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Getting into running. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Cochese, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Cochese

    Cochese Most mackinest CLM

    Jun 30, 2004
    Unmarked Rustbox
    Well, I need to get in shape for several reasons.

    Specifically, I need to prepare for a 1.5 mile timed run and distance running, in case I end up at FLETC. I don't want to be that guy, sucking wind at the end.

    I started with a cotton tshirt, old shorts and some old New Balance I had running around.

    I've since changed to Drymax shirts and socks, runners shorts, and Asics fitted by some running store Jock with a treadmill and a chart.

    I also just put Endomondo on my phone and ordered a water belt to keep my P238 in since I run at night. Also ordered an arm holder for the phone and Bluetooth earphones along with a Polar heartrate monitor.

    I can't wait for the rest of this stuff to arrive.

    I'm a week in to the half Marathon training from

    Anyone else dig running?

    I have always hated exercise but for some reason I am into it now. Just need to keep it up. Knees and shins are howling but it'll get better. MaxGXL and MaxOne help that!
  2. KiloBravo

    KiloBravo Lifetime Newb

    I am right there with you Cochese! I have been training for the Statie Academy since April. The first month was the worst for me, but the pain completely went away after that. Like you, I have graduated to Brooks running shoes specific to my stride and stupination (running on the outsides of my feet), and now wear generic under armour under shirts and such.

    I have lost about 55 pounds running since then. I want to lose another 20. I was not even able to sustain a constant run for more than 1/2 run when I started. I am up to doing 3.5 miles 5 days per week now. You will notice gains very quickly if you keep with it.

    Like you, I was never a runner. In fact, I HATED to run. Now I absolutley love it and I feel strange and out of whack if I don't get to run on days that I am supposed to!

    I use a fairly good sized fanny pack to carry my S&W 642 and two speed strips. It also carries my droid, wallet, house keys, and a couple of other small items. It is a great system. I also wear a $6 rain poncho on the wet days.

    Stick with it! You will be amazed at how quickly you build endurance! :wavey:

  3. Javelin

    Javelin Got Glock? Silver Member

    Feb 9, 2008
    N. Dallas
    Great! I love running.

    Though no more marathons for me... after training for the last one my weight dropped into the 140's (I am 5'11" w/ medium frame). Running is great but you can lose all of your muscle which I have spent the better part of this entire 2011 regaining.

  4. lpo

    lpo what?!?!?!?!?

    Dec 5, 2003
    I enjoy running but have let myself get so bad out of shape in the last 10 years that I make it about 500 yards and have to walk for a bit. Just started up again a few weeks ago when I started a program to stop smoking and have made some decent headway. I'm looking forward to being able to do a few miles atba stretch again. Good luck and have fun.
  5. Panzergrenadier1979

    Panzergrenadier1979 Keystone Cop

    Jan 16, 2009
    Central Pennsylvania
    In Flames and All That Remains are the only things that makes running tolerable. :rock:

    I usually run 3 miles 3 times a week. It's also a good excuse to get out of the house and away from the honeydo list for a half-hour.
  6. KiloBravo

    KiloBravo Lifetime Newb


    I have noticed this as well. It is my "me" time to think about everything that is on my mind, and get away from distractions and stress from life in general. I feel really awesome after a good hard run. I am sweaty yes, but something about it helps calm me down and get re-focused.
  7. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Jul 24, 2010
    The Northwoods
    i hate it, always have, always will. running 4 miles a day 5 days a week during the academy for 7 months didnt help the cause haha. That being said nothing helps more than a good pair of shoes and some quality stretching before :)
  8. coachg


    Dec 7, 2007
    If you're just getting started you may want to look into one of the new techniques be it POSE of CHI. You have to practice it, but it helps your joints, esp the knees. I ran the Philadelphia Marathon last year using the technique and my knees survived even without my orthotics.

    Add the book 'Born to Run' to your list of requirements for inspiration as it starts to get old.

    Good luck - remember 90% of running is half mental. :supergrin:
  9. FiremanMike

    FiremanMike Way too busy

    Jul 26, 2007
    The interwebs
    I love running! When I first started running for the academy I couldn't even go 1/4 mile without stopping to walk. Since that time I've not stopped running and average about 15 miles a week + treadmill stuff.
  10. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    I get in to it every summer and out of it every winter. I've been at it again this summer with four mile runs being the norm, three when the heat index was over 110 and 5-6 when I felt like pushing it. Good shoes are everything.

    Personally, I run with the 642 and two speed strips in a Smart Carry. Don't even notice that it's there, it doesn't jostle in the least, and it's less crap to worry about. I'm actually trying to talk myself in to going today.
  11. I've grown to enjoy running quite a bit. I run 2 miles (sometimes more), 3X a week. My primary goal with running isn't distance, but to get my VO2 max as high as possible. Basically, when its time to fight, I want to to still be going strong when the BG is gassed. My secondary goal is easily passing the 1.5 mile run standards put up by various departments that I may test with. (which I can do)

    I'm not great runner by nature and I've had to work hard to get to where I am. Its never been easy for me to get my lanky frame moving quicky. I've discovered in the last month or so that its easier for me to stretch my stride out and run fast as it is to "take it easy". This discovery has helped improve my breathing as well as reduce muscle fatigue and pops and cracks in my knees. My times have also improved greatly.

    I never discovered this during the academy because most of our runs were formation runs. Its hard when your 6'3" to stretch your stride out when you've got chubby little foks a foot shorter trying to keep up. Overall, I think much of the PT I did during the academy was counter productive to my overall health...

    I've got myself motivated now like I haven't been in a long, long time and working out 6 days a week. Not only do I feel better, I also feel better about myself.
  12. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    Forgot to add to mine that my resting pulse is down significantly since I got back in to it earlier this year. Usually around 55-60.
  13. Kadetklapp

    Kadetklapp Methberry PD

    Jan 2, 2007
    I hate running. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it. My shin splints hurt me so bad it makes it unbearable, and just when I start making progress in my regimen, the splints are so bad I have to stop.
  14. Gangrel


    Oct 12, 2007
    I have a love/hate relationship with running. In college I cycled for my cardio, then switched to running around the time I went to the academy. I got shin splints and ended up with orthotics and really only ran when I had to.

    About two years ago I decided I wanted to do a marathon and started running again. I actually really enjoyed it, kinda like you 'Chese in the fact that I went from cheap stuff to tricked out gear. I'd go for an hour + run at night a couple times a week. I got up to half marathon distance and then my knees started killing me. I had adapted my form to a really good one, but I wasn't doing proper maintenance runs and I was stressing out my knees too bad.

    I ended up quitting. I'm only just now getting back into running. We have our PD fitness program that just started which requires us to do a cooper test. I wanted to make a good showing so I started running again. This time I'm using vibram fivefingers. No shin splints thus far. I don't think I'll go for a marathon again, though.

    So, for those of you that like cardio but hate running... Give cycling a try, works very very well and no impact.

    And PanzerGrenadier... I absolutely agree on In Flames being one of the few things that carries one through a run ;) It always got turned on in the last couple of miles to push home.
  15. Peace Frog

    Peace Frog ...............

    Jan 24, 2007
    Good luck with the Federal job Cochese!

  16. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    Oct 28, 2005
    Circling the wagons.
    I didn't know **** about running before I went to the academy, probably still don't. Before the academy the longest that I had ever ran in my life was the 1.5 miles required to get in. I showed up with some Nike Shox running shoes that looked good and felt comfortable enough in the store. They were a huge upgrade over the cross trainers that I had been running in to prepare (the cross trainers were a good overall shoe, just a poor running shoe).

    By the end of the academy I really liked running, but I think that it took compulsory group runs to get me there. I had to do it, had to try, and had plenty of folks to commiserate with. I took a few weeks after the academy for the defiant "I'm never running again" phase and then got right back in to it. Fell off the horse that winter, took a whole year off, and then tried to get back in to it. Found that I had the absolute worst knees, ankles, feet, and shins...quit again.

    When I next decided to get interested, I had all the joint and muscle problems again. decided to buy new shoes, mainly so that I would have to stare at a pair of hundred dollar shoes sitting by the door. The shoes fixed my problems, and I was even more aided by the fact that this time I went to a running store and bought what the folks there told me to buy. The particular store I went to was opened by a nurse who was also a big marathonner and decided to combine the two interests. They know their stuff.

    What I've learned about shoes:

    1) A good pair of well maintained, properly sized, purpose built running shoes are absolutely indispensable. If they're not comfortable, you're not going to run, period. If running tearing up your feet/ankles/shines/knees, you're in the wrong shoes. If shoes alone don't quite do it, start looking at insoles. If that doesn't do it, go to a podiatrist.

    2) Your running shoes are for running only. That's it. Not for walking the dog, not for going to the store, not for mowing the lawn, not for wearing around the house. Wear them when you run and only when you run. It helps you keep a better track of the mileage on them and prevents them from being damaged. If you really like them, buy a second pair for casual wear. Seriously. Don't use them for anything else.

    3) Colors and gimmicky features are not important. Design, construction, and compatibility are. The place that I use refuses to sell any of the "barefoot" shoes and anything with "suspension" (e.g. shox). It is their professional opinion that this stuff does not have a particular benefit to anybody and in fact hurts many people. They've put a lot of time in to coming to that opinion, so I believe it. They also have signs up everywhere about color: some shoes are available in certain colors, others aren't. If you absolutely must have blue/red/black/orange/green/pink or cannot stand <same list here> then you aren't serious enough about having good shoes.

    One thing that I have found to be helpful is keeping a log. While I use for route plotting and so forth, I put together a pretty simple spreadsheet that records date, time, temp, sky conditions, precipitation, distance, and duration. It figures out my 1mi pace for me and also tracks total distance and time for the month along with average temperature and overall 1mi pace. It's nice to look at a month and see the 1mi pace decline as the days and weeks go by. I'm kind of a statistics geek, so that's one thing that keeps me motivated.

    I also find that having a large number of available routes helps keep me from getting bored. I try to avoid out-and-backs for the most part and despise running laps. I'll take a route with ridiculous hills over running circles on a track any day. MapMyRun and similar websites are great for this. I think that I have six routes that I use routinely, five of which can be run in either direction, giving me eleven pre-set, known distance routes to choose from. Many of them have common parts, so I can add or subtract distance at certain junctions as I go, depending on how I feel.
  17. faceplant


    Feb 8, 2006
    I loved to run when I was young, somewhat thin, and in the Marines. 10-20 miles a day with a marathon tossed in. When I left the Marines my knees would start to ache with that distace so I cut way back and switched to bicycling and would put in hours riding. I was addicted to the way it made me feel plus I could drinik all the beer and eat anything I wanted. The price I paid was two bad knees, one surgery and the prospect of TKR.

    Enjoy the running. Listen to your body. Pain is not good and back off if you start to feel it. Running is great excercise but it pounds the crap out of your body and is not for everyone. Some of us are just not made for it. Run enough to meet the qualifications for the new job and what you think you need for the present job. Good luck.
  18. grecco


    Sep 12, 2004
    philadelphia pa
    At the age of 45 did my first 10 miler, and tough mudder,
    on sunday, it will be my first half marathon.
    running fixes everything!
    Good luck.
  19. Cochese are you running just for the test or do you really just enjoy it?
    I like running for the escape mentally for 45 or so minutes but I hate how punishing it is on the body.
    I did the whole run five miles a day thing during the academy but pretty much stopped doing it daily since graduation. Now all I do is jiu jitsu and weight training for jiu jitsu. Been doing that for almost a year now and when I mix in a run I haven't noticed any drop off.
    BJJ has really been the best thing I have ever done for fitness. And its crazy fun!
  20. Newcop761

    Newcop761 CLM

    Jan 29, 2001
    In Existential Crisis
    While preparing for my last academy I started getting shin splints for the first time.

    I purchased a pair of thermold inserts for my Mizuno shoes. They were the best purchase I've made and my shin splints went away within a week or two.