Glock 21 SF RTF2

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by seanmo117, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hello, I was just looking around and saw somewhere that mentioned that this might be a rare glock. I don't know for sure but just wondering. here is a pic, i picked her up about a month ago, shot about 200 rounds so far with no problems! :wow: ahhh Glock Perfection

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  3. I've got one with about a 1000 rds through it. I think it's the perfect Glock 45. They are uncommon but not rare. Only a few thousand out there and unless an LE agency orders some I doubt there will be more.

  4. I have one too. I've only put about 100 rounds thru mine. I bought it as a woods/nightstand gun. I love it. One of my favorite 45's for sure.
  5. I have one as well and love it. Mine has a few thousand flawless rounds through it and is sitting here with me right now with a SF x300 attached. I carry this pistol almost exclusively (G17 and G19 share some time also).
  6. We were just told in an armorer's class that only 2,500 G21 RTF2's were produced for sale.
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  7. cool, so they are kinda rare. :wavey:
  8. I picked one up with Trijicon NS in a trade. I haven't shot if yet but it feels nice. Honestly, I probably would be fine with a standard size G21 grip though. I may end up trading it.
  9. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    I have a 21sf rft2 and sold my standard shot it very good but bought a 21sf and a 20sf because i shoot with one hand at times and i get a lower bore axis on the sf's. even tho my hands are XL.
  10. I've got a 21sf rtf2 with the NiB-X coating on rare is it?
  11. I picked up a 21 SF RTF2 in November for $539 + $25 FFL fee. Haven't tried it out as yet, but I really like my 17 RTF2, vs my 17 Gen3, so I should be happy. Bought it new from AIM Surplus.

    The test firing date is May 24, 2012. I didn't know they were still being made as recently as this.
  12. Z1232K

    Z1232K Heavy Hauler

    Could you post pics?

    I was thinking of doing the same to mine.

  13. May 2012??

  14. Yup. I'm thinking this was part of the batch that was built for LEO's, but then the order was cancelled (or the surplus put up for sale, depending on who you talk to), so as the story goes. The serial number doesn't match the test fire date. If anyone could shed light on the story, please do.

    Whatever the story is, I love this gun.
  15. I have a gen 1 Model21.
    It's serial number starts with { UZ than 3 numbers. than a couple spaces & US . }
    Does this mean anything to anyone ?
  16. Yes, This means your gun was made in 1991. Glock started making the G21 in 1990. Your gun is a Gen 2 Glock 21 and had a serial number low enough to have the US on the end. Nice!
  17. Not sure when the first shipments were received, but when the Glock rep brought his wares to our firearms instructor class in the Fall of '90, he didn't have any G21's to show us.

    He let us shoot the G22/23's, and the G20, which he said was one of the first ones imported earlier that year. When asked about the G21, he told us that Glock was still trying to address some issues with the .45 version of their big frame (10mm), and that it probably wouldn't be available until at, or after, the end of that year.
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  18. ======================================

    I really thank you for your time and trouble helping me with this ! It answers every question I had = PERFECTLY !!!

    Glock said they could upgrade this gun for me so I sent it in and got it back. I can't really see any difference, other than a white recoil spring. Hope I didn't ruin it's value ?

    Thank you again !!!

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