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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Glock3819, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Is the Gen4 Glock 29 or 20 or yet? I don't see it on Glocks website?

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  3. Yes. I have both on order and several people have posted about having them

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  4. I have one :tongueout:

    I kid.... They will apparently be released to the general public after Shot Show next year. But, Glock also said they'd release some beavertail grip adaptors after a Shot Show in years past so I wouldn't hold your breath :whistling:
  5. So they are availble as of now?
  6. I've got mine and love it, (blue label):supergrin:
  7. [ame][/ame]

    Yes, through the Blue Label program only though. I shot the video above back in June when I picked it up.
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  8. What is the blue label program?
  9. It is for law enforcement officers/students and military and a few select other people. Its just a Glock discount.
  10. Several people on this board have reported getting Gen4 29s. I have a Glock LE/GSSF dealer just a few miles from me. I was in there Monday and again asked about a Gen4 29. The guy called his Glock rep and he said he was told no Gen4 29s until mid January at the earliest. This is frustrating since I know a few people have them already. My GSSF coupon wants to be used!
  11. Just to echo above, I called yesterday and was told mid January for the G4 29 as well. It is weird that some are out, but they aren't officially shipping any until 2013.
  12. Awesome. That will be after Christmas present for me.
  13. Imagine my surpirse when I got a call from the local shop and they told me my G29 was in. I said you mean my G20, right?? I ordered the G20 almost 2 months before the G29. Nope, it was the Gen 4 G29. The shop was totally surprised too. They said it was their first one.

    So apparently they are shipping. Good luck to everyone else.

  14. Nice.Let us know how it shoots.
  15. What state are you in?
  16. I would like to know to.
  17. Finally got to the range yesterday and put 100+ through my new G4 G29. I will preface my feedback with the fact that this is my first gun and I only recently started going to the range.

    That said I was very pleased. I added Pearce pinky extensions to my 10 rnd mags and also shot some 15 rnd mags. Having shot other Glocks in .45, 9 and .40 in various sizes I would say it was one of my favorite guns. I have big hands and didn't feel like I was pawing it. The action was smooth and predictable. I was concerned about the smaller size leading to me over gripping the gun for control, but it didn't happen. The grip was a little rough when I was dry firing, but perfect at the range. I shot as well at 15m and 25m as I could have hoped for. I am very happy with the purchase.

    I'll have my G4 G20 in a few weeks and if it is similar I will be very satisfied.

    If it matters we shot Underwood 185g FMJ and some 165 HPs, I forget the brand.
  18. I did not think the Gen 4 G29 was available yet? How did you get it?
  19. I got a first responder blue label. I was really surprised it came so quick. I ordered a G20 almost 2 months before and still don't have it yet.
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  20. I called my LGS shop in NH and was told not availble yet. Oh well. I can wait.

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