glock 17 SD ammo

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by glockfan2327, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. am very undecided about what ammo to use in my glock 17 .My two options are speer gold dot 124 gr and 124+p
    do you think will be a big different of performance ,or is about the same ???

    thanks randy

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  3. Personally I only run +p or +p+ ammo for social use in my 9's, Speers GD is a good choice as is Underwoods offerings of +p and +p+ loads. I personally run their +p+ 1300 fps load now. Win Ranger T 127's and HST 124 +p's are also solid load. Fed 9BPLE 115+p+ is also very affordable and potent, despite the OH NOES, IT FRAGMENTS crowd.

  4. Check out Winchester Ranger RA9TA

    127 grain +P+
  5. Glockfan2327,

    If these are your 2 choices my vote would be for the 124g round.

    The Speer Gold Dot 124g by itself are quite a formidable round without being in the +P range. I would think these would be a bit easier to control and the reacquisition of your target might be a bit faster as well with the GD 124g. Two elements you need in a self defense round choice.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. SCmasterblaster

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    FYI, I have chronographed the Winchester 9mm 115gr JHP +p+ in my G17 and I got a whopping 1400 FPS (500 ft-lbs muzzle energy). I carry it with near-total confidence.
  7. Which Winchester bullet? If it's the "white box" stuff you get at Walmart I'm not sure I'd have so much confidence.
  8. I would take 124+p, just like Mas responded to you. I just bought 500 rounds of it to use in my 9mm though I do use Speer Gold Dot 147 gr as well in my hd G17 only as it's soft to shoot (relatively speaking) and easier for wife/daughter to use.
  9. Sgt.K

    Sgt.K They Just Work!

    +1 for the Speer 124 +p. Both of my carry 9's a G26 and a Kahr PM9 are loaded with them. I've shot them in my G17 with great results and wouldn't hesitate to carry it with them (I just don't carry it).
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    Not the white box - Winchester Ranger.
  11. 124+P. It has a great street record. The new Underwood stuff and the Speer 124 non-+P do not. That simple. All that I can figure is that you do not want to have fast wear on your new G17. I feel the same way with my new Gen 4 G26. I carry the GDHP 124+P, but after 150 trouble free rounds, I stick to American Eagle 124 grain target ammo. The only time that I plan on firing the carry load in the future is when I freshen my supply with new ammo. I don't plan on doing that but once about every two to three years. The target ammo that I shoot feels pretty close to my carry load recoil wise, even though it is non-+P. Hope this helps.:supergrin:
  12. Ok then. Good stuff.
  13. I agree with Mas Ayoob, the 124+P is a very proven round. It's still a pretty mild shooter, especially in a full size gun.

    Either is going to work though.
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  14. I agree with this.

    I was really impressed with the 9BPLE test performed by TNOutdoors9. Wow:wow: However, it was just a test, not real life. But, real life also seems to think 9BPLE works well.
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  15. In your G-17 I'd go with the default round Speer Gold Dot 124-grain +P, with second choice tied for 124-grain Remington Golden Saber +P Bonded/115-grain Federal 9BPLE +P+.

    Any one of them will perform as advertised within parameters already established. Don't overthink the issue.

    Addendum: And I've got more than a half-dozen other 9mm rounds I'd feel perfectly comfortable carrying.
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  16. thanks guys , I going to buy both and see how I do at the range ,Mas told me to use the +p version so that say it all ..
  17. I run 124 +p gd in my 17. When I attach my suppresor I change to 147 gd.

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