Get your GOTOD club numbers!

Discussion in 'Glockers of the Old Dominion' started by Glockman67, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

    Updated as of 02/09/06


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  2. Add me as #114 if you dont mind sir.

    (I've really got to play that number)

  3. #4242 if avail...


  4. PM Sent

    #890 Please
  5. obxglock

    obxglock Glockin Pimp

    Can I get 1974 please???
  6. If numbers are still being passed out can I have # 264?

  7. how about 7417 for me! or am i too new? lol.
  8. I'm a little late to the party, but I would like to request # 8531 please! PM sent.
  9. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

  10. May I have 1717?


    Nevermind, I lost interest for some reason
  11. May I have 556 please. Thanks.
  12. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

  13. I'd like to join and request #70 if not taken.


    PM sent
  14. Can I join as number 207 please.
  15. I would like to have #0451 please.:supergrin:
  16. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

  17. Looking for 1313!

    PM sent!
  18. I'm just starting to find out about these "numbers." Might as well get one here I guess, especially since we finally got a Glock in the house. Yea, yea, it's my wife's, but I get to shoot it sometimes. :tongueout:

    If 1595 isn't taken, I'd like that one. If someone has it, just pick one at random.
  19. Glockman67

    Glockman67 #29 Supporter

    Done and done, that's a nice sig line by the way :)


  20. xxiv

    xxiv NRA Member

    2482 please! Thanks.

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