Glock 20 Question in Connector

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by johncalloway, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. GGGN

    Had same prob. when I installed 3.5 in one of my glocks. Happens sometimes

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  2. Would you care to elaborate GG?
    'Just ordered a pair'a 3.5's.

  3. 'Not arguin' AnyCal, just askin' 'cause I don't know: but the price of a 4.5 connector is somethin' like 15 bucks and the same outfits carrying the 3.5 is 25 of your hard-earned.
    Is the newbie bein' hosed?
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  4. GGGN

    Had a NIB and wanted to put a 3.5 in it and it would not reset. Would work once and only once. Put that 3.5 c in a different gun and it worked fine. Some triggerbars and con. do not work together. Does not happen often but it has happens before with different glocks I have installed them in for the shop. So I new how to fix it. I would not worry you will be fine.
  5. arushus

    arushus Biggest Member

    The glock "-" 4.5lb connector from glockmeister was the same price as most other 3.5lb connectors, $ least it was when I bought one...
  6. 'Much obliged guys.

    'Only reason I asked 'shus, was because I had just ordered the 3.5 from the GlockStore and I'd noted the price difference while I was hemmin'n hawin'.

    Hey . . as long as I don't have time to go out for coffee between when I first start creepin'er back'n when she finally sends one downrange . . I'll be happy.
  7. I have had a couple trigger issues from fooling with them too much, and was looking at some options. I called Carver about one of the trigger kits he builds, and he said there is a big difference between the Glock 3.5/4.5 and the other connectors. He said that at times others are requested, but it takes considerably longer to get them working as well as the Glock. He sells all of them, but reccomends the Glock by far. Everyone charges more for it, I don't think any place in particular is trying to gouge on it, except possibly Glock.

    I bought the cheap ones before, but one started galling from lack of lube, and one had the wrong angle and lost tension when I changed it a bit, and now won't hardly let the bar grab the striker. I think I will go factory next time around and see if it makes things easier. Paying $10 more could be cheap if it isn't a constant hassle.

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