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Glipsc 9-4-09

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Though we were a few men down tonight, we all had a great time and got some really good plate practice in. (From my score, I sure could use some more practice on the plates.)

    4 strings of the 6 plates. missed plate equals a plus 10. each string timed. worse time thrown out. Totaled and averaged. low score wins.

    Of course, Masters John Haas and Dean Francisco showed us all just how it is to be done

    17.22 5.740 John Haas
    20.02 6.673 Dean Francisco
    22.91 7.636 Floyd Cook (good to see you back)
    28.48 9.493 Danny Massey (Wahoo!)
    29.20 9.733 Jim Geiger
    31.24 10.413 Richard Wanke
    33.25 11.083 Chris Nelson
    46.87 15.623 Leigh Ann Jeter (yes, I need to work on my plates)
    62.73 20.910 Tommy Glueck
    69.72 23.240 Claude Wright
  2. And now the rest of the story. The plates we shoot in the indoor range are the self healing rubber/polymer plates. I have the plate hinges screwed to a 2x4 and last evening I put a landscape timber in front of the plate hinges for added protection. After the regular match Leigh Ann ran the re shoots and I was talking in the lobby. when the plate rack came out after re shoots the landscape timber looked as if Paul Bunyan had used his axe on it. and the last plate was blow off of the rack. I guess we need the RR crew to bring us a RR tie for the plate rack. I could tell they had fun shooting the rack to pieces because they all had big smiles when they came out of the range.

  3. roadforeman

    roadforeman NRA Benefactor

    Feb 24, 2009
    Western KY
    A railroad tie will be no problem. Did the landscape timber keep folks from knocking down four or more plates with one shot? See you guys in two weeks.
  4. For the scored shoots, but not for the reshoots.
  5. I got four with one shot but took longer to shoot because
    I was laughing so hard!
    Had a blast