Glock 21 Gen4 Erratic Ejection Thread

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by diamondd2, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I have a G21 Gen4. I now have 300rds through it with numerous brass to the head, face and shoulder. Im not sure if I am the only one with this problem, or the only one to admit it, but it is happening. Hopefully others will come foward.

    1st range trip:
    100rds AE FMJ 230gr at indoor range. Did notice brass to the head/face/shoulder. Did not pay attention because I am so used to brass bouncing off the partitions and hitting me.

    2nd range trip:
    50rds PMC FMJ 230gr and 50rds Blazer CCI Aluminum FMJ 230gr. at outdoor range. No PMC brass to the head. About 5-6 alum blazer casings to the head/face. Maybe 2 Blazer casings to the shoulder.

    3rd range trip:
    50 rds Independence FMJ 230gr and 50 rds Blazer CCI Aluminum FMJ 230gr at outdoor range. About 15 casing to the head/face from both brass and aluminum casings. About 6 casings from both brass and aluminum to the shoulder.

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  3. Wow that really sucks, and here I thought the 21 was immune from BtF, Glock needs to get their stuff together.

  4. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    I must be blessed, because I've never had brass come back on me with ANY of my many Glocks using ANY ammo, EVER. My guess is the weak ammo you buy for the range. Either that or you're holding it pimp style.
  5. Well, that was fast, we only made it to the 2nd reply.

    Let's say you're right.... why do no other guns have such a problem with "weak ammo" or grip? Is Glock just junk?
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  6. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    Maybe some close up pictures of the G4 G21 mechanism (ejector, extractor, and breechface) would help the naysayers. I know it would help me. :supergrin:
  7. DeLo

    Weak ammo.
  8. Oh, for cryin'-out-loud....NOW its the .45's!!!!!!!

    and to think, i almost chose a G21sf over a XDm.....

    glad i chose the latter.....
  9. Weak extractor.
  10. OP, do you have video to prove or disprove your claim? Without video, I suspect it is may just be ricochets off the partition wall. Sometimes ejection is so hard and the ricochet so fast, I could see where it feels like ejection straight to the face or upper body, when in fact it's not. Or has someone witnessed your problem?

    In any event, this looks like the first instance of erratic ejection with a G21 gen4 that has popped up on GT, with probably thousands of guns sold most likely. Hardly an "issue" unless quite a few more pop up.
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  11. It does not really bother me that much as it has had no failures. Also, it is a range gun for me, not a HD/SD weapon. I use my 19 gen4 for that. Anyway, Im really interested to see if any one else has experienced this.

    And yes, I shoot gangsta style.

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  12. Re-read my original post. I cover the partition ricochet. The second and third range trips were an outdoor range with no partitions. I watched the casings coming straight back.

    If someone here in NJ wants to video it while I shoot it, I can meet up at cherry ridge range.

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  13. You saying I don't have a G21 G4?

    You got me.

    Anyway, I will post some pics later this evening.

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  14. I feel cheated! My G21 Gen. 2.5 throws everything to the right. Then I have to bend over and pick them up. If they came at my head, maybe I could catch some of them and save myself the bending.
  15. Hahahaha. I sold my perfect ejecting G21SF for the Gen4.

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  16. Are you serious?
  17. I have to agree as I have had the same experience. I own 22 Glocks both Gen 3 and 4 and never have brass to the face or any other issues. I believe that alot of it has to do with Grip. Just my 2 cents

  18. NO. That was just me being a wise ass.

  19. I cant get any close up pictures to come out clear.

    Here is a breakdown of the parts it came with:

    0-7-2 RSA
    8196-2 Ejector
    Non-Dip extractor (#3 on the bridge)
    . Connector
    Smooth Trigger Face

    I guess I will be polishing the extractor and filing down the shoulder. Oh well.
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  20. Man, and I thought I was GTG with getting a GLOCK45.....what I've always wanted. :crying:

    Guess it's time to get an H&K USP....the other pistol I've always wanted. :whistling:

  21. I tried that on my G19..........made things worse. I hope it goes different for you.

    Just make sure to have another extractor...just in case.

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