine with cold and soaking wet hands and no problem. RTF is one of those solutions to a problem that doesn't exist type things.

    Concerning the new RSA, I can't tell a difference in recoil over the previous gen3.

    Concerning interchangeable backstraps, I didn't have a problem with the grip circumference of gen3 so that is not an issue either. If you are small handed then the grips might be worth it on the gen4 for you.
  5. Do you happen to know the price difference? I cant find a definite answer I have been seeing about $50-100
  6. No unfortunately they wont provide that due to budgeting. Its one of those subjects that is a sore one through out the agency. Thanks for your input. I have heard that the recoil is almost the same as it was in the gen 3 and at most it is a 10% decrease.
  7. Go with the gen 3! Its proven,i am actually picking up my glock 22 gen 3 tomorrow with the flat dark earth frame and picked it up for 480.00 out the door new in the box with 4 mags! Not to mention all the after market products available. In my opinion the gen 3 have been he most reliable glock ever made
  8. Around here a gen3 is generally $50 to 75 cheaper. I'm not sure if this is your first duty and if you have a credential yet or not. Most places where I am give a very nice discount to an active leo, especially if they are local to them.
  9. This is my first duty weapon and I have not gotten my credentials yet. Im hoping to get them by the end of the week though. I like to plan in advance lol.
  10. I've not handled the gen 3, so can't really compare. I own the gen 4 and have been very happy with it. It has been a solid performer for me. My LGS offers an LEO discount and I paid the same price for gen 4 as I would have for gen 3.
  11. Either one is probably gonna be good to go as long as the fit is good. I purchased a Gen4 Glock22 two years ago and it has been good to go even before upgrading to the latest Recoil Spring Assembly which was free from Glock Inc.
  12. For 40S&W, I don't think it matters much. Most of the Gen 4 problems were 9mm.
  13. we transitioned over to the gen4s this spring from gen2 G22s. I like the grip. and the mag release. Plus I shoot alot better with the gen4.

    Check with your agency and see what you are allowed to carry before you buy.
  14. Thanks for the input. I think I am going to like the gen 4 better because of the MBS and the larger mag release. But I wont be able to tell until I actually hold them both. I have looked at the guns I am able to carry and most of the other CO's carry G22s.
  15. Can you elaborate why you would choose the gen 4? I see that you are a armorer and would assume you know what your talking about.
  16. I still prefer the G3 grip.
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  17. I just got off the phone with the shop I am probably going to buy my gun from and they said that the Glock company has actually closed for 9 months due to issues with the gen 4.. anyway this can be true? or should I look for a different shop? Would you suggest night sites? what do those usually run for?
  18. Just buy a Gen 3 or Gen 2 and have some steel sights installed. Night sights are nice, but if you're in low light you will use your flash light and it will drown out the tritium. If you can, buy a police trade in. The round count is normally low, and police trade ins are normally solid function wise. Before people freak about buying a used gun for duty use, I was issued a used gun when I became an LEO. I haven't had any issues with my G22 Gen 3 other than some X200 induced malfunctions (another worthless tacticool mandated accessory)

    As a corrections deputy your duty gun will spend more time in a locker than in your holster. No guns in the jail.

    Summit has some Glock 22 trade ins for $350. HERE If you are allowed to, buy a Glock 17. 9mm is half the cost of .40 to train with and a good +P 124 JHP will ruin some SOB perps day.
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  19. Thanks for the advice Yankee. I am leaning more towards the gen 3 just because I dont want a lot of problems with this gun since it is going to be my first one. Glock is probably going to come out with something else in a couple years anyways.
  20. You're welcome. If you can buy new from a dealer that will give you LEO pricing (399.99) just buy new. If they won't and they want to charge you $499-549 walk out and order from Summit. Even with the extra $60 for shipping and paperwork you're $100 under a new one. The end result is the same. A damn fine fighting pistol. Use the other $100 for your holster if they don't provide one. The ALS is really a level II design even though it is marketed as a level III. It's a solid holster and can be had for less than $100 in STX finish.

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