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  1. Why is it that my Gen 4 G26 RSA occassionally pops out of its seat to the point that I can't get the slide off? It is normal for the RSA to become unseated to a certain degree; however, mine comes out completely on occassion and gets stuck in the serial number cut out.

    This is happenning when I go to field strip the gun after I am simply dry firing without a magazine in the gun and obviously no ammo in the chamber. I have a Gen 3 G26 and G27 and they have never exhibited this issue.

    In the meantime, I ordered and recieved a new spring (older version) from Lone Wolf and it also occassionally pops out of its seat to the point that I can't get the slide off.

    Any ideas as to what could be the cause of the spring popping completely out of the seat and getting stuck in serial number cut out? In the meantime, I am going back to work on getting the slide off. I am having more difficulty doing so this time the the previous times.

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  3. Well that sux....

    I'll have to see what's up with mine when it gets here. I've got another RSA in my kit box from a Gen3 G26 if that's the case. Will most likely score a Wolff steel rod for it if I start seeing issues come up.

  4. Thanks. By the way, it does have 210 rounds through it and it runs perfect. Also, I am absolutely positive that I properly seated the RSA before the putting the slide back on (unlike my previous thread where I started to have doubts, but now believe that I properly seated it that time as well). I am not new to Glocks, and am in the habit of properly seating the RSA.
    I did get the slide off by re-seating the RSA (not an easy task).
  5. Calling DannyR, please.

    Okay, this is still bugging the crap out of me. Took some caliper measurments. I measured the RSA hole on the muzzle end of the slide, after safely field stripping my Gen 3 and Gen 4 subcompacts. There are acutally two dimensions there. One is on the inside of the hole, and all 3 subcompacts were close from about .512 to .515.

    Measuring from outside of the front of slide, the hole is .435 on the Gen 3 26 and 27. However, on the Gen 4 26, the dimension is .450. I wonder if this difference of .015 could be causing the occassional issue with the RSA and the slide not coming off.

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone with a Gen 4 26 or 27 would make this measurement and post it. Of course, safely field strip the pistol before attempting to measure. I would like to see if mine is within spec.
  6. My wifes gen 4 G26 is over 500rds without any trouble.
  7. UPDATE: My co-worker brought his new Gen 4 G26 in to work today, and after field stripping the gun, I measured the RSA hole on the muzzle end of the slide. The measurement was just like mine, .450. I was pleased. There appears to be no issue regarding the measurement being larger than on my Gen 3's. The inside measurement was the same as the others.
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  8. Good luck to you and I look forward to hearing your results.
  9. Have had a similar issue with my 27 g4. I have chalked it up to not properly reassembling. Every time the issue has come up I simply disassemble and reassemble and it goes away. If the measurements are different from generation to generation that would seem to point to Glock feeling a need to compensate for something or fix a different issue.
  10. voyager4520

    voyager4520 -----

    I've noticed that the metal disc that is the base of the guide rod can warp somewhat, it'll look crooked from the side. Perhaps the disc on that RSA is warped to the point that its overall length is shorter than normal, causing it to drop out of the barrel lug. :dunno:
  11. Bruce M

    I might try contacting Glock. It probably is not the first time they have seen this and know the solution. And if it is the first time, I'd bet they would want to know.
  12. I doubt this makes you feel any better, but I remember this happening a few times with my GEN3 G26. It was the only Glock I ever had occasional issues reassembling before the GEN4's came out. Did they actually alter the design of the RSA on the subcompacts for GEN4? (it was already dual spring, so I'm wondering what else they did)
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  13. voyager4520

    voyager4520 -----

    Yes, it's not just for Gen4, it's for all sub-compacts. The G26/27 version is marked either 0-8 or 0-8-1 on the base and the G29/30 is marked 0-9 on the base.
  14. Thanks for the responses. I have asked Glock to send me a new recoil spring with regard to another issue discussed in another thread I recently started:
    I am waiting on the new RSA from Glock; however, the new RSA I ordered and received from Lone Wolf is the old style Glock RSA, and it goes into battery everytime, no matter how much I ride the slide.
  15. What spring do you have? If it has the 0-8, there can be issues with the GEN 4 noses. That is why they went to the 0-8-1. The original springs(GEN3) are also fine to use.
  16. Steve in Az

    Steve in Az Glock 26

    I've owned Glock's for over 20yrs, and the sub-compacts are different in that you really have to make sure you've got the RGR positioned correctly, and seated completely on reassembly. Never owned another model Glock that was this "picky" about it being in there perfectly. Just my experience. My 26 is a (2012 build) 3rd gen FWIW.
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  17. Good news. Got the Glock 0-8 RSA, and tried it today. Works great. No more issues with the RSA. Put 100 rounds of WWB and 10 rounds of Gold Dot +p through it today. It now has a total of 320 flawless rounds.:supergrin:
  18. RedState,

    I have a G27 Gen 4 with very similar problems as you are describing. This pistol was purchased about a week ago and I have included photos of the damage done by the RSA and have returned the pistol to Glock for evaluation.

    I have been told many times that it's NORMAL for the spring to come out of the the assembly notch when disassembling the gun.

    Further, I would never reassemble the gun without returning the spring assembly to it's proper position.

    You can take a look at this and I'm sure you will find it interesting.
  19. With the new spring, the RSA still comes unseated to a certain degree, like normal; however, it no longer ever comes completely unseated, as described in my earlier posts, since using the new RSA. If you haven't already done so, you may want to check out this related thread:

    Good luck JohnnieBush.
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