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Glock 20sf recurring issues. Any Advice?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Marshall_tx, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hi yall,
    I picked up a G20sf a few months back in November of 2011 and I've had a great time shooting it. Whenever I shoot with factory Remington ammo the gun fire flawlessly but whenever I shoot really HOT underwood 10mm's the gun likes to give me heck and when that happens I don't like the slight idea of using it as my preferred sidearm when hunting boars out in West Texas. I have a pretty tight grip when shooting it and am pretty sure I don't limp wrist (used to shooting the .500 S&W) but what happened today at the range was 2 or 3 times after pulling the trigger, the gun would fire but the slide would not even budge to begin to cycle :dunno: as if I didn't even fire the gun... The slide literally did not move at all, just stayed perfectly closed in battery. After failing to cycle, the only way to extract the shell was dropping the mag and then cycling the slide otherwise the slide wouldn't budge. Also on a few of the extracted shell casings at the front where the bullet would sit, a very small part of the wall was crushed in (not like someone stepped on it) more like if you got a fine chisel and just slightly tapped it. These casings were the ones that extracted without problem. I was firing Underwood 165 TMJ and 180 TMJ. Any ideas? :dunno: Aside from my 629 smithy, my 20 is my top 3 but I'm not liking its so-so reliability. I've read about some people changing out the rsa and/or extractors but it doesn't look like its a rsa issue.
  2. orangeride


    Oct 19, 2011
    Send the gun into glock. In the last year we've gotten 5 20sf's between my brothers and my dad. All of them handle and function fine with everything from light .40sw type loads, to 135's at 1500fps to 200gr hc at 1230 fps. All from stock guns.Something is going on with your gun.

  3. Yeah, I figured as much. I'm thinking maybe though I'll just put a few more hundred rounds through it and see it that'll do the trick. Not that I don't trust Glock HQ, just that I've heard allot of people not having the best experience's with them. Not giving up on the gun though lol.