Gen4 34 Not Grouping Well at 25 yards

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ES13Raven, May 22, 2014.

  1. Part 1:

    After reading great reviews on the KKM from so many people, I got one for my G34 Gen4. I've had my 34 for about 6 months, and was shooting a Gen4 17 before that.

    I took it to the range and want to see if my groups would improve over the stock barrel, and if it ran my ammo OK. I shoot Atlanta Arms & Ammo 9mm 147gr reloads (130pf on a G17).

    I shot 100 rounds from a bench rest at 25 yards, and I was making sure to have smooth trigger presses without disturbing the sight picture.

    I shot about 40 from the Stock Barrel and 60 from the KKM. I took about 5 shots to the berm with the KKM before shots on target.

    Here is my best group from the Stock Barrel (12" target):


    Here is my best group from the KKM (12" target):


    All my shots were taken with this sight picture:


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  3. Part 2:

    Others mentioned that the groups should be smaller, and it could be the bench rest method I was using or the ammo.

    Those shots where taken seated at the bench, shooting the gun with my normal grip and the barrel supported by the rest.

    Some people mentioned that they have had bad groups when resting the dust cover / barrel on a rest and that groups improved when the mag was on a sandbag or the wrists supported by the sandbag.

    So I went back to the range to:

    1. Try the mag supported by a sandbag
    2. Try wrists supported by a sandbag, gun not touching anything
    3. Try different types of ammo

    Here is what I found:

    1. Different bench rest methods did not make much of a difference for me
    2. 115gr ammo shoots about 6" left
    3. Match grade slide lock did not make much difference

    First I shot the AAA 147gr ammo using the different bench methods. Bottom row is stock barrel, top row is KKM. Left side is wrist support by sandbags, gun touching nothing. Right side is magazine supported by the sandbags. I take slow shots, trying to push the trigger directly to the rear and let the shot be a surprise (8" targets):


    Then I did the same 4-target test with 115gr ammo by AAA, and 115gr ammo by Winchester White Box. I won't bother posting the image, as I had to determine POI - which was 6" left with both brands ammo and both methods of bench rest. I made adjustments by aiming far right to see POI.

    Next I tried T.R. Graham's Match Grade Slide Lock with the AAA 147gr ammo. This slide lock has a groove about half the size of stock, supposedly to help the barrel lock up tighter. Stock on bottom, MGSL on top:


    Results: Not much improvement that I can see:


    I'm not sure what I should try next. This is getting expensive! :wow:

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  4. cysoto

    cysoto Gone Shooting!

    It might be cheaper to ditch the G34 and get yourself one of these:
  5. Yeah... the CZ is easier to shoot groups with.

    I can't shoot off bags to save my life, but can generally get ~3" groups at 20 yards with my Production 34's with OE barrels and hand-loaded Minor ammo. I imagine the guns/ammo would probably do 1.5" groups without me in the equation. The OE barrel is plenty good enough for me. I think vision is where it's at in terms of accuracy.
  6. Funny... I've already been eyeing the SP-01 Shadow :cheers:
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  7. ShaneS

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    I've had trouble with my 9mms shooting low PF ammo. I can't get plated bullets to group well at all, and I've been trying different things for quite awhile. It's been very frustrating. Might try FMJ ammo.

    My Gen 3 G34 groups are disappointing so far, but my Gen 3 G35 is a tack driver even with plated bullets.

    I own a couple of KKM 10mm barrels and they both fit, feed and shoot well. I've had a couple of others that also fit and shot well. KKM makes very high quality barrels.

    Try some different ammo and have another good shooter shoot it. If all else fails, send it back to Glock. Hang in there.
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  8. I can't believe you're shooting like that with a G34. They are pretty accurate guns
  9. xnicodemusx

    xnicodemusx Custom fitted

    How long have you had the gun and how many rounds have you put through it?
  10. I've had it about 6 months, and put about 1500 rounds through it. I was shooting a Gen4 17 before that (still have it).
  11. Butch

    Butch RetiredDinosaur
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    I don't suppose you're anywhere near Minnesota are you? I'd sure like to give it a try....

    Otherwise, try reading my blog. Get a 25 yard pistol target and use a 6 o'clock hold instead of a center hold to get your best groups.

    What connector was in the G17? And the G34?
  12. OP,
    Let me guess, did you get a drop in barrel as opposed to having it fitted to save some money?
  13. No, I'm in the People's Republik of Kalifornia. I will give the 6'oclock hold a shot. It looks like that's where the KKM is hitting anyway. I'm using the Lone Wolf connector.
  14. It was a gift from my Wife actually. But the stock barrel should be grouping better than this, so I think it's a barrel lockup or ammo issue at this point.
  15. Bruce M


    Too bad - that might have been a very good test.
  16. BuckyP

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    Well,,, that depends. My load prior to shooting GLOCKs was N320 over a 147 Montana Gold bullet. When I got my 34, it was horrendously inaccurate. I was getting great accuracy with 115 grain bullets with the same powder, so I just assumed it didn't like 147s. Long story short, I am using Titegroup over the same 147 MG and the gun is super accurate now.

    There are other variables to accuracy over the gun and barrel alone.
  17. Looks like a 7 yd group for me. Quit yer cryin. :supergrin:
  18. You do not sound like a noob so perhaps technique is not an issue - what kind of groups do you get out of other guns at 25? With Winchester NATO ball my glock 19 breaks under 3 inch groups. I see no reason to mess with aftermarket stuff in the quest for more accuracy. If I want better accuracy I switch to a target grade gun. My glocks seem to do best with 124 grain ammo for accuracy but every gun is different
  19. Have you tried putting the glock barrel back in to see what kind of groups you get?
  20. Did you read my original posts? The tests were with both barrels.

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