Gen 4 Glock 19 Info

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Rigby470, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. LGS has a Gen 4 Glock 19 in stock. Asking price is $525. I am thinking about getting it. Are there any issues with the Gen 4 G19 I need to ask about?

    Is this a good price?

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  3. Be to sure to ask him and check for yourself that it has the updated recoil spring and ejector

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  4. By the way that's a great price especially how much the price has gone up on firearms

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  5. If it comes with less than 3 mags, apply some lube because you are getting screwed.
  6. DannyR

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    The price is excellent. I've sold a lot of Gen4's at Gander Mountain and have not heard a single complaint.
  7. How do I know what year it was made in?
  8. kelsitone

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    If your area is anything like mine, that gun won't be there when you go back. A G19 Gen4 around here is nigh impossible to get ahold of--waiting lists pages long...
  9. Inside the case it will have the test firing date in the envelope

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  10. Today I went to my LGS and they have some brand new Gen4 G19 and G17 for $539 after a month without them. Those guys are awesome, they keep the same price as before all this shortgage.
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  11. My Gen 4 is perfect - zero malfs as of yet...this is my 4th G19 - the new recoil spring design makes it a softer shooter and brass does not fly as far as the earlier Gens...
  12. definitely a good price i ordered a gen 4 g19 and paid 550 (minus a trade) a couple weeks ago and it still hasn't come in. probably be a few more weeks until it does. snatch that up!
  13. That is a good price. I paid $559 for my Gen 4 G19 about a month ago.
  14. Price is good. I hope no BTF for you.

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