Glock 20 Gen4

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  1. Can you use your gssf coupon to buy a Glock 20 Gen4 yet?
  2. Absolutely - if you can find one. I've been waiting for a Red Label Gen4 G20 for more than 6 months from Glock with a GSSF Certificate, but I understand that Blue Labels are out at the dealers.

  3. Thanks SARDG

    What is the difference between the red and blue label?
  4. GSSF purchases with coupons are Blue Label (LE/Mil/1st Responder/GSSF). Glock/GSSF award certificates are used to order from Glock and are Red (or White) Label (Civilian). With a Gen4, there is no difference in Blue or Red Labeled guns. White Labels are for Glocks transferred in 10-rnd states, or that normally hold 10 rounds (or less) and would include 10-rnd (or less) mags instead of hi-cap.
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  5. Thanks again SARDG

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