Glock 18

Discussion in 'Free Fire Zone' started by stlgen423, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Just read a short article on the glock 18... seems facinating. Anyone have any info about them?

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  2. Yes.

    They are fun and expensive to shoot.

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  4. TSAX


  5. How is that Not a G18? :dunno:
  6. Because it's a G17 with an auto sear installed.
  7. The first vid was a 17 with a buzzplate (i.e., FA switch replacing the slide cover).

    ETA - missed it by this much...
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  8. TSAX


    Maybe it was a modified G17, I saw few at a some full auto shoots in Nevada, I always thought that video was a G18 :dunno:
  9. Ok I'll watch it a little closer this time. :supergrin:
  10. Yup, you can see the back plate sticking out the back. Thats the full auto conversion.
  11. Ya I saw that the second time I watched it. :embarassed:
  12. There is seriously a full auto conversion for these things? kinda scary...
  13. iibao

    iibao Hi.

    One of the comments,
  14. Many Semi auto firearms can be converted to full auto. Why is that scary?
  15. TSAX


    Scary = The price of ammo the past few years :whistling:
  16. No kidding. My 2 nines are so bad. I might as well pick up a .45 and reload for the same price.
  17. Sacry = googled it a little bit and saw how easy it is to make that mod... maybe i need to be carrying a third, fourth and fifth BUG... :supergrin:
  18. Steel Head

    Steel Head Tactical Cat

    All I saw was a hot girl in shorts and a tight shirt:whistling:
    I thought this was a Glock only portion of the forum:dunno:
  19. Saddam Hussein had one. I believe W has it now. Saddam has no use for it any longer.


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