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GGG QD AR mount w/ T1 + covers on AR

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by humanguerrilla, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. humanguerrilla


    Jul 25, 2006
    the woods
    Anyone use one? I HATE bikini scope covers and it looks like it could offer some protection compared to other cowitness mounts. Only thing I can find is shipping weight of 1/2 pound and I'm not sure if this is just some generic default thing they list for certain things. How much does it weigh? How does it handle? Worth it?,70

    HAIL CAESAR Senior Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    In my shop

  3. Bushflyr

    Bushflyr ʇno uıƃuɐɥ ʇsnɾ Millennium Member

    Mar 17, 1999
    Western WA
    Those are standard Butler Creek covers. Nothing to do with the mount except that they send you a set when you buy it. About $10 online.

    ETA[/]: I read the description and noted the "specially prepared" bit. They may have taken and shaved a bit off the back. Looks like a decent mount, but not if your only objective it to get the flip caps.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2011
  4. 1time

    1time Lifetime Member

    Jun 13, 2005
    Baltimore, Md

    There is not room for the flip up caps on the T1. They actually mount to this mount. I'm not sure there is another way to use the flip up caps on the T1 right now.
  5. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil Platinum Member

    Jun 25, 2004
    Amarillo, Tx
    Curious about the weight, but the whole deal is very expensive for a T1 mount.
  6. ronin.45


    Apr 24, 2008
    The 1/2# shipping weight should include the packaging. GG&G products are not light, but it should be closer to 1/4#. I have a couple mounts from them and they are all solid, top quality products. The T1 mount is nice for protecting your lenses. Aimpoint should have built in caps. The price on these is pretty high but all high-end mounts are ridiculous.
  7. USMCsilver

    USMCsilver Boat Life ©

    Oct 8, 2001
    Middle of SC
    Sorry if this is OT, but what's the difference b/t this Aimpoint and your traditional Comp M/C units?

    Why so much more money for these T-1's?
  8. mjkeat


    Jun 17, 2009
    The T1s are NV capable and have better water depth characteristics. The T1s are also a micro RD and weigh a lot less than your larger Comp M/C units.
  9. humanguerrilla


    Jul 25, 2006
    the woods

    So there are butler creek covers you can trim to work with the aimpoint? I don't see how. I was under the impression that the mount had two hoods on each side to fit them.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2011
  10. AK_Stick

    AK_Stick AAAMAD

    Jan 20, 2004
    Alaska, again (for now)
    The covers mount on the GG&G mount, not the Aimpoint itself.

    I like GG&G stuff, everything I own from them is quality, however, for use on a duty gun, I would avoid the butler creek flip covers. If they get any sort of side load on them, they shear very easily. Most of my ACOGs came with them over here in Iraq, and we busted several of them from general use.

    Good for range guns, bad for service rifles.