Getting a Glock and Need Suggestions

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Duncan258, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Lots of folks share your view, and I don't dislike the G17. My overall preference is still G19.

    I bought a G22 instead of a G17 because I was infatuated with Gen 4 and wanted to try .40. I regretted that decision later because 9mm really suits me better.

    I considered trading my G22 for a G17, but the trade-in allowance was lousy for my like-new gun. Someone here suggested a .40 to 9mm conversion barrel as a better alternative, and my KKM barrel arrived today. Now I have the ability to shoot two calibers with one frame.

    I mention this experience because it makes economic sense for some people who are undecided to buy the larger caliber with the option of downsizing later with a conversion barrel. For $165+$10 for shipping, I bought the KKM barrel to make my G22 into a G17. Or, I can go back to .40 any time. How beautiful is that?

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  2. It certainly makes sense to buy a platform that has a caliber conversion feature, which may save a couple of hundreds of dollars in future expenditures searching for a caliber the shooter prefers.

    OP, if you don't yet know your preferences or particular caliber capabilities I suggest you take your time and investigate all the options.

  3. Get the G19 in 9mm. The G17 is a great gun, but you will regret not getting the much more concealable G19 IMO. If your going with a .45, check out the G30. Accurate as all heck, more concealable than the G21.
  4. The size of the G19/G23/G32 is nice.
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    This ^^is probably the best advice of all.

    Also, on a more fundamental note, I believe someone suggested earlier that a wheel gun is good for developing handgun skills. Thats how many of us started, and it is a sensible place to begin.

    English mentioned .22 as an option, and that's worth thinking about too. The ammo is so cheap, and you will probably want a .22 no matter how many larger caliber guns you acquire along the way.
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    There's nothing wrong with a G19.
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    I agree! :supergrin:
  9. This for the win.
  10. You will so get your LTCH and want a full-sized Glock that will be affordable to shoot to shoot and effective for SD. Get a G-17. That's really all there is to it. The G-17 is ideal for the requirements you list. Buy a G-17 and learn to shoot it using plain Jane FMJ type ammo commonly available at any common retailer such as Wal-Mart, etc. For SD/HD, there are a plethora of outstanding loads available any one of which will more than meet your needs.

    Later on you may want to look at other calibers/handguns. The .45 ACP is one of many that are very popular. They are all much more expensive to shoot, using either factory produced ammunition for handloads. The advantage of the 9mm is that it is very affordable for practice and at the same time is extremely effective for SD/HD use.

    Of course this will not suit those who are emotionally invested in a particular caliber/gun. And depending on the caliber/handgun you choose, it is possible you could purchase a top unit that would allow you to shoot .22 LR ammunition for practice/training. As well by handloading you could reduce the cost of ammunition, however the 9mm would still be less expensive than any other common caliber available.

    Go ahead and buy a new Glock G-17... or else find and buy a nice used one. Spend time learning the trigger by dry-firing drills, etc. Learn what a correct sight picture looks like, both the normal bullseye (pumpkin on the fence post) as well as center of mass/chest hold for silhouettes. When you go to the range, use your time and ammo to apply what you've learned in dry-fire practice and you will make effective progress to being a very capable shot with a handgun.
  11. You will be buying your first, that would be a G19 for me to be sure. It is easy to shoot, conceal, packs great firepower with modern SD ammo.

    But, I would also look back afterwards and make new acquisitions to add.

    And BTW, a G19 was not the first for me but in retrospect it should have been.
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    BTW, last I heard. one has to be 21 to purchase a handgun from an FFL holder.
  13. Duncan, i would go for a glock 17/22 and if you hunt or camp the 20 sf thats the fullsize 10mm. good for bear,deer,etc the 10mm can be re barreled in several different calibers like 40 s/w and 9 by 25 dillion etc. hope this helps.
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    he's going for the G19 :cool:

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