Glock 19 RTF2 with Gills

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by G19NC, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. G19NC

    Looking for a Glock 19 AND 23 RTF2 with gills. I am willing to pay a finders fee for a successful lead on one. I have permit, FFL and cash. Been looking for awhile now.


    Someone one here helped me find my Austrian proof 19.

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  3. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Maybe one of the members with 2 or more gilled RTF2 G19s will decide to help you out and sell one of theirs. Good luck. Gun shows may be the way to go.

  4. G19NC

    Thanks. I hit a show every weekend and will keep at it until I find one.
  5. J & G sales get them in from time to time but they turn over/go out the door quickly.
    It's where I got mine from.
    Good luck.
  6. Good luck to you man. I get tempted to sell my 19 gilled rtf2 all the time for the profit, but I know I'd regret it immediately. It's a great EDC and I love shooting USPSA with it. My other Glocks don't feel the same...
  7. G19NC

    I am here whenever you want to sell it. Hoping that I will find one soon.........
  8. I have a 3rd gen RTF2 19 with gills and am not planning on parting with it. I picked it up at Academy here in Houston more than a year ago. Wish you the best of luck finding one, it's my personal favorite.
  9. G19NC

    Thanks I am spending all of my spare time looking for you. It took me a while to find my Austrian proof 19. I never give up.
  10. Testing picture upload from my phone.

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  11. One more next to an XDM

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  12. G19NC

    Good picture...... It would look better with a for sale tag on it.
  13. G19NC

    So what should I pay for a RTF with gills??? 19 AND 23 are on my hit list. Whats fair to pay?
  14. I have a G17, and G23 RTF with gills... I've been look for a G19 for several months now with no luck. Good luck with your hunt brother, if I get a lead on two I'll let you know.
  15. G19NC

    I will do the same. What is a good price to pay for one?
  16. I got my G23 RTF for $475 and my G17 RTF for $450... so anything under $500 is a good price for me lol
  17. G19NC

    Thanks. I would pay that in a heartbeat.
  18. Armed-N-Ready

    Armed-N-Ready Glock Clone

    Ditto here on the quest for the elusive G19 RTF2...
  19. G19NC


    I spent most of the day calling looking for a 19 AND 23 RTF with Gills and happened to find a 17 if anyone is interested... I can give the info.
  20. There is a 19 and 23 with RTF2 at Collectors Firearms in Houston, but neither have the gills. There is however a 22 there with RTF2 and the gills. They also have inventory with photos and prices on their site, posting for what it's worth, even though I know you specifically want one with gills.
  21. G19NC

    I found several 22s and a 17 today. I will keep looking. Thanks for taking the time to post and the help.

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