Glock 19 Leather Holster

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Bobbyboy332, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Can anyone recommend a leather OWB holster for a Glock 19 that can be drawn from without tugging? All help appreciated.

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  3. made of kydex. Seriously, smooth draw is not leather's strong suit. (really, with the advent of kydex, nothing is leather's strong suit...)

  4. It smells better than kydex. :tongueout:
  5. Don Hume makes one with a cutout on the front and a thumb snap...... after breaking it in, it was the best I ever owned. I have the same now just without the cutout. Nice, comfortable, lower cost holsters

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  6. Galco concealable
  7. fasteddie565

    fasteddie565 Combat Diver

    The reason your OWB leather holster drags is that the cant is not inline with the angle of your draw stroke, if you love leather, try changing the cant, if possible. merely shifting your holster is not changing the cant as it will naturally go back to its original state as you move, walk, sit, stand etc throughout the day.

    I also recommend the Galco line. After seeing wait times of a year for high end leather goods from custom shops, I invested in the Galco line of holsters.
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  8. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    I like Safariland 518 series paddle holsters. I have them with and without thumb breaks. I think my open top one is a 5181.
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  9. Broken in Kramer Horsehide.
  10. Ronaldo

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    +1 for Galco Concealable. I carry OWB exclusively and like the Concealable because it retains well but still allows a fast draw. Also economical if purchased through Optics Planet.

  11. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    No. Tugging is always required. Tugging properly is called drawing. Any quality leather holster will release the gun properly when the user is competent. Sharp draw to the armpit. Galco, Strong, and Tucker are veery good. h
  12. FIST holsters.......closest to custom without the custom price.

    Superior to any Glaco I've owned.

    Not bashing Galco, Ive owned 3 and really liked them just that I like FIST better.
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  13. Bobbyboy332,

    I too have a G 19 that needs a holster.
    I bought a Milt Sparks IWB leather holster for the G 19 that I have never used and will probably never use.

    I need a OWB holster for concealed carry.

    What did you find out?
  14. Try Simply Rugged. I have one for my Glock 23, PPK/s, Sp101, and 686. I guess you could say I like them.
  15. High Noon Holsters - Slide Guard and Topless. I've had a number of them for various handguns I've carried off-duty. Great retention without being overly tight.
  16. rohanreginald

    rohanreginald Novice

    IHL gun leather
    Combat slide

    That's what I carry in every day

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  17. When I carry OWB it's either a Milt Sparks 55-BN. Top Gun Supply is a good place to get one without much of a wait.

    Or Galco Concealable.

    The 55-BN is very comfortable to wear all day long but, it sticks out a bit more than the Galco Concealable. I have no problems with either of them being too tight. That said, just about any holster takes some time to break in. Sometimes wrapping your (unloaded) firearm in a plastic bag then inserting it into the holster over night can help.

    Good luck.
  18. DM Bullard bodyguard, nice forward cant. I have several.

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