Generation 4 Glock Q & A ONLY (Photos OK)

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    So will existing Lasermax products work in the new Gen4?

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  2. When will the 4th generation Glocks be released?

    Will they have the rough frame + old style slide, or the slide with the fish gills?

  3. RTF3 and old style slide. But you would know that if you saw and read the sticky at the top of this forum...or any number of 4th gen threads that are posted here.
  4. Are all Lasermax products installed in the recoil system on Glocks? If so they will not work on the Gen. 4 as it has a different recoil system.
  5. i just physically picked up a new Glock Gen 4 today. it does not appear to be Laser Max compatible as it has a similar recoil spring system to the mini-Glocks.

    it has different stippling than the RTF and the Gen 3. the slides are marked "Gen 4." has a lower profile magazine release which can be switched to the other side for lefties. magazines are slightly different in the fact that the cutout where the mag seats into the magazine catch is metal lined.

    of course there are the two additional backstraps. as it has been explained to me the original backstrap is the same as the short frame (SF), the medium backstrap is the standard grip on the Gen 2/3 Glock 17/22, and the fat backstrap is the same as the Glock 20/21.

    from my understanding these pistols are only currently being made for the full size .40.
  6. Has anybody heard when the 4th Gen Baby Glocks will be available? I have been itching to get the G27 and am about to buy one but am wondering if I should wait until the 4th Gen's come out. I don't want to wait too long, though.
  7. I agree and thats what I explained in my post. I used the term small backstrap were you used the term medium backstrap.

    With no backstraps, the grip is said to be smaller than it is now, like an SF frame would be to a G30. Adding the medium (or as I wrote "small") backstrap would bring the grip equal to what it is now. So in essence the Gen 4 should yield a grip size smaller, the same, and larger than what the grip is now on the G17 & G22.
  8. More Pictures:

    Backstrap addition is held in place by hooking into the bottom of the frame, snapping into the groves on both side of the backstrap and then secured at the top with the frame pin.


    New recoil spring assembly. It will not fit the Gen 3 and older versions.


    Fuzzy pic looking down in the mag well. I'll get a better pic soon.


    "MBS" molded into the right side of the frame.


    The reaction to this pistol has been nearly 100% positive. Most people really like the feel of the new RTF III frame and love the new mag release.

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  9. Sorry if I missed it somewhere, But what does MBS stand for ?
  10. It's got to be "multiple back straps".
  11. A simple roman numeral would have been an elegant marking - "IV". That goes for the slide as well.
  12. even better ^
  13. DannyR

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    Attached are several actual photos. I cannot identify the aftermarket sights until after the Shot Show.

    Attached Files:

  14. DannyR

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    Additional photo

    Attached Files:

  15. DannyR

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    The beautiful photos are not mine, but I did recieve permission from the photographer to post them on GlockTalk.
  16. is that a new finish? it looks like it will finger print up pretty easily.
  17. DannyR

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    The front sight is an AmeriGlo prototype. The rear is an AmeriGlo Pro Op w/yellow tubes. The green tool has an aluminum handle and is a 3/32” Pin Punch tool presently sold by AmeriGlo.
  18. Fire_Medic

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    Looks like a non squared Pro Glo front............:supergrin:
  19. I'll bite. Just what is that extra piece on the backstrap?
  20. faawrenchbndr

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    It's a removable back strap. Three sizes kinda like the S&W.

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