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Gen4 mag extensions

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by SFla27, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. SFla27


    May 1, 2012
    South Florida, USA
    Good day to the esteemed GT board members.

    In my continuing hope of acquiring Rob Leatham-like skills sometime in the next few thousand years, I was looking into mag extensions for my Gen4 G27 (EDC).

    I have the standard Glock +2 smooth-faced extension and that’s a decent place to put the pinky.

    I have tried the Pearce +2 extension and found my pinky gets pinched more than I’d care to experience when at the range.

    Just to put in here that the Gen4 magazine floor plates / extensions sit a few millimeters lower than Gen3 and previous models. So, I guess the Gen4’s have a greater chance to pinch when using an aftermarket extension.

    A. That being said, I was wondering if any of you use the Pearce +0 extension for your Gen4 26/27/33. And if so, have you been pinched by it and if you feel it helps with overall control.

    B. Or should I just consider a G23 magazine with an X-Grip adapter? Do any of you have that setup? What are your thoughts?

    C. I was also looking at what the calls the ‘Heavy Extended Aluminum’ base plate. It’s a +0 extension, but it has the dimensions of a +2 and it’s a little heavier. Any of you used one of these? Thoughts? Any effect on recoil management? Recommendations?

    D. I know…go back to the range and practice…


    Thanks in advance and have a great day.

  2. tango44


    Jun 16, 2005
    Miami Florida
    Keep it simple with the extensions for subcompacts!

    Glock 7151+ will add 2 rounds and great grip for the G27.
    If not G23 mags with no sleeves does the trick.

    Easy and simple!

  3. par4buffett


    Nov 4, 2012
    north Houston
    Hey SFla27 and Tango.

    I got my first Glocks in the last 2 months.

    I got a 23 around Halloween and a 27 mid Nov for my birthday. I have about 80 rounds thru the 23 and 40 through the 27, No FTF/issues! : )

    I just 2 packages in the mail today... I got 3 different Pearce extensions along with a GTUL magazine disassembly tool.

    the GTUL is awesome. I had struggled getting 23 and 27 mags apart. Using the GTUL tool I had 4 mags apart quick and easy. It's well worth the $.
    Did you have any trouble popping mag plates off?

    I am put extensions on 2 of the 27 mags to start with.

    I put the basic finger extension on the carry gun (PG 26).
    It fits very well and does not extend the lenght of the back of the grip under a shirt. It does not look like it will pinch, but who knows? I reserve judgement til I actually shoot it with the extensions. I like the minimal increase in size for carry in my ravenconcealment VanGuard, IWB.

    .40 cal in that small a pistol packs a whack.

    I put my Surefire X300 on my 23 and shot it. I found out that using the finger to press the light switch for temporary on, the recoil slammed the switch lever back into my finger tip pretty hard. :wow: WTFO!
    Lesson is: turn light full on not just pressing on for temp light.

    Being surprised by a slammed finger, I may well get pinched by mag extensions When I shoot, I'll report back.

    I will say the edges on the PG39 and PG2733 look pretty sharp... too sharp... And there are gaps between the Glock and the mag plates. I'll see.

    If I can expand on your topic a bit, I had 1 of my 3 27 mags that refused to take 9 rounds. I put on the pearce PG39 (xl) and it takes 10 rounds now well. I tried a PG2733 and it would only take 9 (finally). I put the PG39 back on it. I will test fire it before I carry it.
  4. SFla27


    May 1, 2012
    South Florida, USA

    Welcome to GT.

    Good combo on the 23 & 27.

    Indeed and +1 on the GTUL. Easy 1-2-3.

    If you think there's too much space in between the pistol butt and the mag extension, try using a rubber o-ring. Never tried it myself but there are others on the forum that have found it works well in preventing pinching.

    I think I'll give the rubber o-ring a try, in addition to trying out the Glock OEM + extensions.

    On the last round not going into the mag, try filling up the mag with 8 and leaving it for a day or so before trying that 9th.

    Also, I have an UPLULA mag loader. It's the shiznit. Using one of those will surely enable you to get the 9th round in there.

    Sorry to hear about your finger. That must of hurt like a MF.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012