Generation 4 Glock Q & A ONLY (Photos OK)

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by matteblack, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Not sure. I know the Gen4 works with the usual aftermarket wolff firing pin springs, so my GUESS would be that there is no change to those parts and the spring cups should be the same.

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  2. My department issues the G22 gen 3 as do innumerable other agencies. How is the move to a Gen4 going to effect these agencies reference obtaining parts etc. as the Gen3's get worn?

    I read the parts are not interchangable.

  3. There will be plenty of parts for a while. Some things will be backwards compatible but I suspect departments will eventually start issuing Gen4s when they need replacing.
  4. I agree. But for me, the jury is still out on the double spring recoil system. I can only imagine it's an improvement, but I don't think I have ever heard about any problems with the Glock's Gen1-3 single spring system.

    It makes scense on a sub compact since one short length spring by itself may not be enough, but on a full size? I'll wait just a bit to see how it functions in the real world before pickin one up.
  5. yea I'm not sure why the switch, but from what I've heard so far, it works. Heck, XDs have a dual recoil system, though XDm switched to a non-captive single spring (not sure about the 3.8" I didn't even think about it when I saw them in the shop). I guess it's just one of those things companies like to change.
  6. Who knows maybe it's just the current trend.

    But I do trust in the boys working in Gaston's little shop. ;)

    I do believe they thourghly test new products before putting thier reputation/and lives on the line.
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    Numerous threads about issues with Gen 3 G22s with lights hanging on them. From what I understand, the new recoil spring is to help address that. I guess time will tell.
  8. Perhaps the weight of the light system off balanced the front end enough to off balance it. Never heard of any issues without the light and personally, never experienced any problems with the light on it myself.
  9. any word on when the gen 4 glock 19 will be released?
  10. onalandline

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    I heard around June/July.
  11. I've seen a lot of claims and concerns regarding the Gen4 killing compatibility in Glock's lineup, and I finally got around to fully stripping and swapping parts myself and added the posted experience of another GT member to get a full list.

    Parts compatibility between 3rd and 4th Gen:

    I have personally swapped (G22):

    KKM Gen3 barrel
    Firing Pin/spring
    Spacer Sleeve
    Spring Cups
    Firing Pin Safety/spring
    Extractor Depressor plunger/spring
    Spring Loaded Bearing
    Slide Cover Plate
    Rear Sight
    Front Sight
    Slide Lock/spring
    Locking Block
    Slide Stop Lever(extended)
    Trigger w/trigger bar
    Trigger spring

    That leaves the incompatible parts at:

    1) Slide
    2) Recoil Spring Assembly
    3) Magazine Catch/spring
    4) Trigger Mechanism Housing
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  12. I thought the Gen 4's barrel lug has (& needs) a larger notch for the recoil spring guide rod.

    Also, how can the Gen 3 trigger housing fit in the Gen 4 frame when its housing has been reduced at the bottom like SF models... because the frame grip area was reduced?
  13. I've posted at least a dozen times regarding the barrel, probably several of which are in this thread.

    After double-checking with JBP55, he forgot to mention that he'd "modified" his trigger mechanism housing.

    If parts require any modification at all, I don't count them as compatible.

    I have verified the other swaps myself (trigger bar, trigger, and trigger spring) and corrected the original post.
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  14. Rusty -

    Sorry I missed your post about the barrel. So they are not the same, but will "work", per your tests.

    In looking for your comment about the barrel, I noticed you said that the new guide rod/spring assembly is "all steel". Isn't the rod itself plastic as in the sub-compact models?
  15. njl


    Maybe I'm out of the loop having not bought a new Glock for several years, but on the two I bought yesterday (only one of which is a Gen4), the front sights look like they're plastic, but instead of the old pin press fit to spread the bottom of the sight, there's a small screw (looks just like the ones used by the Meprolight night sights I've installed on other Glocks) holding the front sight...and it looks like that screw extends all the way up to the top of the front sight. Has this been standard for a while?
  16. yep. I'm not sure when exactly but I think all gen3+ have new screw on sights. Smart more in my opinion.
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    I guess they improved the front but took a step back on the rear. I shot my Gen4 17 today...and like most (but not all) Glocks, it hit to the left for me. I used my MGW pusher to drift the rear to the right a bit, then decided to pop it out and maybe try a Glock adjustable rear I had left over from another gun. While trying to push the rear sight out, it began to deform and basically tore apart on the way out. The metal bit that helps hold it in place was left behind and had to be tapped out with a punch and my Brownells gunsmith hammer.

    I've replaced factory sights (typically for night sights) on probably a dozen or more Glocks for myself, family, and friends, and never seen that happen before. Fortunately, I always keep I just slid in another (older) Glock rear fixed sight. If it's a keeper, it'll end up getting night sights anyway.
  18. The new one is all steel and is totally different from the ones currently in Gen3 subcompacts. Not sure why they did this.
  19. Does anyone know when the Glock 20 Gen4 will be out?
  20. want a gen4 and want to shoot lead bullets so i need a new barrel, but didnt know if any of them works with gen 4. i want lone wofe or stone.

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