Gen4 known to shoot left?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ES13Raven, May 9, 2013.

  1. I just picked up a new Gen4 G17 and took it to the range last night. It seems to shoot to the left.

    The only mods are a Ghost 3.5 connector and Warren Tactical Sevigny Competition sights.

    My friend and I are decent shooters, and can consistently shoot a 2" or less group at 15 yards. I have Gen3 G26 and G19, so I am familiar with the trigger.

    I saw my shots were going left, so I slowed down and concentrated on my trigger control - same result.

    I then moved the target out to 25 yards and shot bench-rest. I took 3 slow shots, and watched my breathing, hold control trigger control etc. My shots ended up touching each other and about 3" to the left of my POA.

    Then I had my friend shoot it bench-rest and he got the same result.

    The sights were installed by a local shop and look to be dead center.

    Is this a known issue? What could be causing this?

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  3. That seems to happen with Glocks a lot. I have a G21 Gen 3 and it does the same thing.

    This is 6 rounds shot from 30 feet, standing. This is how my shots pull sometimes no matter how hard I try. It might just be me concentrating on my sights too much... Funny, never happened with any other Glock I've owned.

    EDIT: Maybe I just suck.

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  4. Move your rear sight .020 to the right and all will be well.
  5. I read another post where someone was having the same issue and sent the gun into Glock. He said they replaced the slide lock - could that cause this issue?
  6. good group move group (sights)
  7. I would guess that with three shots touching each other at twenty five yards that the rear sight needs to be drifted right just a touch. Especially with three shots touching each other at twnety five yards.
  8. Yep. After you are sure it's the gun adjust the sights and forget it.

    BTW, all 4 of my Gen 4 Clocks shoot straight with very small adjustments in windage.
  9. CigarandScotch

    CigarandScotch Fartacus

    Normally when it's to the left I say it's the shooter needing more practice, etc., but clearly in this case it doesn't seem to be. A slight adjustment should take care of that.
  10. Loosen up your grip perhaps? The shot should create a surprise. Don't anticipate recoil.

    Or, try shooting it left handed. You may see results that your Glock shoots to the right.
  11. Both my Gen 4 19 and 26 shot left out-of-box. I rested both of them, so it wasn't my grip. They were all left-of-center. My 21 was dead-on, though. With new sights on the 19 and 26, and properly installed, they're dead-on, with and without a rest.
  12. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    The problem is you're using your first knuckle crease wrapped around the trigger and you're right handed.
    You need to back out and use the pad of your trigger finger only. Also, don't anticipate the shot. do these two things and get back with me about how your shooting has improved dramatically.
  13. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    When right handed people finger the trigger like this....they always shoot left. Left handers shoot right.
    Ask me how I know. :shocked:
  14. Both my gen4 19 and 26 shot left from the factory as well. I also changed the slide lock on the 26 to the extended one but have not fired it again since then. I was shooting about 3 inches to the left as well at 25 yards. I have no idea why these new guns are doing this other than they are trying to make them as fast as they can. I have a 2008 year model glock 23 that is perfect and have never had this problem with it.
  15. Yeah, I know. You'd think with 3 shots touching each other at 25 yards it would be a simple conclusion to move the sights.

    Wouldn't matter if it was a Glock gen 1, Glock gen 5, a Sig, or a Healy-Martin OlympicX.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?

  16. Expert Shooters have proven a few Glocks shoot left.

  17. Correct, and some great shooters have fired a few Glocks that shoot left. Not all but a few.
  18. Proof?

    I'm not doubting you (I had the same experience), just would like to see some other peoples' experiences.
  19. PM sent.
  20. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Never had one shoot left. Had people shoot them left. Frequently low and left until the shooter learns proper technique.
  21. I will list a few posts from experienced shooters.

    Left Shooting Glock

    Okay.... I know you all have heard this before..."my Glock shoots left..."

    I picked up an old Glock that I haven't shot for a while and took it to the range yesterday. I shot great groups with it but they were all about 2" at 9 o'clock. Now before I get the trigger control..technique responses hear me out. This is not the first Glock I have had this issue with. In fact, this is probably the third gun (all Gen 3) that I have witnessed this. To zero the gun I had to move the rear sight way right in the notch. Now it shoots fine. The other Glock 17 I had with me shoots great and the rear sight is centered in the notch. Does it bother me? Well.... not really....okay...kinda' I guess... hence my post. I am more interested in learning why some guns come through this way and if there is anything to be done. Is it a lock up/locking block issue?

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