Glock 21 gen 4, any reported problems?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ord, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. ord


    Hello all, first time poster. I'm interested in picking up a Gen 4 Glock 21.

    I've searched this forum and others trying to determine whether the problems that have affected the gen 4 g19 have carried over to the gen 4 g21.

    Does anybody know whether the gen 4 G21 have had any issues?

    - thx for any responses

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  3. I had one test fired in early 2012 and it had very bad ejection. It was very erratic and sent numerous pieces of brass to my face. I haven't seen alot of reports of problems with the 21 Gen 4's, though.

  4. ord


    Thats interesting to know. I am considering selling my home defense hk 45c for the 21 gen 4...primarily for the round count diff (10 w extended mag vs 13); but reliability for this application is paramount.
  5. My buddy has a Gen4 21 which hasn't been a problem. But you are 100% correct on the reliabilty factor. I would like to see how this shakes out on each forum.

    Welcome to GT, by the way.
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  6. I picked up a G21 Gen4 about a year ago (before they were formally announced/introduced at SHOT 2012) and haven't had any issues, except for when I don't load the ammo with enough charge. This particular pistol like mid- to max-range loads. 185 gr. shoots OK through mine, but I get better results from 230 gr. projectiles.

    Here's mine:


    I was surprised to see that you're thinking about trading an HK 45c for a G21; I did exactly the opposite. My trusty nightstand G21 with a Crimson Trace laser went up on the trading block to help offset the cost of a new HK45.

    Old nightstand G21:


    New/shiny HK45 (w/laser from old G21) :

  7. There has been one or two people who have reported problems with the gen 4 G21 on GT, so therefore there is a major issue and every gen 4 G21 have issues. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    By that logic, every product ever produced has issues and can't be trusted. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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  8. Just sent mine back to Glock after 206 rounds. Left rear slide rail was torn from frame. It looks like cover plate was the reason. Was hanging down a little due to plastic in the channel.
  9. No problems at all with my Gen4 G21. Very pleased with it.
  10. ord


    Thx, good to be here.
  11. ord


    Of all the ones I've tried out at the range, the gen 4 21 felt the best. The HK has been flawless in performance, so now I'm thinking of just hanging onto it and buying a gen 4 21 to see how it runs for a while.
  12. hal13

    I have a G21 Gen 4 and have shot a couple of thousand rounds through it with no problems. Mostly American eagle and Freedom Munitions remanafactued Ammo, 180gr.
  13. Only "problem" with my GEN4 G21 is that it is a PIG -:pig:

    Every time I stop at the range it eats ~$100 worth of ammo. :eat:
  14. There are a few here that have admitted brass to the face problems with the Glock 21 Gen4. Me being one of them. Turns out my G21 G4 is just very ammo picky and likes the premium ammo or ammo rated for 890fps or faster. Read the thread I started:
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  15. mine has been fine with only a few hundred rounds through it...I expect it to shoot like a GLOCK and have not been disappointed...

  16. Kentucky Shooter

    Kentucky Shooter NRA Life Member

    I have this terrible problem with my Gen 4 Model 21 as well. I just cant keep it fed fast enough. Its also very boring, pull the trigger, it goes bang, ejects brass off to the side, repeat. No extra drama
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  17. ord


    Lol...its great to hear good things about this gun.
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  18. This is a thread started by me.
    If you don't feel like reading the whole thing or don't have the time the bottom line is that the brand new gun Glock sent me after lying to me doesn't work any better whatsoever.
  19. Bruce M

    The same logic at the other end of the spectrum produces "mine is fine therefore none can have any problems at all."
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  20. That's true. But did I ever say that?

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