Ghost EVO Elite 3.5, Installation and Review

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Bonedoc, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Glocks are 'perfect out of the box' but for those who like to make it 'more perfect' there are numerous aftermarket suppliers who will create about 'anything' and 'everything' for the Glock enthusiast.

    I have a Glock armorer's certificate and that and $1.00 will get me a cup of coffee in a local greasy spoon... but it speaks of my enjoyment of firing and maintaining Glocks.

    I generally work on only one alteration at a time and decided to try Arthur's "new" Ghost EVO Elite 3.5 connector and the suggested 'other' additions (FP Safety spring, trigger spring and FP/striker spring). I removed the old (I have nearly 90K thru this G22, Gen 2) Rocket 3.5 connector... and used the orange armorer's slide cover plate (I've got a lot of them) to facilitate the "necessary" minimal grinding down of 'connector tab' (Ghost supplies pretty exacting instructions but it is in the doing that you get the most out of this) and testing.

    OF course, the GUN REALLY NEEDS to be UNLOADED for this and I generally don't even have anything 'live' around while working.

    I began with a variable speed Dremel and took extremely small bites out of the 'tab' with a barrel grinder and not a cutter! The amount off is hard to 'just measure' and so I do it by 'trigger function' (not enough off and the trigger will not drop the bar and so there is a need to manual depress it and file a little more off). I did that process until I could HARDILY squeeze the trigger and 'view' the bar 'almost' dropping. I then went to jeweler's files and took a counted (ten slow passes with the file) amount off, re-assembled and tried to fire. Very slowly (I had worn marks into my thumb and forefinger with the slide lock) I ground enough off to get a trigger release with almost no movement past the 'wall' detent and 'reset' looked to be only about 1/4" Yeah, small variances there but I wanted to be accurate.

    Ghost says they have "removed the bump" that was inherent in all connectors to make the trigger pull smooth and sliding with no variation in force thru the whole squeeze. I cannot "explain" just exactly what that means but when you press their Evo Elite the pull is excellent, smooth and unlike anything I've used in the past (I've got the Rockets, I've got a Vanek, I've done the .25 trigger job, blah, blah). I honed the connector until I could 'actually' sense the trigger release which gave me about 1/3" of travel past the 'wall' and about a similar amount to 'reset.' Press was rather light but I did not measure it as I think the real issue is range use and feel.

    I installed the light firing pin safety spring, I installed the 6# trigger spring and the slightly heavier than stock 6# firing pin spring. I polished all parts, re-assembled the G22 and dry cycled it. I then, both pistols empty, compared it with a very nice Vanek Classic trigger. Now the Vanek is not inexpensive and is a fine 'drop' in replacement part (I love their trigger bars, very different looking than stock Glock, just looks like better materials) and that is in my wife's G22. I noted shorter travel (of course) and even less pressure (now I would rather not discuss competition vs self-defense here but I believe that my Evo is fine for all carry). My wife and another friend both tried the 'pulls' on both G22s and the ultimate comment was "Wow, you don't feel a thing" (meaning not one interruption in the smooth press process). Total prep and install time for all the little grinds and so forth was a solid hour. I took my time, you cannot 'put back metal' after filing it off.

    Range - I was concerned because it 'felt' so smooth and 'easy' to press/take up/ fire. I do a lot of practice from the draw and of course no one wants to have it go off while near the legs or .. .well. Started with some paced singles from the ready and what I noticed immediately was "no bump" and therefore an easy gun to keep on target thru the whole press. I proved that by placing a metal target at 35-40 yards and using it to determine the "flow" (important at distance, anything tight with a 'press' will pull the gun off just enough to miss - the width of the metal is 4" to 6"s so you can understand that point). Five shots at a controlled pace and not a single miss! The trigger worked like butter. I then went to 60 yards uphill and again no misses. On to double taps... outstanding control because the press is so equal, so inherently expected thru the process. I have a set of standards that I use to try and keep myself young. One of the standards is 2 shots from the HR into a 6" wide target 7 yards away. I had not shot this in a long time (was out for a while). I figured there was no better way to determine if this ultra smooth trigger really imparted better control and target acquisition than a few fast double taps. Again, had not shot this in a while (in fact had not fired a pistol in many months sadly).

    Best time on two shots, about 2 inches apart, was 0.9 seconds. And I was rusty. The trigger is inherently a automatic improvement in your times and accuracy.

    From the holster (I use a Kydex, right side, no cant) I was pleased to find that a firm grip was safely made and removal, finger off, from the holster to press out (with finger on once at eye level) was accomplished numerous times with no sense of AD. I am sure some will suggest 'heat of the moment' nerves, etc... all things to consider but I have had a few and I still believe this is fine for "me." (Emphasis, 'me').

    I have never tried GlockWorxs triggers or any of the 'expensive' Vanek drop ins (aside from the lower priced mentioned above - which is VERY nice) but for the money I am believing that this is the sweetest deal that provides the best trigger response one might find for a stock Glock. If you have the patience to be 'slow' and get it right you won't be disappointed. (I don't work for Ghost).

    Be safe.

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  3. Did you purchase the connector yourself or did ghost give it to you?

    Sorry to ask but your "review" is written like it came out of a magazine, ie. not very objective.

  4. No, Ghost did not give it to me... I bought and paid for it.

    I 'do' write for magazines, AFAIK Ghost doesn't own a paper magazine.

    "Not very objective"...? Most reviews are, by definition, at least partly subjective. My review is honest, outlines my installation process and what I felt were surprisingly good achievements in the firing process. The one point I wanted to make was that, while I am at a loss for words to objectively 'define' the causes of the 'bump' mentioned, the trigger press is (objectively) devoid of that 'stock' feel and is extremely smooth. That lends itself to better accuracy if not better times. I think the Evo Elite is going into all my Glocks simply because of that fact.

  5. That's good to hear.

    What I ment was that most/all reviews for magazines etc... are almost always all positive, never mention the negative.

    I might get one to try it out, but right now, the price is too high for what it is.

  6. Nice review, I bought one of the other new Ghost connectors the drop in one, called the Edge, I had to get the angle right for it to work in my G4 34, but once I did it was very smooth much smoother than a factory minus connector, but when shooting from reset you dont get the positive reset in feel or sound... and I didn't care for that, so I went back to the factory glock 4.5 connector..
  7. "...but when shooting from reset you dont get the positive reset in feel or sound."

    Interesting. I definitely 'do' hear and feel the reset with the Evo Elite. Comes at about 1/3" or perhaps a bit less release. Very clear click and pulse thru the trigger. Not sure why you would not but I have a Gen 2 (all my Gs are Gen 2s) and perhaps the G4 is, well, a bit different. I would think G would want a real tangible reset, aids shooting.

    Take care.
  8. Yea its very muted and a very soft feeling reset, not sure why this ,?

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  9. "Yea its very muted and a very soft feeling reset, not sure why this ,?"

    You mentioned getting 'the angle right'... are you speaking of the paper thin distance between the connector and the trigger housing body or did you have to grind something?

    A 'very muted' reset might be different to another shooter so I can't say if someone might consider the sound I hear on mine as muted or more loud... but the Evo Elite is a very fine addition to my G22.

    Take care
  10. Yes to the above in Red... as for the the muted sound I dont get that nice loud "click" at reset as well as not much feeling of it in the trigger.. I had thought of getting that evo elite to try but just to much money LOL... I'll stick with my factory connectors.. I also use the NY1 spring so this might also come into play ?? with the Ghost product,
  11. I have not touched a NY Trigger for a long time but recall that the first time I did try a pistol with one installed I felt it was both squishy and a bit like a 'potato gun' feel. That might well be the issue you have accurately described.

    The pre-travel on my Evo Elite 3.5 is very short (but honestly I don't have a stock Glock to compare with any longer, all have either a Vanek Classic or some Ghost trigger within) at about 1/4" and the pull distance from 'wall' to 'hammer fall' is less than 1/8" with reset about the same. Reset is very audible. Take care.
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  12. I bot the evo elite and am not sure how to fit it. Is there a video?
  13. there are detailed instructions on Ghost's website... but like the OP said you have to take your time in fitting it, and removing material on the tab...
  14. I put the Evo Elite today in my G19 Gen3 and the reset is very clear with a loud click. The trigger feels super smooth. At the range my groups got 30% better than before. Now I'm going to measure the trigger pull weight and will post it.
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  15. Danysw... my experience as well... for the price this is a 'priceless.' ;^) Glad you like it. I'm putting on in my G23... all my Gs.
  16. Agree with you Bonedoc, I think the Evo is a very good investment. Trigger pull weight is 3.15 lbs, which is perfect for my taste.
  17. I'm glad someone has tried the new ghost "evo" series connectors. I bought the Edge and it will be coming in tomorrow. Can't wait to use it.. As for the owner that doesn't hear or feel the definitive reset, are you numb?
  18. I put a Ghost EVO Elite 3.5 in my Glock 21 .45 ACP. Prior to the installation of the EVO Elite I used a Ghost Rocket 3.5 lb. connector with a Wolff 6 lb. trigger spring, a Wolff 4 lb. firing pin spring and a Wolff reduced power firing pin safety spring, and I've polished all surfaces to a high gloss ($0.25 trigger job). So the only change was the EVO Elite connector. The EVO Elite connector made a SUBSTANTIAL difference in the trigger pull feel. It didn't necessarily make for a lighter pull vs. the Ghost Rocket 3.5 connector (I don't have a gauge to measure it) but it did make for a MUCH SMOOTHER pull. Yes, there's still a bit of increased resistance during the first shot take-up phase, but the final pull is very smooth and very consistent. The reset is very similar to the Ghost Rocket connector - no over travel (if installed correctly) and a very solid and audible reset "click". Trigger pull for 2nd and follow-up shots after reset is very smooth. My accuracy in shooting bowling pins is greatly improved. Bottom line, for less than $40, the EVO Elite connector is an excellent improvement for my Glock 21 for competitive shooting. Ditto for self defense as, in my opinion, anything that makes you more accurate is a good thing!
  19. Be concise!
  20. EVO Elite mo better.

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