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Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by buzzkill, Jul 7, 2012.

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    PM me when ya can and let me know what ya found out... He may be of no help at all with this, but, worth a try I thought..

    Good luck Hermit man ! ;)


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  2. All Glocks are more accurate than I can shoot.

    However, I must say that I shoot tighter groups with my 9mm Glocks than with the 10s. Since the 10mm recoils more, it takes more practice to shoot better (something I'm still working on).

    At 25yd, I can keep 9mm groups about the size of a drink coaster, while 10mm groups are about the size of a paper plate. For defensive shooting scenarios, both of these distances are way further than I'd ever need to take a shot, so I feel confident knowing I can hit the enemy.

  3. nickE10mm

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    I get quite a few 2-3" groups from the bench at 25 yards and, on a good day or a month I've been doing a lot of shooting, I can do the same at 50y. The pistol will be better than you are, most likely. I shoot using both a stock OEM barrel and a stock length fitted Barsto. The Barsto barrel is definitely more accurate but both will suffice if you do your part. PRACTICE!!
  4. good enough to make a head shot or a shot to the chest ... making a very bad day for a criminal

  5. blastfact.... were you single action or double action with the revolver?
  6. has anyone used a dual captive recoil rod to see if that improves lockup time and increases accuracy?
  7. Nope.
    Mine's pretty much dead nuts, stock. :dunno:
  8. Reviving a old thread here!! But its a subject that's near and dear...

    OP IMHO your best answer was your first one.. Opie hit it spot on. The range os shooters ability, proficiency and if rested or not make the answers you'll get all over the board!!

    My own G20 is a great shooter. I am a long time bullseye shooter with a Master classification in pistol. SO when I say mine shoots 2'' at 50 yards off a rest and one hole off hand at closer ranges. These are with hunting or ''full house'' loadings. Take that with a grain of salt.

    This was 25feet offhand.


    I have not tried light target type loads in my G20..

  9. Mine is longer than that.

  10. 10mm is a flat shooter... might be the flattest shooting gun that glock makes.
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    If you ask Glock, they'll tell you the GAP round does it all. Heck, they'd even tell you a GAP bullet will bring your targets back to you if they thought you'd buy one.
  12. 25 rounds, 25 yards. 200 XTP 1290fps

  13. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    wow! great shooting there... and not bad for your 333rd post here. :)
  14. RMM


    Great shooting! Did you paint the end of that barrel? What did you use?

    I am convinced that the G20 is more accurate than I am.

    G20SF, stock 4.6" barrel, 165 gr. Underwood TMJ & GDHP. Stock sights. Ghost Rocket connector. Slow fire, no support. All targets are letter size paper.


    25 yards, 15 rounds.

    [​IMG]10 yards, 10 rounds.

    I am hoping to shoot a deer with this gun someday so I am working my way up to 50-75 yard shots.
  15. I used Hi-Temp automotive header paint. It holds up pretty well as long as you keep aggressive solvents off of it.
  16. jtull7

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    My pure stock G20, shooting Doubletap ammo, is the most accurate handgun I own. And, I have a lot of really accurate handguns.

    I have never and would never modify any of my Glocks.
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  17. I'm going to throw out and old timer's thoughts on this. I have been studying firearms since I started mowing lawns at age 12 to earn the money to buy gun magazines. That would have been about 1972.

    I have come to the conclusion that some things "just are".

    That is to say, despite all the numbers you can crunch, they don't explain everything. For years it was thought, that when both were driven at full throttle with factory ammo, the .41 magnum was a bit faster than the .44 magnum, but most gunwriters felt it was less accurate. A funny thing happened when reloaders too to it. They went with different bullet weights and even committed the unthinkable---they loaded it at les than max velocity!!! They loaded it with 210 -220 gn bullets at around 1,2000 fps and found that its accuracy became impressive. Indeed the tightest 20yd group I ever fired with a new to me handgun was with a Ruger Blackhawk .41 just so loaded.

    If that load sounds somewhat familiar it should to 10mm shooters. It is in the ballpark of thee 10mm, especially if you do a little juggling for .401 v .410 .

    On top of that there is the platform we are discussing. I admit to being completely unimpressed with the accuracy of the Glock 9mms that have crossed my path, I am not saying that the accuracy is terrible at all, but I have always had at least one or two other 9mms that have been more accurate, and I am talking about service autos.

    My G-22c is the least accurate of the four .40 cals I own. Not terrible accuracy at all but simply not as accurate.

    So we come to the G-20 SF. Not any special modification to the basic Glock Design, just on a bit different scale for the cartridge. Yet, my G-20 I markedly more accurate than the G-22 and is right in there with those accurate 9mm and .40s I have, not just with most of them, but with the best of them. Same holds for my .45s. and couple of them commanded a premium because they were built FOR accuracy. SO how can this be? I don't use the word "surprising" in terms of accuracy, I think it is overused, I prefer "unexpected". So why is the G-20 delivering it?

    I think there are factors, as my Dad used to say, "that don't fit on a slide rule". For all I know it might have to do with "the frame flex in that frame size works to create the perfect harmonic effect with the wall thickness of the 10mm barrel" It could be that the velocity of the slide divided by the mass of the slide multiplied by the weight of the recoil spring (in grams) when divided by the square root of the muzzle energy, yields a magic number known to be divine among the ancient Mayans and, by some ethereal coincidence the Tibetan Buddhists .

    On the other hand, maybe some thing just are. :dunno:
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    Prophetic. Truly inspired right there.
  19. wdp


    If I do my part the gun is plenty accurate. This past year I tried off hand training out to 25 yards and beyond for the deer season. You appreciate the necessary skill to develop kill zone accuracy consistently.
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