Getting ready to load some .45 ACP with Power Pistol

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Colorado4Wheel, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. I have 230 gr Montana Gold RN bullets. I have Power Pistol for the project.
    Data I have says 1.26 oal, 7.3-8.1 gr of powder @ 916fps (4.4 inch barrel). Thats from Alliant directly. I am loading for a basic chinese made 1911. It actually shoots pretty good but I don't have easy access to the gun as it's my father in laws gun. I am going to test some in my friends Commander and just check them for function. I would normally just end up with a midrange load anyway so I was thinking of just loading a small batch of 7.3, 7.5, 7.8 @ 1.26"and just see how they chrono. Any other advice for loading .45ACP?

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  3. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Hey, you better be careful, you're gonna be shooting a real man's gun, not the sissy little plastic kid's gun you usually shoot. I'd feel much better if you had some professional tutoring to make sure you actually know the difference between the slide stop and the safety. I see disturbing newspaper headlines in the near future. :whistling:

    I don't do this for everyone so you better appreciate the fact that I got off the couch and went and checked stuff for ya.

    I don't know anything about the MT bullets, whether they're lead or jacketed. You know me and lead, God invented it to be shot out of guns... and the occasional fishing sinker.

    I'm loading 225 grain RN out of a Lyman mould. Had to get it just to feed out of the G30. POS that it is.

    With Power Pistol I'm loading 6.5 grains and that's giving me an average of 785 fps out of my Commander. Haven't run the numbers on the 3 inch Kimber yet.

    I normally don't even worry about measuring OAL, I load as long as I can and still get reliable mag function and cycling. You just pretty much develop a feel for it... have never had a problem. Yeah, yeah, I know, you measure the spacing between the holes on a Saltine cracker but some of us are normal.

    Just to make you happy I pulled out a bunch of the rounds and measured them for ya. (Billy was over here and couldn't believe I was actually measuring something. When I told him it was for you he rolled his eyes and chuckled. Smart kid... takes after me.)

    Every one of the rounds came in right at 1.26, give or take an eyebrow hair. They feed flawlessly out of the Kimber, Commander, G30 and Star PD so you shouldn't have a problem with the 1911 at that length.

    You can certainly go with a higher charge on the PP but I think you're going to find that with a mid charge it's a lot of fun to shoot all day. When you start getting up near the top end it gets to be a little objectionable after a hundred rounds or so. You may be fine... my bones and arthritis start screaming.

    Have fun... be careful.

    Oh, hey, bring my seating stem to Aurora Sunday. I'll be down on the rifle range shooting a black powder match then I'm heading down to the berms and shoot some pistol after you guys clear out.


  4. Been listin' to Jack too much...? Just load 'em up 'til the fireball starts melting the front sight then, back off a tenth or so....:supergrin:
  5. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    I kinda like Manley's idea too... when I was in a tad better shape that was pretty much my scientific approach. Now I know why none of my guns have sights... don't need 'em, can't hit anything anyway. :crying:

  6. I don't know if I am coming up on Sunday. Those match's are really crowded on summer days. Bunch of fair weather shooters. Lizards going. He wants me to come to kick his disabled arse. He just got a cane. Maybe you guys can compare notes.

    MG Bullets are Jacketed. PP is a real easy powder to load. Mid Loads seem to run EVERYTHING nicely. With a nice kick but not too much. I like it for my normal stuff. But I shoot mostly mouse fart loads in my 9mm Magnum. For the record thats a 9mm loaded to be subsonic with a really really heavy lead bullet. That way people can duck if I shoot at them by mistake.
  7. Best thread today!
  8. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    Hope you have a can of fluorescent orange paint for prepping those heavy lead projectiles. It gives us older fellas a bit of contrast so we can get an early jump on those "slow" projectiles.
  9. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    deleted - double post....

    Anyone know if there's a way to actually delete a double post?
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  10. Bob2223

    Bob2223 Jack's buddy!


  11. I know this does not directly relate to your 1911 but I had a scary experience with Power Pistol and 230gr Precision Delta FMJ bullets seated to 1.265" in my Glock 30. When working up loads to 7.6gr of Power Pistol the load suddenly got real snappy. The primers were as flat as a pancake. Classic pressure spike and totally unexpected. Yet I fired thousands at 7.3gr of Power Pistol with perfect satisfaction. I shoot Power Pistol in 9mm and 357 also with outstanding results so this was my only problem. I am just suggesting you not rush past 7.5gr of powder without checking for pressure issues. The fact that Alliant got to 8.1gr in a test barrel with a specific bullet that neither of us are using should give limited comfort.
  12. Thanks for the info.
  13. I will have to check Alliant's site again. I know it used to be that 7.5 was considered +p.

    I know that it does make for a stout load, though I never did chronograph any. I never loaded any more to that level either. Seemed like a good place to back off.
  14. The data in the first post is directly from Alliant's site for Speer TMJ. Closest I could find.
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  15. I see that they do list 8.1 grains with the Speer 230 grain TMJ bullet. And they no longer even list a .45 +p load.

    8 grains was usually considered to be getting into .45 Super territory.

    I would recommend great discretion in working up to this load, as it seems to be pretty hot. Substituting bullets, even of the same weight, can change pressures. The loads you mentioned in the low 7 range sound about right to me. They ought to match, or more likely, surpass traditional hard ball.

    Note that they list a max of 7.4 grains with the Speer bullet of the same weight. The hollow point bullet gets seated deeper in the case, is one possible reason. But different bullets have different profiles, and different materials. Your MG bullet is conventional jacketed, for instance, while the Speer bullet they used is plated.

    It surprises me that they recommend so high a powder charge for a plated bullet.
  16. Traditional Hardball is 230 grs @ 850fps? It is all going to get worked up on the chrono so I am not looking for something really agressive.
  17. My mistake Colorado. I should have shared the data with you to begin with. All this pressure stuff happened while I was running the loads over the chrono so here is what I got. All bullets are Precision Delta 230gr FMJ loaded to 1.265". Brass is Starline. Primers are Federal Standard.

    7.3gr of Power Pistol in G30 is 810fps and in G21 is 850fps. I fired thousands of these and it's a fine load in my guns.

    7.4gr of Power Pistol in G30 is 822fps. Not tested in G21.

    7.6gr of Power Pistol in G30 is 844fps. Not tested in G21. This one had a BIG pressure spike and very flat primers.

    Hope this helps. Rough guess is you'll find what you're looking for between 7.0 and 7.3 gr of Power Pistol. I have been reloading for 40 years and I did NOT see this pressure spike coming except the 7.4gr load sounded "boomy" but that's hardly conclusive. Very unusual as Power Pistol has always had perfect manners everywhere else for me.

    Hope this helps

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