Generation 4 Glock Q & A ONLY (Photos OK)

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by matteblack, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. DannyR

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    The Gen 4 comes as a Short Frame (SF) grip, along with two attachments, one to enlarge it to standard size and one for larger than standard. I will be using neither attachment with my new G17.

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  2. faawrenchbndr

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    Can you confirm or deny if there is a lip ot a ledge at the top of the
    backstrap as it appears in the third picture? It almost looks as if the
    backstrap is not flush. Any ideas?


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  3. Butch

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    Tell us about the mag it similar to the original type catch? A polymer catch with the single wire type straight spring?

    Have you heard any reasoning behind the switch to the double recoil spring system? Why did they make the change?
  4. the iceman

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    So that last picture, that the same pattern on the inside as it is on the outside? Would that mean you could use it without any of the backstraps?
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  6. Gen 4 trigger group on the left and Gen 3 on the right. Note the more pointed shape of the bottom of the housing on the Gen 4.

  7. Gen 4 mag catch. It has the same cutout on the top and bottom, so you just take it out (it's held in place by a single wire type straight spring, like the gen 3) flip it over, reinsert from the other side and pop the spring back in the slot.

  8. Medium backstap installed. It is a very tight fit and there is no play, but I haven't shot it with the M backstrap in place. Note the paperwork says "Modular backstrap" so that's what the "MBS" on the frame denotes.

  9. Gen 4 mag with cutouts on both sides for the reversible mag catch. Works fine with the Gen 3 guns.

  10. Gen 4 feed lips and follower

  11. DannyR

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    According to my most trusted friend:

    "Saw some folks were asking about the backstrap. It measures approx .040"
    thick and is not flush. I put 500 rounds through it tonight and the
    backstrap was never an issue. I do not think it not being flush will be an
    issue due to its length."

    I consider the new recoil spring as Glock's attempt to achieve perfection is a recoil spring assembly. I would guess the dual spring would act like a variable spring, both strong enough at the end of slide travel to reduce felt recoil, while light enough for quicker slide return, thereby reducing muzzle flip. Those that have tried the new G22 really like it.

    Personally, I will be using my new G17 Gen 4 without any extra backstrap, so it's a not-issue with me.
  12. People who shot the 4th gen G22 at my Dept range thought it was great, except the M&P guy who's pulling for M&Ps as issue. I hope like hell we get these new G22s, or better yet, G21SFs in 4th gen trim.
  13. The Pusherman

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    didn't boston pd just adopt the m&p??

    if so, i don't think they'll be switching anytime soon, dude.
  14. I've purchased the Glock 22 Gen 4 and have fired it at the range with spectacular results. I want to say a big thank you to Don Anderson at Ed's Public Safety in Stockbridge, GA. He and his staff are very friendly and knowledgable. When I ordered my gun it was delivered at my local dealer the next day here in North Carolina. At the range I shot 500 rounds using a combination of Federal 180 grain FMJFN and Speer Gold Dot 155 grain HP, no matter the grain I shot within 2" of target at mainly two distances 5 feet & 7 feet. At 10 feet I was within 3" of target. These were averages, yes there was the occasional outlier. At 20 feet I struggled, where my pattern was more to the left and 6" to 7" from bullseye. I give it user error not gun error. However, I do hit bullseye pattern at 20 feet with my 22C or compensator. I still feel less recoil on my 22C than on the new Gen 4, but let me add it is a significant difference over the Gen 3 models. The double coil system on the Gen 4 system is similar to the H&K, its a great improvement on muzzle flip. Now, a real significant improvement is its "pointing" ability. I no longer have to adjust my sights up or down it feels natural and aligned when I simply aim. I believe the customized backstrap helps with the target acquisition. Also, its extremely easy to change. It comes with a tool that you push the pin in or out to change back straps. No place to keep the pin though, I'm sure an after market product will come-out to hold the pin in a plug like the ones found in the M&P's with their changeable back-straps. I noticed too that internally the block is beefier and their is less flex on the frame than older models. The mag release is very smooth to operate. Glock has done it right with the new Gen4. I would highly recommend this weapon with its advanced features.
  15. I can't wait to see a review from someone who has problems with their Gen 3 22/23 jamming when a light is attached. Attach the same light to the new Gen 4 and see if it jams with the same ammo...that would be interesting.
  16. Will the Glock Extended Slide Release (part #SP07496) work with the G22 Gen 4? Thanks!
  17. My original reply was deleted, I read it wrong, and answered it wrong. Sorry, Thanks Ranger for pointing it out...
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  18. Ranger357

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    I'm not understanding how the mag release would affect the slide release 2nd2none ???
  19. To bad they didn't change it more like an expensive German brand of pistol I can't mention(no flame intended, I feel I have to point down too much, feels awkward to me)... although if they did it would really screw with all current Glocks owners that like the grip angle(I don't but still like Glock) I think Glock did a good job on the new Gen 4. I think it would be nice to see a more beveled slide instead of it being so square, but the decreased slide material would probably affect functioning making the slide to light...IMHO. I am looking forward and wondering when the other models like the G38/G39 will get this nice makeover.
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  20. Oh crap I'm sorry I obviously didn't read it right, I glanced over it and thought it was about the mag release. :uglylol: I think I may have inhaled to much CS tear gas...:whistling:

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