Generation 4 Glock Q & A ONLY (Photos OK)

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  1. No.

    Look at the photos in this post in this forum...

    The new spring requires a larger hole. The new slides are marked "G22 Gen 4". Frames & slide are different. I wonder about the barrel.

  2. :wavey:

    Does any one know yet if the double recoils spring set up will be in all the new glocks or just the compact and mid size?:dunno:
  3. I don't think any amount of springs or variations are going to reduce the recoil of the gun no matter what. Laws of physics apply every time. I'm sure there are other reasons why Glock is using the Dual Spring system on the Gen4 frames. BTW, the polymer rods are just fine. Watch the 1000rd in 15 minutes torture test. somewhere around 900 rds the guide rod finally gave it up only because it melted, BUT the gun KEPT FIRING to the last bullet left the barrel! I've never had to replace a rod, and I don't recommend the metal rod for a metal spring, you're just asking for trouble and more $$$ to spend replacing them again and again.
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    Supposedly all gen4 will have the dual setup. The only pic out is of the full size 22 with one.
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    They did remedy a slight issue by reinforcing the old polymer rods with some glass-reinforced nylon material, or something like that. I've had ZERO problems with all of mine after thousands of rounds.
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  7. Does anybody know if the interchanageable backstraps on the gen 4 Glocks are going to be optional like the RTF Glocks, or if it will be standard??
  8. MarkCO

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    Gen 4 itself is an option, on the 17 and 22 only so far. Gen 3s will continue to be made. If you get a Gen 4, it will come with changeable backstraps.
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    i read that article-what a load. glock isn't going to cease production of the gen 3's as they are prob the most popular guns in the world.

    plus the article mentions the dual recoil spring is for reliability-nope, it's to reduce recoil. glocks are already reliable.

    the article also mentions a $700 MSRP-you can look at a glock order form, the gen 4's are the same price as the current glocks.

    this article is totally off...
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  10. If it is only the front of slide that is different, it should be easy for glock to retrofit old slides to take new recoil spring. This is potential solution to some of the problems with G22s and G23s, especially when used with lights.

    Also the slide alone can be sent regular mail, so would not have the high postage costs.
  11. Does the Gen 4 Glock 22 use the same barrel as the Gen 3, so a barrel swap would work with existing Glock 31 Barrels?
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    Do they all have swappable back straps now? What other changes have been made to the 4th Gens?
  13. Double recoil springs like the subcompacts and mag release changes.
  14. howdy guys, long time reader, first time poster. :) I never bought a glock because it felt bad in my hands, it felt too thick which I know has been discussed at length on this and other boards. I was leaning towards the sig's as I like their feel MUCH better, but I know glock is an outstanding gun with a proven track record so I am researching the gen 4. My question is this;

    As I look for info on the 4th generation of 9mm, I cannot find the specs on the grip size, specifically the width from side to side and front to back. I held a subcompact 9mm yesterday (2nd or 3 gen I don't know) and even that felt rather "bulky" in my hand. Not being a glock afficianado, will the gen 4 be smaller than this with the new backstrap system or no? Is the option of having NO backstrap on to further reduce the grip size an option, or will there just be an opening on the back of the grip? I've read about SF which I assume means Small Frame correct?

    Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide and have a good day.
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  15. The Gen.4 Glock will have an option to make the receiver grip slightly smaller front to rear only. The height and width will not change.
  16. The way I read it from those that held the gen4 is that the standard Gen4 G17 grip without any of the backstraps installed will be the equivelent of a SF grip, even though there is no SF grip for the 9mms. So I interpret that to mean that the stock gen4 grip with no backstraps will be 3mm shorter from front to back than what the G17 grip is now. Most people notice the decrease in the trigger reach, i.e. how much finger will rest on the trigger. Short fingers/small hands might like the possibilities here.

    Installing the "small" backstrap is thought to be bringing the grip back to what the G17 grip is now.

    Installing the "large" backstrap is thought to be bringing the grip to equal the larger frame 10mms and 45s full size grips (ie slightly bigger than what the G17 is now).

    Thats about all the rumour I can contribute. :cool:

    You can look on Glock website to get most of these dimensions on these various current models.
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    Any of you better informed insiders have any idea of whether this will be offered in OD? Its a shame someparts won't be interchangable. Any other internal parts changes (improvements) you folks know of? I lik ethe new texture from what I have seen, but maily because it will make hand stippling easier.
  18. Tall Pine,

    The Gen 4 comes standard as 'small'. The 'small' is permanent. You can add a 'medium' or 'large' backstrap on top of the factory small.

    I put on my medium backstrap in about 30 seconds today. Disassemble tool included works OK. The tool is used to drift out the housing pin (and to put in the replacement pin).

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