Gen4 Glock owners- if you own one please respond

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ssevern, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. DMAR

    Gen 4 Glock 19. I've had it for one year, zero issues, functions great. Really like this gun.

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  2. Gen 4 G19 Zero problems
    Gen 4 G23 Zero problems
    Gen 4 G26 Zero problems

    The same goes for my Gen 3 Glocks! :supergrin:

  3. G23 Gen 4, I have had no problems.
  4. 2 Gen 4's a 19 & 26....NO PROBLEMS:wow::whistling::whistling:
  5. Gen 4 23 zero issue.
  6. eaglefrq

    eaglefrq NRA Member

    Gen 4 G19 with approx. 1000 rds and ejection issues with brass to the face (at least 1 per mag) and 2 FCE's.
    -I have the upgraded RSA and I'm waiting on the new ejector from Glock

    I have an early G3 G26 with zero problems.
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  7. G19 Gen4- Zero Problems
    G26 gen4- Zero Problems.

    Go for it!!!
  8. Toetag

    Toetag Wannabe


    1. Which model(s) do you own?

    I own the Model 19
    , Serial #SDExxx

    2. Which fits your situation:
    A. I have no problem with this handgun
    This one
    ! :supergrin:

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  9. G23 Gen4. 2100 rounds = ZERO problems. Put a "Lone Wolf" 9mm conversion in it and 500 9mm went through it with ZERO problems also. Go get one!!!!!!
  10. G26
    Ejection issues. Glock fixed it. About 500 trouble-free rounds since getting it back.
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  11. Glock 17 gen 4, that is two weeks old. I've had two FTE's both with federal champion 115gr. S&B 115gr, American eagle 115/124, pmc bronze, wwb and winchester supreme 124+p have all been shot with zero problems. So, that's two FTEs with federal champion out of 600 rounds so far. Also, i shot the federal champion first.
  12. G26

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  13. Dobber

    Dobber Member

    I have Gen 4 G19 with 2500+ trouble free rounds down the pipe. All except 250 rounds were Federal champion, the rest were Federal tactical.
  14. Two Gen4 G17 flawless an one Gen4 G19 I got last week that I have yet to bring to the range.
  15. I currently have a Gen 4 17 & 22. Got them before they were even shown at the 2010 SHOT Show. They both worked great even though according to GLOCK they needed the new springs. GLOCK sent me the first recoil spring "02" for the G17 a later they contaced me an inormed me that both that spring and the original spring for my G22 are bad and they were replaced a couple of weeks ago.

    At no time did my Gen 4 G17 or G22 have any issues what so ever.
  16. GEN 4 26 and 27...."0", Zipp, NADA isssues
  17. GEN4 G22 no problems, love it.
  18. Gen 4 19, lots of stovepipes until Glock installed the new ejector, 100% since.
  19. New G27 gen4, No issues at all. Have put 200 rds. through it so far.
  20. 1. Which model(s) do you own?
    Gen4 G21 (purchased in Jan 2012)
    Gen4 G22 (purchased in Feb 2011)
    Gen4 G23 (purchased in Feb 2012)
    Gen4 G26 (purchased in Aug 2011)

    2. Which fits your situation:
    A. I have no problem with this handgun... (G23 was recently purchased. Have yet to shoot it)

    3. Notes/comments regarding your situation and your thoughts on this issue.
    I purchased four Gen4 Glocks for a reason. Hopefully, Glock will offer the G20 and G30 in Gen4 models soon. 90% of ammo is Federal Champion. 5% Amercian Eagle. The other 5% is Remington, WWB and a couple of others.

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