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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by tripp2953, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I want to mount a red dot scope on a Glock 20.
    Should I mount it directly on the slide or should I put it on a scope mount so it sits above the slide.
    I would think the slide-mounted red dot would take a beating on a the 10mm.

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  3. Look at some reflex red dots like Burris Fast Fire, Trijicon or Leupold that take the place of the rear sight utilizing that dovetail. I have a Trijicon on my G-20 and a Burris Fast Fire on a T/C 44Mag. They work great at practical pistol shooting distances, you don't have the bulk of the scope and you can use various holsters.

  4. Take a look at the vortex sparc, I bought one over the holidays. I know it isnt RMR tough, but it isnt RMR expensive either. Bought it after seeing a youtube torture test. Plan to mount it on my G20 on a carverhunter scope mount. right now it is on my mk111 until i get the mount.
    I would love to get a trijicon scope in the future, but they cost too much right now
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  5. I love my C-more STS. I have over 1000 rounds of full power ammo threw it with no problems.[​IMG]
  6. If you can afford to do it right, do it like this: You keep the iron sights (replaced with suppressor sights), and have the slide milled so the red dot sits low on the gun. When you line up the sights, the dot appears right where it should; no searching for the dot.

    Other methods that don't allow you to use the iron sights are substandard. The only reason to get rid of the sights when mounting a red dot is to do it cheaper.
  7. OMG! I about fell out of my chair when I saw your setup.
    That thing is awesome!
    It is just plain a Glockish sort of way.
    Can you break down your build up of that gun for me?
    What "full power" ammo are you using?

    What were we talking about?
    Oh yeah… the sights.
    I kind of thought having the sight closer to the bore would be the best way, but I did not think a slide-mounted sight would hold up with the big 10mm loads.

    I have been posting in GT about a hog problem I am having here in SC and getting advice on how to build a hog-hunting Glock 20.
    I think I am looking at it right now.
    Although, I would put 6" barrel for hunting on it.
    You got it right my friend. Very nice.
  8. Thanks for the compliment. I do my own reloading. I am shooting 180gr hp @ 1200 to 1300 fps. Its a Lone Wolf 5.2" threaded barrel with there comp. the red dot is the C-More 3.5 STS and the Carver Magwell.[​IMG]
  9. I can't speak for a slide mounted red dot..(I will have one someday) but I run a GLOCK 20 with a 9X25 barrel (6 inch) for fun. I bought the mount at GLOCKSTORE.COM they don't stock it any more. (paid $100 for it) It has a cheap but effective millet red dot.

    I have it sighted in for 150 yards :supergrin: and can bust one gallon milk jugs full of water with ease at that range.

    We don't have Hogs here in Kalifornistan; we do have some bald gang members that ride 6 to a Chevy and sometimes carry weapons. :shocked:

    With 20 rounds of 9X25 she can breathe plenty of fire in just about any general direction.

    One warning: It is LOUD and had a giant fireball at night.


    As a reminder (welcome by the way) the 9X25 is a 10MM cartridge necked down to 9MM. A very fast moving round. (close to 2000 FPS) No drop at 150 yards.


    Here's a better look at the mount. Very sturdy and made of Aluminum. You can use the normal fixed sights by looking under the mount. Not very practical for a fast sight picture but would do.

  10. Bob, What brand mount is that,What kind of barrel do you have for the 9x25 dillon, can you buy reloading dies for this?
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  11. The mount has no name on it. I bought it from GLOCKSTORE.COM.

    The barrel is a lonewolf 6 inch. You can buy the reloading dies from Dillon. :cool:

    Dillon also sells the normal length barrels. As well as the Die sets

    Doubletap also sells the 6 inch well as the ammo

    Glockmeister has a photo of this mount on their website but not for sale. You might call them.

    be well, Bob
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  12. OceanBob.
    Oh Man! I had not even thought about the Dillon.
    Now I will have to build 2 G20s!
    Thanks for the rock-solid info.
  13. I've read about wild hog problem on your property. While I don't know the expanse of your property, I think you may be using the G20 in a way it's not intended to do or designed to do.

    As much impression as I got about your posts, there's a gun designed to solve wild hog problem (they breed fast and furious and with year round open season on them in my state of FL, they will never be totally eliminated). It's the "Varmint" rifle.

    My varmint rifle is .308 caliber, delivering 4x the energy of a 10mm and with the right HPoint bullet, it can dump all of that energy splatter everything after penetration. At 100yards (not sure if your property has this kind of dimension), I can put every round into a hog's nostril (way less than half-inch grouping). At 200 yards, it grouped well within the ear lobe, in a mildly windy day. So I am picturing you perching inside a second story window in your barn and pick them off with ease.

    Plant a few trees, they can use them as fertilizer.

    EDIT: one thing I discovered about the .308, the bullet drops 4.5" between 100-200 yards, and 1.5" between 200 and 218 yards. So depending on how you aim (I imagine low-to-the-ground hog profile), you can make it so that it's unlikely the projectile will leave your property.
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