Glock 21 Gen4 Erratic Ejection Thread

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by diamondd2, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So, how did you guys make out? Did your G21's come back from Glock yet?

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  2. Diamond,

    My gun is at Glock now, on it's second visit to Smyrna, GA. THis time, Glock foot the bill to ship it. I've sent several emails and made a couple phone calls and basically told them NOT to send it back until if was fixed.

    Honestly, I'm torn how to proceed when I get it back. I expect it will come back spotlessly cleaned, and I'm thinking I might just sell it in that condition rather than run rounds through it.

    I'm wanting to sell the dang thing because I am not as thrilled with the .45 ACP as I was before I shot it so much, as well as the 21 is just too big for my hands to comfortably shoot. I guess I'm too used to the 23/19 frame. I do plan on getting a 1911 at some point, but more just to have one versus needing a big bore. I really LOVE the .40 S&W round and my 23 shoots too good!

    So, like I said in an earlier post, if anyone in Texas is looking for a G21 Gen 4 with 5 mags, TRU-GLO TFO's, + original accessories in the case, with less than 1K rounds through it, all for $600, send me a PM.

  3. Well, I had a new Gen 3 G34 that constantly bounced brass off my forehead or face and set it down and shot a relatives new Gen 4 G34 and it never happened. Same ammo both guns. Cant believe Glock lets crap like the G34 I had out the factory like that.
  4. TattooedGlock

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    I have a brand new G21 Gen picked up a few days ago. Per Glock it was built July 2012. 300 round, lots of brass to face. Called Glock they said the ejector needs replaced WITH THE EXACT SAME EJECTOR!!! I think not. I took it to my local Glock dealer/armorer and he pulled the ejector unit out and replaced it with one that is straigt. No more stupid pointy angle. Fire a few hundred more without a single issue. Foget what Glock says and go get the straight ejector #1882 which is technically for the .40/.357 but it works great. I also see on online marked 4340 for the .45/10 which is similar, though a hair shorter.
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  5. What?!? Really?

    The 1882 ejector is for the .40/357 caliber. Interesting, I will give it a try if I can find one.
  6. TattooedGlock

    TattooedGlock NRA LIFE MEMBER

    There is also listed a the 4340 which my dealer didn't have, but he ordered. It is maybe a few miliimeters shorter. Check out gunparts and you can find parts. I had no issues at all though with the 1882 and when I looked in my G19 to see how the ejector sat over the top round in the mag, it sits the same as the 1882 so I don't forsee and problems. Only time will tell.

  7. Your right. There is a 4340 ejector for the .45acp/10mm. It is short, almost like a nub. Anybody have one of these in their G21?
  8. Some of them do have that problem, they just don't gripe about it. :upeyes:
  9. TattooedGlock

    TattooedGlock NRA LIFE MEMBER

    Put another 100 through her today with my new 1882 ejector. Zero issues. And may I add that both my wife and I were shooting one inch groups at 7 yards with this baby!
  10. Just got my 21 g4 yesterday, out of 200 rounds 3 to the face and 2 0r 3 to the right shoulder. Other than that I love this Glock and it was a pleasure to operate. They were Rem umc 230 Gr MC. Cleaned and lubed prior to firing ,no attachments installed .Never had this problem with other Glocks or other brand pistols.I do plan on running different ammo and seeing how it goes. Hoping not to send it off. Also was operating it outside wide open area . Hopefully we get a durable/tested remedy
  11. So I am wondering if the 1882 ejector is the cure for all these brass to the face problems?

    I guess a way to know for sure would be for Diamondd2 to put his Glock back as it came from the factory and install an 1882 or 4340 ejector and see what the results are.

  12. I have the 1882 ejector on the way too me. I should have it in a couple days and be able to test it early next week (hopefully Monday). At this point the only change I made to the pistol is changing the extractor to a polished one. I will test with the original extractor though.
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  13. Awesome! I really appreciate you sharing all this information with us!
  14. I finally got out Saturday and shot the new G21 Gen 4. The first 50 rounds (WWB) was great. No problems. Ejection was all to the right, not strong, only about 2 feet, but consistent. In the next box of 50 WWB I had two staight back in the face. Two ejected to the left. I shot 20 Winchester PDX1 after that with no problem, and some Remington Golden Sabers with no problem. Finished up with some Federal Champion with no problems. Shot about 300 rounds, with only two to the face and and maybe 3 or 4 to the left. All in all not bad. Fun to shoot.

    I just hope it doesnt get worse over time. As it is now, I can live with it. The two to the face were soft, kind of dribbled out and bounced off my forehead.
  15. Ok, new range report. I went to the range today with my G21, a new 1882 ejector, original 8196-2 ejector, a new #4 dipped extractor, my original # 3 extractor, and my polished #2 extractor.

    200rds PPU 230gr FMJ (cheapo stuff)
    25rds Remington Golden Saber 185gr +P HP

    Outdoor range, no partitions.

    I tried all 3 extractors, with both ejectors, and there was no noticeable improvement in ejection pattern. Some ejection was strong, some weak, some sloppy, 3 or 4 straight back at me, some landed on the right arm, etc. In other words the ejection was erratic. But none actually hit me in the face or head and none went left.

    Then I loaded up 2 mags of the Golden Saber 185gr +P. Holy crap! I realize now that this is what the Gen4's were designed for. ALL 25rds ejected with force at 3 o'clock and landed 15ft away, in a nice pile. At this point I am convinced the erratic ejection is all related to the new dual RSA setup. I now have complete confidence in this gun, and if the time comes, I believe it will perform flawless.

    My G21 Gen4 now has 800rds through it with no stoppages or malfunctions.
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  16. Sounds like the RSA for sure. So if you are having some BTF issues, try some +P ammo and see what happens. Interesting.
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    you could catch them with your teeth for style points.
  18. Had a G22, did not like the type of recoil. Fired 700 rounds through it without a single issue of brass to the face. Traded it for a G21, NIB 3rd gen. First time out fired 150 rounds with numerous rounds to the face with CCI Blazer, 230 grains. Bought some White box 230 at Wally World and some Speer Lawmen, both FMJ, 230 grains. Fired them today and got some brass to the face but less. Fired a couple magazines one handed and got no brass to the face.

    Have made no mods to the pistol but before firing today I did put a couple drops of oil on the slide. Planning on keeping the gun but am disappointed that normal firing results in issues like this.

    And I am firing at indoor range but it is easy to tell when brass is coming straight back or deflecting off the partition.
  19. Even the Gen3 G21. Im glad someone could admit it.

    But that throws a monkey wrench into the Gen4 dual RSA setup theory.
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  20. I was the one who may have mentioned the #6 extractor. It actually reads "6." on it. Here it is from my SHDxxx:


    Straight, not dipped, either:


    Ejector and trigger bar:



    0-7-2 RSA and "." connector on it, too. Everything is stock, just the way I picked it from the dealer.

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