Generation 4 Glock Q & A ONLY (Photos OK)

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by matteblack, Jan 23, 2009.

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  2. I have several threaded barrels for my gen 3 Glocks. The new Gen 4 recoil assembly looks bigger than the Gen 3 and I am wondering whether I will be able to use my barrels in Gen 4 guns. Does anyone know whether Gen 3 barrels will fit in gen 4 Glocks?


  3. Will current .22 conversions work with gen 4s?

    When will 19/23s come out?
  4. Bluecard

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    I think you may be right. The trigger has loosened up a bit now that I have about 550 rounds down the pipe but it is still feels different than the others I have shot. My favorite attributes of this pistol are the grip texture and the mag release.
  5. Bluecard

    Bluecard GUNDWG

    Anyone know when the Gen4 17's are suppossed to hit the market?
  6. Baton Rouge Police Supply said they were supposed to get them last month but don't have them yet.

    Another local gun shop said they didn't expect to get them til after the SHOT show.

    I plan the get a Model 23 when they come out. I may have to check into a G22...just to get used to the Gen 4!!!:supergrin:
  7. The 19/23's are coming out June-July according to a Glock LE rep.

    I have the same question on the AA kit. We know the the new recoil spring assembly, bbl, and slide are different but would that effect the AA kit? Hoping someone with a Gen 4 and the kit can confirm for us :cool:
  8. Any word on actual perceivable difference in new guiderods?
  9. Could someone post a photo of a gen 3 barrel next to a gen 4 barrel?

  10. BSG62

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    The recoil feels more "dull" compared to a Gen3, but it's not drastic. At least not in my opinion.
    The thing I like most about the Gen4 is the SF grip you get, when you don't install a backstrap.
  11. Here's a picture from the closed Ed's Public Safety thread. The top receiver is a 4th Gen and lower is a 3rd. It seems that other then the opening of the dust cover the receivers are the same as far as locking block, slide rail locations etc.

    The Advantage Arms .22lr kits SHOULD work, right?
  12. matteblack, thanks for the pic! If you asked me the conversion slide should still work, but it looks like the end of the slide will have some extra space around it.

    is it just me or is the gen4 slide slightly wider?
  13. Yeah, I think it should work as well. Hopefully someone will try it and let all of us know. They are the same width...
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    Just FYI if anyones interested,

    I sent in an "Individual Officer" order for a Gen4 to OMB last week (called to make sure I could, as it was not an option on the order form at that time, they said fine).

    Got a message this afternoon they had called my office to confirm some shipping issue and that it should be in the truck going out tommorow.
  15. Thats great. I'm planning to do it once the Gen 4 G19's are available. Did you simply supply a check and a signed FFL with it?
  16. Ranger357

    Ranger357 Just pixels

    No I work for a State Parole Agency, we get a letter signed off and mail order in with Credit card info, and they just ship direct to Office. Can only do it with pistols approved for carry as part of your job.
  17. First pictures of the Gen 4 17.


  18. Magus

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    I've tried to skim through the 7 pages of posts in this thread, but can anyone confirm if Glock is doing away with Gen 3 models all together? I hope not.

    The Gen 4's look okay, but I'm not seeing anything earth-shattering in terms of improvements. About the only true advantage I see for the Gen 4's are the dual recoil system, which I do wish Glock would've made backwards compatible for the Gen 3's.

    I'm not saying I wouldn't buy a Gen 4, but I'm really not seeing much here that makes me feel like I need to ditch my Gen 3's and "upgrade."

    I understand Glock feels the need to be competitive with the M&P's and XD's, but the changes really seem pretty superficial to me. Think I'll cling fast to my Gen 3 models for now unless someone convinces me otherwise.
  19. Gen 3's are still being made and sold
  20. Joshhtn

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    I had heard that Glock was doing away with OD's?

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